Chipotle Closes For Hepatitis A Outbreak, Have A Coupon!

An anonymous tipster wrote to us about how Chipotle, known for their delicious, healthy burritos, handled a Hepatitis A outbreak at his neighborhood store. This might be the one case of a corporation giving you something for free, and it not making the situation any better. Read his letter, inside.


So, I went to the Chipotle around the corner from my house yesterday to find that it was closed. As I stepped out of my car, some lady asked if I was headed to Chipotle and told me that it was closed today due to “operational issues.” She gave me a card for a free burrito and sent me on my way. Later that day, my roommate told me he saw Health Inspectors in there the day before snapping photos of the workers and the establishment.

Today, I come to find out it was closed because it had suffered a Hepatitis A outbreak. 6 people have contracted the disease between March 1 and April 22 with the only thing connecting them is the fact that they ate at this particular La Mesa location.

I have also eaten there many, many times and now I have to go get checked to make sure I Chipotle didn’t give me Hepatitis A.

Just thought I’d let you guys know.

Here is a link with more information:

Hope to find out more information on this, please help.


Well, if you trust Wikipedia more than you do your doctor, then you shouldn’t worry too much if you burrito did actually give you hepatitis A. It probably won’t kill you, or permanently damage your liver, you’ll just feel awful for a while. Which is good news, because the number of people infected rose to twelve, according to NBC in San Diego. Oh, and applause to the Chipotle employee who technically didn’t lie when she told our tipster the place was closed for “operational issues”. Having the health department shut you down does tend to get in the way of your day to day operations.


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