McDonald's Won't Sell You A "Large" Coke Because It's "Breakfast"

Reader Rachael went into McDonald’s today to get her usual morning Coca-Cola and was denied a large cup, despite the fact that she paid the “large” price, because it was “breakfast.” Instead, Rachael ended up with a medium Coke which the McDonald’s employee called a “breakfast large.”

Rachael writes:

Long story short, McDonalds is the only place near to my home or office that’s convenient to grab a quick bite or drink. Not good… but convenient.

I tend to pop in in the mornings for a small breakfast and always order a large coke since it’s really the only time during the day that I will be out… and it will last until it’s time for me to go home so again, convenient…

Anyway, I always order a large coke… Always get a large coke.

Today, I order a breakfast meal with a large coke. They give me a medium cup. I look at my receipt. It clearly says “large coke 1.59”, which is the price of the large. I think the medium is $1.35.

I tell her I ordered a large and she says no, that’s the “breakfast large – at breakfast, a large is a medium, a medium is a small and a small is a child’s cup”

Now, I used to work at McDonalds in the not so recent past… But recent enough to know how this works. When you order orange juice, that applies. A large orange juice is served in a medium cup. It’s the way they have always (at least around here) sized their orange juice. If you order a large soda, you get an actual large. I think the thinking is that orange juice is more expensive so they’re basically charging more for it.

But now, all of a sudden, if I order a large soda and pay at the large soda price, I get a medium – simply because of the time of day??? I’m in a really shitty mood anyway this morning and the manager wasn’t available and I really didn’t feel like arguing with her and being in an even worse mood for a stupid soda… But dammit – everybody’s feeling the credit crunch and there they all go basically reaching into my pockets to pad their profits…

ARGH. Could the extra $0.24 mean so much to them? The kicker is…. you know how the movie “supersize Me” made McDonalds discontinue the supersize line? Well…. wanting a large soda (and I mean a real large, not medium – breakfast large), I asked for a supersize soda. Thinking they would downsize it to the real large that I wanted. Nope. I was told they no longer offer supersize. No shit, I just wanted a large soda.

It shouldn’t be so hard to get a large soda at breakfast time….

Is McDonald’s pinching pennies or was the the work of one rogue agent?


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  1. fluiddruid says:

    Sounds like poor training to me, the employee is probably thinking of the juice (and coffee?) sizing.

  2. I really want to say “who needs a large soda at breakfast time” but it’s her business if she wants one. Maybe a new/young employee? That’s pretty awful though and I probably would have told them to remove the soda from the order. They make so much profit on the sodas that it’s ridiculously silly to try and squeeze more profit from them.

  3. Munsoned says:

    I’ve found that McD’s around me all have different “size versions” depending on the location and time of day. I’ve never been able to figure out the code (nor do I fight it–I don’t have the time). Most of the time it’s with OJ in the AM. Some give a large in a medium cup, others give a large in a large plastic cup. Sometimes they screw up larges later in the day too.

  4. deedrit says:

    Wtf bitch, waste my Consumerist time with your coke story!?

    Go buy your Coke at one of the other 1,000,000+ fast food store!

  5. spince says:

    Here’s your solution: Stop drinking Coke in excessive quantities.

  6. apotheosis says:

    Damn you, Morgan Spurlock!

  7. Skrizzy says:

    @deedrit: Seriously?
    You have taken blame the consumer to a whole new level.

  8. eskimo81 says:

    I think just employee error rather than penny pinching.

    Asking for a supervisor probably would have resolved the issue if you had the time to doit.

  9. No one needs a large size coke in the AM. Its funny people want McD’s to take responsibility for their food and sizes, but then we criticize them for not serving large sodas at 10am.

  10. cybercjh says:

    A large Coke @ breakfast. My stomach hurts just thinking about it.

  11. Gokuhouse says:

    I can’t see this as being a real rule at McDonalds…Surely a dumb employee.

  12. Televiper says:

    “Mom can I have a Pepsi” “No, YOU’RE ON DRUGS” “Mom… I just want a pepsi” “No Mike, You’re on drugs”

  13. sgodun says:

    “Could the extra $0.24 mean so much to them?”

    Well, it means so much to YOU, so why not to them too?

  14. deedrit says:

    No, she saw how OBESE Rachael is and felt compelled to slow her eating rampage. Because someone who orders Coke in the AM has to be obese.

  15. amyschiff says:

    @spince: Umm excessive quantities constitutes 1 coke over approximately a 9 hour period?

    I would imagine that the same price issue would apply to all fountain drinks. So what if i REALLY wanted a LARGE lemonade (which would also be a fountain drink) in the morning? Then would you tell me to stop drinking excessive quantities of that too?

  16. Chrome says:

    Sounds like an confused employee to me. Like the complainant said:

    A large OJ comes in a “Medium” cup.

    A large COKE comes in a “Large” cup.

