Newegg Doesn't Deliver PS3 With Spiderman 3, Blames Sony

Okay, everyone together in Moe Szyslak’s voice: con_tinymoewhaaaaa.jpg “Whaaaaa?” We’re just as confused as you are. Newegg, which has one of the most stellar reputations of any retailer, online or b&m, apparently sent a customer a regular PS3 box instead of one with a Blu-ray copy of “Spiderman 3.” Here’s where it gets all evil alternate universe: when the customer called to complain, the CSR told him it wasn’t Newegg’s problem and for him to talk to Sony.
Update-3/7/08: Newegg contacted the OP and resolved the issue—see the OP’s comment below.

I ordered a new 50 inch plasma tv on Sunday march 2nd from We decided to get a PS3 to go with it so we could watch Blu-Ray movies.
The PS3 was listed as SONY PlayStation 3 w/Spider Man 3 40 GB Black – Retail [link] [Ed. note: the current product listing does not mention Spiderman 3, but it may have been updated since this customer’s order was placed.*]

I recieved the PS3 and TV on Wed March 5th. When I went through the package I noticed there was no Spiderman 3 Blu-Ray disk. I called NewEgg to see what they would do for me.

The lady their said it should have been in the box, and stressed that they do not OPEN that packages. I stated that in addition to their being no movie in the box, the box I recieved was also different than the one advertised on thir site. The box on the website shows a Spiderman 3 Blu-Ray disk on the box, and the one I recieved does not.

I have attached pictures of the 2 boxes.

What he ordered.
What he got.

She said that it is not her problem if Sony does not include the movie anymore. I responded that I did not order a PS3 from Sony I ordered one from NEWEGG.COM and that NEWEGG says i’m getting Spiderman 3. Also, as the box I recieved is different from the box pictured, they should have known that the movie was not included, and not advertised it as such.

She ended with, “Not our problem, call SONY” I ended with “I will call Sony, but it is not thier job to resolve this, and if they do not, I will be calling back and you WILL be making this right!” (At this point I have not yet booted the PS3 and was not 100% certain that the movie was not on the pack-in disk of trailers and such)

I called Sony, and after a 10 minute hold I got a nice guy who listened to the compliant and said “No Problem, I can resolve this for you” So I had to fax Sony my reciept, name, address….. and an Authorization # he gave me, and they said they would mail the movie within 2 days of recieving the info.

I do not believe will be changing their listing to reflect that Spiderman 3 is no longer included (in their inventory anyways), they will just wait for people to call, then say screw you. [Ed. note: well, actually it looks like they already have—see link above.*]

I called Newegg back to let them know that even though they screwed me over, Sony has stepped in to make it right, and that they are false advertising their PS3 w/ Spiderman 3 and that I was letting the know about it. Her response was to tell me that they could only talk to the account holder (My wife) and goodbye. Funny they didn’t mention having to talk to her last time I called, and before there were complain notes in my case.

Okay, so look, we can see how this happened—and the CSR is right, Newegg can’t control when Sony begins and ends a promotional package for the PS3. But if there was a discrepancy between what was listed online and what was shipped from the warehouse, that seems to fall pretty clearly in Newegg’s lap. Blaming Sony and pushing the problem back to the customer seems like the work of a newbie CSR, or perhaps a bearded Spock.

*Note: Since I began writing this post around 7pm EST, the link referenced above has stopped working. Before 7pm it led to a product page for an ordinary 40 gb PS3 with no mention of Spiderman 3. It now returns the following message: “We apologize for the inconvenience, but the item you are looking for has been deactivated.”

(Thanks to Terry!)


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  1. AnonUser1 says:


  2. karmaghost says:

    NOOOOOOOO! I blame the coming apocalypse.

  3. Joedragon says:

    At least at the TD warehouse you can talk to some in person and take it back the same day as well taking a look at what you are getting before you leave the store / parking lot.

  4. Sam2k says:

    The link is back and pointing to a normal PS3. No spidey 3.

  5. dorianh49 says:

    The google cached version DEFINITELY lists it with Spiderman 3.


  6. Sam2k says:

    Btw, one incident should not be a determining factor in anyone’s decision to do business with newegg. They really are the pinnacle of customer service and electronics reliability. Every company catches a bad csr once in a while.

  7. Chris Walters says:

    @Joedragon: If this becomes some sort of weird reverse thread where TD is held up as a paragon of good and Newegg of evil, my face will melt like in Indiana Jones.

  8. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    This is not uncommon. If you various product reviews on Newegg, you’ll see a lot of people have experienced similar issues. Like, the product description says that it includes X,Y,Z parts/features and even the picture shows it. But when you receive the actual product, it will be the newest version of the product, usually missing a part/feature that was previously stated.

    I like Newegg. But sometimes they’re pretty slow at updating the specs on the product pages. It’s not cool when you receive a product that isn’t what you were expecting.

