9 Most Obnoxious Hidden Airline Fees

As their corpulent systems collide with increasingly harsh economic realities, airlines are making up more creative fees and charging for things that used to be free. Here’s 9 of the worst offenders of the hidden airline fees, via Aviation.com.

9. Making a reservation on the phone or in person. Fee: $5-$20
8. Cashing in frequent flyer miles without “sufficient” advance notice. Fee: $0-100.
7. Bringing a pet onboard in the cabin/ Fee: $50-85 (each way)
6. Re-banking frequent flyer miles. Fee: $50-100
5. Checking luggage. Fee: $3-10 (each way)
4. Getting a refund when a fare goes down. Fee: $25 to $200 or more.
3. Flying standby on the same day of travel. Fee: $0-50
2. Paying for lap children. Fee: $10 to 10 percent of the adult fare
1. Getting a seat assignment. Fee: $5-$11 (each way)

What’s your least favorite hidden airline fee?

Most Obnoxious Hidden Airline Fees [Aviation] (Thanks to Brandon!)

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