    If you did indeed work at McDonald’s, you would know the most effective means of conflict resolution is grabbing the person wearing a tie with no hat, commonly referred to as a manager.


  17. homerjay says:

    Yay! Diabetes!!

  18. headhot says:

    Yea they fucked up.
    Soda is always the same size, OJ is one size smaller.

  19. SkokieGuy says:

    Bitch? You’ve chosen to read this post and are wasting OUR time with your asshat post.

    Go read another one of the 1,000,000 online posts that are more of interest to you.

  20. Imaginary_Friend says:

    I pretty much hate soda (and coke in particular), but this customer is totally right: she was charged for a large, they should give her the fricken large coke. Or a refund for the difference.

    I have a feeling if she stood there holding up the line, the cashier would’ve caved before she did.

  21. Barbarisater says:

    Recent McD story: Order McNuggets, want Honey Mustard. That will be an extra 24 cents a pack but I can get the BBQ and not be charged. WTF?!

  22. headhot says:

    To add to that, back in my high school days, I worked at a McD’s.

    One day I was in the back cooking and a manager came back and yelled at me for putting 2 slices of cheese on a double cheese burger.

    I took him out to the front and showed him the picture, clearly showing 2 pieces of cheese offset by 45 degrees.

    He still insist that it was one slice. I told him to go into the back and find me the 8 point slices of cheese. He then dropped it.

    The point of the story is that to become a manager of a McD’s all you need it the ability to not be able to find another job.

  23. chrissyq21479 says:

    probably someone who is dumb and decided to just mess with people. Unless the store was owned by an owner/operator and the just changed their policy randomly. If its owned by McDonalds, stuff doesn’t just change. I would have asked for a manager and made a HUGE stink, especially if its a privately owned store.

  24. LucyInTheSky says:

    WAIT! they don’t have supersize anymore? after… GROOVY!

  25. Murph1908 says:

    I am a morning cola drinker. I find it humorous when the coffee fiends comment about my morning pop. They get their caffeine hot, I take mine cold.

  26. headhot says:

    I had a coke this morning, and I’m not obese. Its call exercise.

    Coke is my preferred form of caffeine. Some people dont like coffee.

    Is a coffee in the morning filled with sugar and milk really that much better then a Coke?


  27. Wreckoner says:

    Please, more blame the customer posts.

    Who cares at what time of day she wanted the soda, or how much she wanted? It’s on the menu, and obviously she got shafted for the medium. Not a huge issue, but it would piss me off a bit too.

  28. vlv723 says:

    When I used to live in CA, a large is a medium cup…however, now I live in TN and when I say a large OJ, they give me a large OJ.

    And yes, I do get large sizes when I have the crave but I do burn it off when I get my daily exercise @ the office gym.

  29. AD8BC says:

    Come on people. Look at how many of you have missed the point of this post. It’s not about the rights and wrongs of drinking soda, be it in the morning, super size, or at all. The consumer was wronged and you waste your comments. Suppose she ordered a large bottled water and got a small one? All you people would think about is that silly chemical in the plastic.

    She lost 25 cents, plus tax probably. As a proportion to McDonald’s sales, it is so close to zero it doesn’t matter. But as a proportion to the cost of her meal, it is probably 7 to 10%.

    So stop bitching about what people put in their body. She isn’t complaining that she got a bellyache from the Coke and McDonalds should be held responsible. Let her put into her body what she will.

    Keep your posts on topic, please.

  30. Mariajl says:

    To all those fussing about her buying a soda at breakfast.
    First of all, so what? You don’t have to drink it.
    Second, are you condemning her as you sit with your ultra-large Starbucks next to you?

    Some people don’t like coffee.

    However, I do agree this is a stupid thing to focus on.
    One idiot employee on a random morning makes for a Consumerist article?

  31. chicagocooper says:

    McDonald’s does have the best Coke. It’s just better than the can or any other merchant. Sad.. but very true.

  32. johnva says:

    @amyschiff: A “large” Coke at most fast food places is pretty much excessive no matter how slowly you drink it, in my opinion. Now that I don’t drink soda regularly, drinking more than 6 oz or so of that stuff starts to make me feel gross due to all the sugar.

  33. bobblack555 says:

    Large morning Coke.

    Yeah, that’s healthy.

    Is this the part where we’re supposed to feel bad for her or something?

  34. AD8BC says:

    @chicagocooper: You know, now that I think about it, you’re right.

    Maybe it would be better with pure cane sugar?

  35. snoop-blog says:

    @SkokieGuy: Truely hilarious! I laughed very hard at that one.

    btw: I love an ice cold coke or MD in the morning! It’s my “cofee”. I just had this same bs experience this morning at bk but I just took it like a little bitch and drank the damn shit. I wish I was petty damn it!!!

  36. juiceboxonfire says:

    I don’t think it’s any malicious intent to scam you out of pop. It just seems like the girl really didn’t know better.

