Newegg Doesn't Deliver PS3 With Spiderman 3, Blames Sony

Okay, everyone together in Moe Szyslak’s voice: con_tinymoewhaaaaa.jpg “Whaaaaa?” We’re just as confused as you are. Newegg, which has one of the most stellar reputations of any retailer, online or b&m, apparently sent a customer a regular PS3 box instead of one with a Blu-ray copy of “Spiderman 3.” Here’s where it gets all evil alternate universe: when the customer called to complain, the CSR told him it wasn’t Newegg’s problem and for him to talk to Sony.
Update-3/7/08: Newegg contacted the OP and resolved the issue—see the OP’s comment below.

I ordered a new 50 inch plasma tv on Sunday march 2nd from We decided to get a PS3 to go with it so we could watch Blu-Ray movies.
The PS3 was listed as SONY PlayStation 3 w/Spider Man 3 40 GB Black – Retail [link] [Ed. note: the current product listing does not mention Spiderman 3, but it may have been updated since this customer’s order was placed.*]

I recieved the PS3 and TV on Wed March 5th. When I went through the package I noticed there was no Spiderman 3 Blu-Ray disk. I called NewEgg to see what they would do for me.

The lady their said it should have been in the box, and stressed that they do not OPEN that packages. I stated that in addition to their being no movie in the box, the box I recieved was also different than the one advertised on thir site. The box on the website shows a Spiderman 3 Blu-Ray disk on the box, and the one I recieved does not.

I have attached pictures of the 2 boxes.

What he ordered.
What he got.

She said that it is not her problem if Sony does not include the movie anymore. I responded that I did not order a PS3 from Sony I ordered one from NEWEGG.COM and that NEWEGG says i’m getting Spiderman 3. Also, as the box I recieved is different from the box pictured, they should have known that the movie was not included, and not advertised it as such.

She ended with, “Not our problem, call SONY” I ended with “I will call Sony, but it is not thier job to resolve this, and if they do not, I will be calling back and you WILL be making this right!” (At this point I have not yet booted the PS3 and was not 100% certain that the movie was not on the pack-in disk of trailers and such)

I called Sony, and after a 10 minute hold I got a nice guy who listened to the compliant and said “No Problem, I can resolve this for you” So I had to fax Sony my reciept, name, address….. and an Authorization # he gave me, and they said they would mail the movie within 2 days of recieving the info.

I do not believe will be changing their listing to reflect that Spiderman 3 is no longer included (in their inventory anyways), they will just wait for people to call, then say screw you. [Ed. note: well, actually it looks like they already have—see link above.*]

I called Newegg back to let them know that even though they screwed me over, Sony has stepped in to make it right, and that they are false advertising their PS3 w/ Spiderman 3 and that I was letting the know about it. Her response was to tell me that they could only talk to the account holder (My wife) and goodbye. Funny they didn’t mention having to talk to her last time I called, and before there were complain notes in my case.

Okay, so look, we can see how this happened—and the CSR is right, Newegg can’t control when Sony begins and ends a promotional package for the PS3. But if there was a discrepancy between what was listed online and what was shipped from the warehouse, that seems to fall pretty clearly in Newegg’s lap. Blaming Sony and pushing the problem back to the customer seems like the work of a newbie CSR, or perhaps a bearded Spock.

*Note: Since I began writing this post around 7pm EST, the link referenced above has stopped working. Before 7pm it led to a product page for an ordinary 40 gb PS3 with no mention of Spiderman 3. It now returns the following message: “We apologize for the inconvenience, but the item you are looking for has been deactivated.”

(Thanks to Terry!)

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