  9. TheKingBoar says:

    If you really pay attention to the site, you can see they’re not even showing a 40 gig model for either the listing currently or the Google cache one. 40 gig PS3’s have 2 USB ports on the front. But the pictures show 4, which is only currently available on the 80 gig model (that comes with motor storm). Therefore, the pictures that they are showing don’t really match at all. They might have just gotten sloppy, but it looks pretty unprofessional. On a side note, I’ve ordered more than a few items from newegg and never had a problem, probably just a bad CSR like others mentioned. At least Sony fixed the problem.

  10. vliam says:

    Nope. Not acceptable.

    The 40GB system with Spider-man 3 is designated as model #98006 by Sony. This is still reflected in the Newegg description.

    The new 40GB SKU with no pack-in is designated as model #98007.

    Normally, I’d say they got hosed by Sony and thems the breaks. Not this time.

  11. spenc938 says:

    About a year and a half ago I bought a graphics card that had an HD adapter in one of the pictures, but it was not mentioned anywhere in the specs or product description. When the card arrived, the adapter was unsurprisingly no longer included by the manufacturer. I contacted Newegg through their live chat system and was told that an adapter would be shipped out the next day. By the time I closed the chat window and refreshed the my account page, they had a new order for an HD adapter listed. Total time talking to them, about 2 minutes. To this day, Newegg is the only store from which I will purchase computer products.

  12. emjsea says:

    In my own stupidity, I bought a PCI-Express Graphics Card from them when I should have bought a regular PCI graphics card. These items are marked “no return unless defective.” It was only when I unwrapped the card and pulled it out of the box and ripped open allllll the packaging, etc. etc. did I realize my mistake. I got online with their live CSR chat thinking I would have to beg and it would be futile, but I had to try. Well, 2 minutes later I had a return authorization and label for the wrong card and the new card was on its way. Newegg rocks.

  13. Geekybiker says:

    If if came down to it, the courts should side with the consumer here. They advertised something they didn’t deliver. Its maybe an acceptable mistake if the sku is the same, but that changed.

    Though I’m kinda shocked newegg was so rude about it.

  14. Michael says:

    I hate to say this…but how well did the subby treat the CSR? I have a funny feeling, judging by the tone of the post, that he wasn’t very polite…and even though it is Newegg, sometimes they can be pushed over the edge.

    Then again, even Newegg screws up once in awhile…

    That said, I’d buy from Newegg over just about anyone any day of the week…and twice on Sunday!

  15. digitalb0y says:

    I’m surprised by this article newegg has gone the distance for me many times. The latest was when I used the wrong shipping for my 23′ tv LCD monitor. I used the UPS 3 day shipping and ment to choose the Fedex free 3 day shipping and not paying attention, Then saw my mistake the following day. It was only a $15 difference but I thought I’d call up before they shipped it out I could get it changed and not pay the extra, I explained this to the Customer service person and was very polite and credited my visa the difference, I said thank you and hung up. When the package was delivered it looks like it was shipped the original UPS not the cheaper Fedex so Newegg ate the difference. Just my two cents.

  16. uberbucket says:

    I’ve placed dozens of orders with Newegg over the years and never once have had a problem.

    And don’t go by the pretty pictures you see. Take a couple seconds and read the product specs to make sure you are actually ordering what you thing you are ordering.

  17. christoj879 says:

    I agree that it’s just a crappy CSR. I don’t know any other way to say this without sounding like an asshole, but deal with the Chinese CSRs over e-mail instead of the Hispanic CSRs via phone/live chat. They are very easy to work with and make everything right very quickly.

    Case in point, I bought a Rosewill (their house brand) hard drive enclosure. I broke the little plastic stand, and e-mailed them asking how much it would cost to get a new stand (literally a five cent piece of plastic). I got an e-mail back (Chinese CSR) saying they do not have the part but to accept a $10 credit on my next order. I politely declined, saying their response was more than adequate and that the piece of plastic was worthless compared to $10. I got an e-mail back insisting I take the offer – no problem with me :-)

  18. Infe says:

    I ordered a fancy cooling fan from newegg and never received it. Sent em a simple email and had another one a day or two later, no fuss no muss. (Then it turns out, a couple weeks later UPS dropped off the original fan. Ok, ok, I kept it…)

    It used to be super easy to swap bad parts too, but their new policies add restock fees and stuff so that’s harder. But I’d still order anything from them…except maybe large screen TVs. It just doesn’t seem like a good idea. And surprisingly the OP had no problems with the TV :D

  19. Anonymous says:

    Got a USB hub which turned out only to 1.1 and I needed 2.0. I called NewEgg and they simply credited me for the hub, it would have cost them more to process the return than to just give it away. So, I of course, immediately went and bought $200+ worth of stuff, which just goes to show their approach works.

    When I’m in the mood for a new gadget I may go roam Best Buy (gasp!) or Circuit City (double gasp!) but then go home and order the same thing from NewEgg for $20 less and it’s night/day customer service, most of the time.

  20. brettt says:

    if it’s not their fault, WHY DID THEY CHANGE THE LISTING?

