Record High Prices Drive Police Officer Into Stealing Gas

This is ex-police officer, Craig Bucknor. KSLA reports that the Minden, Lousiana police officer has been arrested and is being charged with felony theft for stealing gasoline from the city. It seems no one is immune from the rising cost of gas. More details, inside…

Recently Miden’s police chief, T.C. Bloxom, had noticed some irregularities in the department’s gasoline spending which began to arouse his suspicion. A subsequent investigation concluded that Officer Craig Bucknor was using a gas card assigned to a school resource officer and then using another officer’s personal identification number. According to Chief Bloxom, Bucknor used the department gas card 9 times which totaled $400 in the month of April. Additionally, Bucknor used the card twice in March for what is described as “a small amount.” The thirty-year-old Bucknor had been with the department since September, 2005. It’s a sad state of affairs when even our law enforcement personnel are driven to crime by high gas prices.

Minden Police Officer Arrested For Stealing Gas From City [KSLA]
(Photo: KSLA)

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