    If you really want to save money, get a two-liter from a grocery store. At least by me, they’re usually on sale for $1.25-1.50ish. It’s probably the cheapest option out there.

  37. Twilly says:

    I always get a Diet Coke in the morning (from my local 7-11 it’s cheaper) but this would piss me off. Some of us prefer Coke over coffee.

  38. snoop-blog says:

    Yeah have you ever had syrup on pancakes? Well there’s syrup in coke so get off it with you doughnut eating asses.

  39. edrebber says:

    Order a cup of water and fill it with soda for free.

  40. snoop-blog says:

    personally who gives a crap about if others chose to eat healthy. I’m glad some of you do eat healthy but it seems you now have a new disease: SMUG!

  41. Umisaurus says:

    @deedrit: You know, because you were forced to not only read it, but comment on it as well.

  42. Shutaro says:

    @snoop-blog: Calm down… There’s no reason to bring donuts into this!

  43. snead says:

    Oh the humanity!

  44. mike13241 says:

    What is with all the comments implying that the McDonald’s worker is basically doing Rachael a favor, since no one needs a large soda in the AM?

    The fact is she’s the consumer. If she wants a large soda in the morning, she should be able to have it. It’s not fair for McDonald’s to change the soda terminology throughout the course of the day. That’s just confusing. A large is a large, a medium is a medium, and a small is a small.

    How would you like it if your large coffee in the morning suddenly became smaller at night because McDonald’s doesn’t think people need caffeine before bed?

  45. sisedi says:

    Well their costs are most likely going up due to gas prices (as about any business’ would be) and this could be there way of keeping steady. Those .24c could be a huge deal to them when many people attempt to buy morning cokes, that’d be really simple way of bridging the profit gap that was created.

    So they’re not ‘padding their pockets’

  46. chrisjames says:

    Now, you see, that’s a problem. You order a large coke, pay for a large coke, and they give a medium coke and a lie. Bad move McDonald’s. Then, you think you’ll offset this by ordering a supersize drink? Bad move consumer.

    If you think you’ve been cheated, you’re not getting anywhere by accepting the price and then complaining later. You’ve still been cheated. Ask for a refund on the cup or the whole order, then go somewhere else or do without. If you really, really need that large coke from that McDonald’s, and you’re willing to eat the extra cost, no matter what the reason for it, then by buying it you have just told McDonald’s that you think their price is fair. You get one or the other: the purchase or the complaint. Not both.

  47. Sweet the trolls have arrived.

  48. pine22 says:

    try another mcdonalds?

  49. Here’s the real issue.

    Customer unhappy. Wants a large Coke. Cost to McDonald’s: almost zero.

    Answer: Give customer large Coke.

    Problem solved!

  50. highmodulus says:

    Came to make fun of Mcdonald’s pricing for soda, stayed for all the abject trolling.

  51. B says:

    I thought the clerk’s explanation of “A breakfast large is really a medium” to be hilarious. However, the whole “blame the victim, she must be fat…because she drinks coke” is just crazy.

  52. HalOfBorg says:

    What about us people who work midnights? That coke at 7AM or so is NOT breakfast for us.

    PS – soda for breakfast? Yuck. But if it’s what you want – get what you paid for.

  53. thesabre says:

    I’m not going to criticize anyone’s choice of morning drink. What you drink is your choice.

    However, I noticed that you ate in-store. Just about every McDonald’s in the country offers free fountain drink refills to customers that eat in-store. Why not just buy a small and fill it three times if you want that much soda? Yes, you should have been given a large cup and McDonald’s was in the wrong for saying otherwise. However, I think as a consumer, you can make a better purchase by buying a small drink and refilling it.

  54. lincolnparadox says:

    Happy happy flame war. Sheesh!

    @chicagocooper: McD’s went to Coke and asked for a special recipe that would only be sold at McDonalds. They use a special mix of HFCS and sucrose. Plus, the stuff is “made fresh” for them, so it doesn’t contain any preservatives. But, this is true only for regular Coke. Diet coke and other drinks have the same sodium benzoate/potassium sorbate poison that you get everywhere else.

  55. BillyMumphry says:

    filed under “choose your battles”…next to “who gives a shit”

  56. WingZero987 says:

    @apotheosis: Morgan Spurlock is the worst thing to happen to free choice. All his self-righteous movie showed is that addictions are self-destructive and self-imposed.

  57. @ the “Stop drinking so much soda” crowd.

    She said this soda “Lasts all day”. I know people in my office who down at least 2-3 “large sodas” worth of soda each day. Sure I’m as un-fond of watery-luke-warm soda as the next person, but go find a real soap box.

    FTR: I drink the equivalent of maybe 1 can of soda per week on average.

