Chili's Serves You Funky Chunky Sour Cream

Reader Linda was having lunch at Chili’s and decided to order some extra sour cream to eat with her mashed potatoes. She was surprised and disgusted to learn that like peanut butter, Chili’s sour cream comes in “smooth” and “extra chunky.” Her letter, inside…

My husband and I went to Chili’s in Killeen, TX to eat lunch yesterday. We ordered appetizers, and 2 big meals. The chips and dip came out, and everything seemed to be okay until my plate came. My plate came with loaded mashed potatoes so I asked the server for sour cream. No big deal.

The server comes back with the sour cream and I dump it on to my loaded mashed potatoes, only to discover that chunks of tomato and some sort of green chunks I can only assume might have been edible at some point in time. I was totally disgusted. It was apparent that they had not washed the small cup that this sour cream dip came in, as it was not used prior to me dumping it on the baked potato.

My husband and I were totally grossed out and disgusted. If they can’t even take the time to wash a small cup like this, we can only imagine how clean the plates are our meals and appetizers came on were. After explaining to the server what had happened, he asked if I would like my meal replaced. I told him just to bring me my check. He didn’t even suggest taking the meal off of the receipt, I had to ask for a manager just to get this done. Neither me nor my husband ate hardly any of the appetizer or meals we were given, and were only refunded for the one meal. Eww.

Chili’s, please try to remember to wash the dishes, you are a restaurant after all. You should understand the psychological impact that a few loose bits of chunky debris smothered in thick sour cream can have on your customers. Shame….

(Photo: ninjapoodles)

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