Maryland's Dental HMO Security Breach Was One Of Nearly 40 In The State Since January

A few days ago we linked to a Baltimore Sun article that investigated the recent accidental release of private patient data online by The Dental Network. Now the reporter who broke the story, Liz F. Kay, has contacted us with news that “this was the largest of nearly 40 breaches affecting Maryland residents” since a disclosure law went into effect in January:

Thirty-nine businesses or groups have reported losses of sensitive information involving about 87,500 Maryland residents in the three months since a state law took effect requiring that people be informed of such incidents, records show.

The breaches have included everything from SSNs showing through envelope windows to deliberate attacks on databases by hackers. Luckily for Maryland residents, a state law ensures that you can place credit freezes with each of the three major reporting companies for $5 each.

Not a Marylander? Check this interactive map for a quick overview of what your state enforces by way of disclosure laws in the event your data is compromised.

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