  58. fostina1 says:

    my mother in law drinks unsweet tea. she used to get it for like $.99, all of a sudden they started charging her 1.49. she went to complain after sometimes they charged her the old price and sometimes the new. it turns out that if you buy a sweet tea and hold the sugar you still get it for .99

    and as for the cokes in the morning my mcdonalds gives me the senior discount on cokes and im only 30. lol. ohh and it pissed me off when they got the monopoly game and took the size of the 1.00 menu fries down to a small. man that made me mad.

  59. spanky says:

    These comment threads just get more awesome all the time. It’s like waking up Christmas morning and unwrapping a big festive box of agitated howler monkeys every single day!

    A giant box full of angry, obese howler monkeys.

    Yeah, I said it. You fat. All of you.

  60. Gimme a liter o’ Cola!

    It’s breakfast? Gimme a liter o’ Cola, or I’ll punchasize your face!

  61. wellfleet says:

    i had a large coke with my breakfast sammich just yesterday morning and the cup was so huge it coulkd barely fit into my cup holder. so ashamed.

  62. fostina1 says:

    i agree. mcdonalds coke is the best coke.

  63. RINO-Marty says:

    Consumerist, I’m calling BS on deedrit. That is outright abuse. He should be banned.

  64. Buran says:

    They once refused to sell me a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit because it was 10:25.

    Excuse me? I want a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit when I want it, not when YOU think I should have it. And their sign said 10:30 was when breakfast ended.

  65. Zerkaboid says:

    It seems that a lot of commenters missed this line: “and always order a large coke since it’s really the only time during the day that I will be out… and it will last until it’s time for me to go home so again, convenient…”

    She’s not drinking a large Coke all at breakfast, she’s drinking it throughout the day.

    That being said, I’m sure it’s just a matter of bad training (confusing it with the juice policy).

  66. jmschn says:

    LoL go buy a 2 Liter and a cup

  67. smoothtom says:

    Oh, good, I want to join in on the ridicule. What kind of idiot drinks Coke in the morning? … There. That felt good.

  68. ThinkerTDM says:

    It seems like just yesterday that the Consumerist was a place to go for consumer help. Today, it is a place to go for uneducated people to make fun of your food choices. Most of the comments turn out to be:
    “It’s your own damn fault for buying…”

    Oh, and sugar doesn’t cause diabetes.

  69. ChuckECheese says:

    @ThinkerTDM: But sugar does cause di-a-beetus.

    @Televiper: LOLs @ suicidal tendencies

  70. kabuk1 says:

    I’ll tell you who needs a large soda at breakfast(besides myself)- People whose only opportunity to obtain a soda is in the morning before work. We don’t all enjoy sipping office coffee all day long, some of us like a good old fountain drink. Sometimes there are few things more satisfying, IMO.

    OP- next time save yourself $.65 & a headache & just get a Big Gulp at 7-11.

  71. ctaylor says:

    The McDs near our house has a new policy they won’t sell small sodas with breakfast combos. You have to order coffee, OJ or medium or larger sodas. You can get small sodas with lunch combos (not that I’ve tried, I can only barely handle McDs “breakfast” anymore. Their lunch/dinner menu causes unpleasantness…)

    I did speak with the manager and she confirmed it was policy (for at least that store). It’s okay with me, just another excuse not to go back.

  72. mammalpants says:

    i suggest requesting the breakfast-dinner medium beverage. its bigger than a lunch-supper medium, but smaller than a dinner-lunch large.

  73. pauljunk says:

    Nothing like 32 oz of flavored corn syrup to start the day!

  74. fakezen says:

    @fostina1: All their soda is the best, because they clean the lines/pipes/whatever in the soda fountain once a week. Most other places hardly ever clean it, so their soda is full of crud.

    At least that’s my theory.

  75. snoop-blog says:

    @deedrit: Officially banned! I just checked his profile. His ability to leave comments is diabled! :)

  76. Black Bellamy says:

    Whenever some fast food place screws me out of a couple of cents and I’m faced with some blank stare or an obtuse manager, I continue to talk to them, just to keep their attention, but I make my way over to their condiments stand, where I grab four to six dozen ketchups, a couple hundred napkins, and as many straws as will fit into my bag, and then I smile, wave to them, and walk out.

  77. parrotuya says:

    Sounds like your bowels need cleansing. Next time, order an Egg McMuffin with your Coke. I guarantee it will clean you out within 2 hours!

  78. Balisong says:

    Everyone here only drinks coffee or soda? Where are all the tea-drinkers!?


  79. johnperkins21 says:

    @generalhousewifery: I do. I don’t drink coffee, and hate all hot liquids. So a soda is how I get my caffeine in the morning. It sure made me fat and I’ve now cut back to only one soda a week, but I can absolutely see why someone would want a soda in the morning.

  80. Greasy Thumb Guzik says:

    @chicagocooper: @lincolnparadox:

    McD’s Coke also has reduced acidity.

  81. backbroken says:

    Maybe you should have asked for the Venti.

