Which Airlines Charge A Fee To Buy Tickets Over The Phone Or At The Airport?

Image courtesy of John Kittelsrud

We used to live in a time when some of the only options for buying airfare were over the phone or in person at an airport ticket counter. Technology changed, and many airlines have added fees for those ticket-buying methods. While Delta Air Lines is now turning back the clock and will drop such fees, many of the other major players still tack on extra charges for those ticket-buying options.

Until now, Delta charged a fee of $25 per ticket when travelers bought them over the phone, and $35 per ticket when folks purchased them at airports or other ticket office locations. There are no fees attached to tickets bought on Delta.com or through the airline’s app.

“It is much simpler for our customers to not have to worry if they will pay a fee for ticketing with Delta,” Glen Hauenstein said in a statement.

Airline fees are always in flux, and it can get confusing. Here’s a handy list of U.S.-based airline booking fees as they stand today:

Airline Booking Fees

Airline Phone Fee In-Person Fee Online Fee
Alaska Airlines $15 $0 $0
Allegiant Airlines $14.99 $0 $13
American Airlines $25 $35 $0
Delta Air Lines $0 $0 $0
Frontier Airlines $10 $19.98 $19.98
Hawaiian Airlines $25 $35 $0
JetBlue $25 $25 $0
Southwest Airlines $0 $0 $0
Spirit Airlines $9-$18 $25 $9-$18
United Airlines $25 $35 $0
Virgin America $20 $0 $0


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