  82. Ramrod says:

    Here in Indiana McD’s has been running advertisements claiming all sodas are a dollar regardless of the size. Didn’t think the deal was region locked.

  83. Imaginary_Friend says:

    @spanky: Awesome!

    Post of the day.

  84. edosan says:

    Everyone’s “nobody should drink Coke in the morning” posts are hilarious. If the story was “I wanted a Coke, they wouldn’t sell me one” those same people would want to EECB McDonald’s.

    Anyway, sounds like a poorly trained employee rather than any sort of policy to me.

  85. eelmonger says:

    I’d be willing to bet a large McD’s coke is waaaaay healthier than 70% of the drinks Starbucks sells in the morning.

    This complaint is probably just one employee who was new or just unfamiliar with the morning shift. If you go back tomorrow, I bet you’ll get your large coke.

  86. MaliBoo Radley says:

    Lay off the broad for wanting a coke in the morning. BFD. If I can have a mocha in the morning, what would be the problem with having a coke? They’re both caffinated and sugary. Does the delivery system really matter?

    That being said, I think I would have ignored, and then imbibed it anyway. I don’t have time to worry about that sort of shit in the morning.

  87. mike says:

    I think the important think to note is that she didn’t mention who was serving her. I know all of the people that work in McDonalds here. Not personally, mind you, but I know a new face when I see them.

    My guess is that the person is new.

  88. MaliBoo Radley says:


    I think you might be more observant than the average person. I don’t think I ever even really look at the folks at any fast food places. Of course, I’m always going through the drive-thru, so my focus is usually elsewhere.

    But, when I think of it, they all sorta look alike at fast food places. All the gals have their hair in a pony tail, the guys are clean shaven .. they’re in uniforms. They’re designed to not stick out.

  89. y2julio says:

    To all the people saying why is she drinking soda in the morning? Well what if she works at night and that was her “dinner”? Should be able to get what she paid for regardless of time of day.

  90. pezjohnson says:

    You know, I was going to write into Consumerist about this very thing. I parked my car after getting this at the drive-thru and went in. I asked the person at the counter why I couldn’t get an xtra large diet coke with breakfast. He said that I could and didn’t understand why I the drive-thru cashier wouldn’t change it. I’m guessing someone got some training about it.
    Sometimes, I think that the drive-thru people don’t want to interrupt the “machine” to fix a simple problem that puts a halt to the “machine.”
    Also, I’m kind of ashamed how many comments criticize the decision of getting coke (or diet coke like mine) for breakfast.

  91. ehlaren says:

    The posts are even more hilarious due to the fact that in the article she clearly explains that she buys a large coke in the morning and it lasts her THE ENTIRE DAY.

    Seriously, is this place turning into digg or something were people just start posting their opinions without reading stuff?

  92. Ethel.Mertz says:

    Whatever happened to “The customer is always right?”

    Honey, I’m not in any way condoning what takes place in this “coffee” scene, but it always cracks me up when I see it–note–this video is NSFW–contains what some may consider offensive language and violence.

  93. SpaceCat85 says:

    Alright, I go to McDonalds maybe once a year so the question I have when reading this is: wouldn’t it cause less confusion on both sides to charge accordingly for the “correct” size cup (e.g., a small cup=a small drink) and just not sell drinks like OJ in larger sizes?

    Coffee would be exempt from this scenario because it comes in its own special cups, of course, but IMHO it doesn’t make sense to sell a medium as a “large”, etc. with drinks that use a regular soft drink cup.

  94. richcreamerybutter says:

    @fostina1: and as for the cokes in the morning my mcdonalds gives me the senior discount on cokes and im only 30. lol.

    Holy shit, I didn’t know the premature aging due to McD products was that extreme.

  95. chemmy says:

    Do you notice the receipt says “TO GO”

    Then “To Stay”

    Then “Take Out Tax”

  96. Moosehawk says:

    Shoulda asked for a liter of cola.

  97. Papagoose says:

    You know, they do offer something called Diet Coke nowadays. No sugar in there or so I hear.

  98. MaliBoo Radley says:


    Yeah, it’s nasty and full of fake chemical sweetener. Foul. I’d stick with HFCS and/or sugar any day of the week.

  99. deathshadow391 says:

    I think its just the one person doing it. I work at a McDonalds in California and we only do that for Orange Juice.

  100. Nytmare says:

    Wow, what the heck is “Take Out Tax”? Do we have to start ordering all our food “for here, and can we please have a bag?”

  101. howie_in_az says:

    @radleyas: Once you get used to the diet flavors it’s really not bad at all. In fact, non-diet sodas taste entirely too sweet now that we’ve moved to diet soft drinks.

    Then again, ordering McDonalds and a Diet Coke does not compute.

  102. Derp says:


  103. thesabre says:

    McDonald’s uses the words “eat in tax” and “take out tax” both to refer to regular sales tax. Notice there is no sales tax on the receipt?

    This was in the news a few years ago and was discussed by McDonald’s Corporation. And they use the same amount for both. It’s just fancy wording, nothing different than what you’d normally pay if it said “sales tax”.

  104. MaliBoo Radley says:


    I’d rather eat sugar than a chemical. Call me crazy …

  105. Snullbug says:

    Come on now. It’s McDonalds. If you order a Big Mac and get a turd sandwich are you going to be surprised? She should be glad there weren’t bodily fluids added to the coke.

  106. richcreamerybutter says:

    @Papagoose: if you can’t handle coffee, green tea is a much better choice than diet anything. I know it’s intimidating, but even in America not every beverage needs to be sweetened.

    In the old days, sugar (not HFCS) soda was considered a “treat.” Generally it was served in an 8oz real glass, and you would enjoy it not unlike Pimms cup, twirling your parasol and observing the river on a Sunday afternoon.

    Presently, you have people with front butts waddling through the generous asiles of Wal Mart, gasping to the soda section, eager to mainline the closest 2 liter of diet Whatevs

    (Hey, I blame society for my elitist rantings!)


    All four are seated at a booth. The women have
    given their orders and a WAITRESS stands above
    Bobby, waiting for his:

    (looking at his menu)
    I’ll have an omelette, no potatoes.
    Give me tomatoes instead, and wheat
    toast instead of rolls.

    The waitress indicates something on the menu with
    the butt of her pencil.

    No substitutions.

    What does that mean? You don’t have
    any tomatoes?

    No. We have tomatoes.

    But I can’t have any. Is that what
    you mean?

    Only what’s on the menu…
    (again, indicating with her pencil)

    A Number Two: Plain omelette. It
    comes with cottage fries and rolls.

    I know what it comes with, but
    that’s not what I want.

    I’ll come back when you’ve made up
    your mind…

    She starts to move away and Bobby detains her.

    Wait, I’ve made up my mind. I want
    a plain omelette, forget the
    tomatoes, don’t put potatoes on the
    plate, and give me a side of wheat
    toast and a cup of coffee.

    I’m sorry, we don’t have side
    orders of toast. I can give you an
    English muffin or a coffee roll.

    What do you mean, you don’t have
    side orders of toast? You make
    sandwiches, don’t you?

    Would you like to talk to the

    Hey, mack!

    (to Palm)
    Shut up.
    (to the waitress)
    You have bread, don’t you, and a
    toaster of some kind?

    I don’t make the rules.

    Okay, I’ll make it as easy for you
    as I can. Give me an omelette,
    plain, and a chicken salad sandwich
    on wheat toast — no butter, no
    mayonnaise, no lettuce — and a cup
    of coffee.

    She begins writing down his order, repeating it

    One Number Two, and a chicken sal
    san — hold the butter, the mayo,
    the lettuce — and a cup of
    coffee… Anything else?

    Now all you have to do is hold the
    chicken, bring me the toast, charge
    me for the sandwich, and you
    haven’t broken any rules.

    (challenging him)
    You want me to hold the chicken.

    Yeah. I want you to hold it between
    your knees.

  108. ProjectGSX says:

    Ive been eating breakfast at McDonalds for years.. and its always been like this. Never thought it was a big deal.

  109. @ehlaren: And apparently it’d be okay with them just as long as she ordered a DIET Coke for breakfast. Which, incidentally, is my usual breakfast. Need the caffeine, can’t stand coffee. I love the tasty, tasty chemicals that are Diet Coke.

  110. Lambasted says:

    @cybercjh: Hey, hey. I must stand up for Coke addicts everywhere. Don’t knock Coke for breakfast till you’ve tried it. In the summer, I often prefer a Coke over hot coffee unless I am eating something sweet. But with sausage, eggs or hashbrowns, I’ll take a Coke over coffee any day.

    I am surprised she couldn’t get a large Coke. This is a first I’ve heard of McD’s limiting drink sizes–even for breakfast.

  111. Re: eat-in and take-out tax: I actually live in a jurisdiction where we have a special tax on restaurants (HRA=”Hotels, Restaurants, and Amusements”), which is a municipal tax and funds our civic center. (Which was supposed to be self-supporting by like three years ago, but that’s a different issue.)

    Anyway, eat-in is always the HRA tax rate, but certain kinds of take-out are NOT the HRA tax rate but just the regular sales tax rate you pay on convenience foods at the grocery store.

    I’m not really sure what the differentiater is (I pay HRA on take-out and drive-thru at McFood), but then I pay like five or six different sales tax rates, depending on if I’m in the city or out in the county, if it’s “stuff” or “food and drugs,” if it’s HRA or not, etc. So sales tax is always a mystery surprise on the end of my bill!

  112. snoop-blog says:

    I’ve been having a coke with my breakfast for years now. My mom thought It was bad, until my dad explained it to her like this: there’s less syrup in the coke, than what’s on your pancakes. If you can eat pancakes for breakfast, a coke, is actually not as bad as far as hfcs, or sugars.

  113. plustax says:

    Sorry I’m late on this but for accounting purposes this would be a bad setup for this McDonalds. If the employees were instructed to hit the same key for a large coke at 10:29am and give out a 21oz cup compared for a large coke at 10:31am (after breakfast) for a 32oz cup it would make for a inventory nightmare. It would also be silly for the McDonalds to segregate a key for a breakfast coke since they are limited on the number of active buttons appear on an average POS system. This is either a undertrained counter person or a really dumb nickle and dime tatic I see at many independantly owned franchises. The places where the manager’s bonus is solely dependant on the store’s P&L for the period.

  114. spince says:


    You’re asking me if nearly 3 cans of a coke is excessive? Yes, it is excessive. Just because you’re drinking from one container doesn’t constitute “one” coke. I can fill a garbage can with coke and I suppose it’d be just “one” can of coke too, right?

    32 ounces of lemonade? Yes, that is also excessive. Stop it.

  115. JDAC says:

    There is nothing – NOTHING – better than an ice cold Coke the morning after the night before. Plus since you chug it so fast you get the meatiest burp to cheer you up.

  116. Asvetic says:

    @deedrit: Right on!

  117. P_Smith says:

    Myself, I keep a dozen small juice boxes, a box of granola bars and fruit cups around (at home *and* in my desk at work) in case I’m late out the door.

    It’s cheaper, it’ll keep, and it’s better for you/me.

  118. rellog says:

    @Murph1908: Difference is, is that coffee doesn’t casue weak bones…. soda does. OP really needs to reduce her cola intake…

  119. Juggernaut says:

    @twophrasebark: I was having a shitty day but you just made my whole fucking week!!

  120. dotcomrade says:

    That scene was classic! Thank you!

    Here’s the video:

  121. Alex Chasick says:

    Coke might be interested in this story, considering this ad…

  122. Moosehawk says:

    @twophrasebark: Haha, thank you!

    @dotcomrade: And you too, for the video.

  123. DrCrippen says:

    I was under the impression that this was a consumerism website, not WeightWatchers. I guess I was wrong…

  124. Alex Chasick says:

    Yeah, I meant to post this pic: []

  125. firesign says:

    @deedrit: wtf? that’s the very definition of being a complete dick, or a poor troll.

  126. scoosdad says:

    Rather than post here and get tossed into the “big festive box of agitated howler monkeys” (absolutely the quote of the week), why not take your complaint to McDonald’s website?

    I recently had an issue with poor customer service at a local McD’s and I went and navigated through their site to the local manager’s comment page, and left them my comment. Within four hours I had an email from a national customer service rep for corporate, and a response from the local manager. Both offered positive solutions to my issue, which was similar to this.

    They can’t retrain employees if they don’t know what’s going on.

  127. sam1am says:

    I’m going to have to agree with others – just stop drinking Coke. Seriously. It’s like diabetes waiting to happen.

  128. trujunglist says:


    Me and your mom have been noticing lately that you’ve been having a lot of problems, you’ve been going off for no reason and we’re afraid you’re gonna hurt somebody, we’re afraid you’re gonna hurt yourself.
    So we decided that it would be in your best interest if we put you somewhere where you could get the help that you need.

  129. LUV2CattleCall says:


    Actually, it’s “Diabeetus”

  130. joemono says:

    @sam1am: Could you pleasew post your diet here so we can see a perfect example of what we should be eating and drinking on a daily basis? Oh, and your exercise regimen as well.

  131. JayDeEm says:

    Why does this remind me of the movie ‘Falling Down’ where Michael Douglas shoots up the place for not serving him breakfast.

  132. FightOnTrojans says:


    My best interests? How do you know what MY best interests are?

  133. pine22 says:

    @Buran: my friend used to work at mcdonalds, this once happened to me too. he said it was because they sort of dial down the breakfast service once its 10am, so sometimes they run out of breakfast stuff a little early, but other times they have stuff that can last them till 10:45.

    i never really thought about it, but know that i think about it, sometimes when i order breakfast combo with a soda (yes i have soda in the mornings lol) they give me a small cup and other times i get a medium cup. its not that big of a deal to me, but im sure if i said something they would give me the next size up.

  134. mgy says:

    A lot of dickheads posting on Consumerist today.

  135. Phildawg says:

    @deedrit: Due what a fatty does, take a 2 liter in to work with you =) lol, I’m making fun of myself btw as I do this. I don’t drink it all in one day, but usually it’s gone within 2 days, worst case would be 3 days =) I say worst case cuz it gets kinda flat on the 3rd day.

  136. Phildawg says:

    I swear to Gawd, I wish I could run a website like this, trace down IPs, and just go beat the fook out the idiots who post stupid shit. What’s funny is half the people calling other people fat, probably are fat themselves, it’s just the internet disguises their identity, and they try to fit in with the cool skin kids online by acting like their one of the cool skinny kids.

    Fook the cool skinny kids, their life is probably complete shit anyways =)

    Have a nice day!

  137. NinjaMarion says:

    @generalhousewifery: She told you exactly who needs a large pop at breakfast time. Someone that wants SOME pop at breakfast time and enjoys the fact that the large will last her the entire work day. Besides, what’s it matter when she drinks it? It’s still got the same amount of sugar and calories in it at 6pm as it does at 10am.

  138. TPS Reporter says:

    If the person wants a large Coke at breakfast, what is it to you?? It’s not about the .24 cents, it’s about the size of the drink. These stories are hilarious, as you couldn’t make this stuff up on TV. Not the OP, but the employees reasoning.

  139. bwcbwc says:

    Four words: Seven Eleven. Big Gulp.

  140. Jericho114 says:


    All I wanted was a pepsi, and she wouldn’t give it to me. Just one Pepsi.

  141. crazydavythe1st says:

    Time to get one of their $1 small drinks.

    “Excuse me? I would like to exercise my option to get a free refill. *gulp gulp gulp* Um, I would like a free refill. *gulp gulp gulp*. Um, I would like a free refill. *gulp gulp gulp* What do you know? You could have given me the large I asked for and charged me more money, you dumb f***!”

    course, I can’t guarantee you won’t get sick trying this.

  142. tweemo says:

    There’s this thing called high fructose corn syrup… It’s bad for you.

  143. HungryGrrl says:

    @chicagocooper: Not true. Friendly’s Restaurant has the best fountain Coca-Cola in the USA. (I almost said ‘on earth’ but the real-sugar stuff is pretty amazing too.)

  144. BugMeNot2 says:

    @Barbarisater: The Honey Mustard is for the Chicken Selects and therefore bigger than the BBQ which is for the chicken nuggets.

  145. lasciate says:

    I was once refused by a McDonalds employee because I wanted pop at breakfast time and according to her, “We only sell juice and coffee for breakfast.”

  146. kittenfoo says:

    actually, howie, it does if you have diabetes.

    anyhoo, what i wanted to say was, this very sweet lady at the mcdonald’s where i live rang up my small diet coke with my order, but handed me a large size cup, telling me in a conspiratorial manner that they ran out of small cups. i promised that a) i wouldn’t tell, and b) i wouldn’t fill it up all the way. she just smiled and gave me a wink. they aren’t all evil.

  147. Lambasted says:

    @chicagocooper: Wow, as a Coke connoisseur myself, I have to respectfully disagree. I don’t know if it’s just the McD’s around me but it has the absolute worst Coke I have ever tasted. I have complained a couple of times to manager. One time it tasted so horrible I parked my car (I had gone through the drive-thru) and went in and told them they must have given me Diet Coke by mistake. They gave me another Coke and it was just as bad. So then I asked them to use a different machine thinking maybe the syrup in the machine was low. (I really wasn’t purposely trying to be a jerk and i apologized to them for being a pain) The Coke from another machine was just as bad.

    After a few other visits resulted in the same nasty Coke I stopped ordering it. I buy my food at McDs and drive across the street to Popeyes for my Coke. (Which has the best Coke for a fast food IMO)

  148. synergy says:

    And this is why there’s so many people in this country who weigh 450lbs.

  149. FLConsumer says:

    @lincolnparadox: That explains why sodas at McDonald’s taste nasty and watered down.

  150. gomakemeasandwich says:


    “Wtf bitch, waste my Consumerist time with your coke story!?

    Go buy your Coke at one of the other 1,000,000+ fast food store!”

    Seriously, what the fuck is this? People who post here usually have real problems. No one gives a shit about you getting jobbed out of 4oz of sugar water.

    If you’re hot you’d better post us all some nude pics to make up for this, unless you’re a minor of course. BTW, that last sentence wasn’t perverted at all…really.

  151. PinkNightmare says:

    More than two years ago (when I used to drink soda) I ordered a super-sized Diet Coke every morning from McDonalds and never had any problems.

  152. Difdi says:

    My solution would be: If the clerk hands you a cup that’s 2/3 the size of what you ordered and calls it a breakfast large…hand him 2/3 the money the large costs and tell him it’s breakfast money.

  153. smackswell says:

    it’s not even a quarter. You probably wasted more money with the electricity it took to call them, email consumerist, and internet access.

    If I got all huffy about every time I had a not so pleasant experience and a store, consumerist would have double their postings every day.

    Fortunately, that is not the case.

  154. jook says:

    @RINO-Marty: Seconded.

  155. KenComputerGuy says:

    Not the end of the world, but I think my hand woulda slipped and spilled the “breakfast large” soda all over their floor….