    You only change something if it is INCORRECT.

  21. mgy says:

    This really is bizarre. Newegg has never been anything but amazing for me. Maybe caught someone on their last day…who knows.

  22. WhatThe... says:

    Honestly, I think New Egg did you a favor. That was a horrible movie!!!

  23. scoosdad says:

    They’re also one of the few online outlets that will advise you not to waste money on expedited shipping when you place an order. I bought a replacement mouse from them last Friday, and in checkout they analyzed my address and advised me that UPS ground should get the mouse to me by next business day, and not to bother spending more money on expedited shipping unless I absolutely needed it guaranteed next business day. I had it on Monday.

  24. str1fe13 says:

    I think Newegg is entitled to one minor screw-up at this point. I’ve always had great service with them; this is the first ever negative story I’ve ever heard about the company.

  25. redrocksco says:

    Newegg did the same with one of my purchases. I ordered a video card that included Company of Heroes. The sticker was ON THE BOX of the video card but there was no game inside. I complained to Newegg and they told me to complain to MSI. I contacted MSI and they told me it was Newegg’s fault. By the time I got the response from MSI, it was too late to return the game to Newegg.

  26. redrocksco says:

    On another occasion, I tried placing an order right before Christmas. I had previously spent $5000 with Newegg building 3 awesome systems within the previous 5 months. My order for a pair of speakers was cancelled for no reason. I thought it was a mistake so I placed the order again. It was cancelled as well within the hour…no reason given and no notification. I used the online chat to inquire and was told my account had been suspended. They said that the credit card couldn’t be used because of a chargeback. I said it’s the same card I’ve used for the previous $5000 in purchases. They then claimed I’d reported it stolen. I did not. They then claimed that I wasn’t located in the United States and that they don’t accept foreign orders. Then they gave a couple more excuses. ALL OF THE FIVE EXCUSES they gave me were wrong/lies. I called half a dozen times over the following week and they kept telling me that my account had been suspended and would be reactivated within an hour. I was told I would receive a call back and an email once the account was reactivated. They NEVER emailed or called back. Funny thin is my account would work on my work PC but not on the PCs at home (and no, it wasn’t the browser cache). When I would try to order from work, the order would be declined because they said I was located in Sweden. Finally I gave up and emailed the webmaster instead of customer support. Within an hour, my account was FINALLY working. I ended up ordering the speakers from another site. I was buying stuff every week from them, averaging $1000 a month in purchases…and haven’t bought from them since.

  27. MarvinMar says:

    Hi, Terry here. (Subby)
    I was very nice originaly. I had concidered using the online chat feature, but noticed the phone number and decided to cal instead.
    You have to remember, even when nice on the phone, by the time you write a complaint letter you are not in the best of moods.

    I googled around and found a few executive email addresses, so I fired off an email to them also.

    I have NEVER had toruble with Newegg before. They even replaced a dead micro sd card for me a month ago, in the 11.5 months of its 1 year warenty. No issues at all.

    But, after dropping $2,000 in 1 order, I expect to get more than “Not our problem, call Sony”

    The link that showed me the email addresses came from a press release where they were awarded an award for thier customer service.

    “Newegg prides itself on our fanatical devotion to our customers,” said
    Bernard Luthi, vice president of merchandising, who accepted the award on
    behalf of Newegg. “Our mission has always been to provide our customers with the
    ultimate online shopping experience. It is gratifying to be recognized by
    both the NRF and our customers for our efforts.”

    I emailed Bernard Luthi and will let you know what happens.

  28. lanec says:

    I think this was a fluke experience that slipped through Neweggs otherwise incredible customer service department. I will stand up for by sharing just one of several wonderful experiences I have had with them. I buy parts from there for my business and I put through A LOT of orders so I don’t have to keep inventory (that tells you a lot about their reliability).

    In this instance I bought a 32″ LCD TV for my home from them last year, they charged $50 to have it shipped in 2-3 days via UPS. It shipped on a Tuesday and UPS said it would be there by Friday at 7p.m. Guaranteed. I waited at home until 7:30p.m. and it still hadn’t arrived, I called UPS and after going through the cycles they informed me it would be delivered on Monday instead. I asked about their guarantee, they said only the shipper can file a claim.

    I called Newegg, they said they wouldn’t do anything until the next day while UPS updated its computer records. I went out for the night.

    I came back the next day and there was a delivery tag on my front door that read (delivery attempted 6:59p.m.). I was furious after having been told one thing by UPS and then them having the audacity to lie about when it was delivered. I called Newegg to explain the situation and a CSR said no problem and refunded me $50.00 just like that.

    Yes, I got a shipping refund and there wasn’t more than 30 minutes spent on the phone.

    Newegg rocks… Oh and sorry if your a slower reader for the rather long winded story there.

  29. lanec says:

    @MarvinMar: After all the wonderful experiences I have had with them. I wouldn’t be surprised if the president of the company drove out and personally handed you a copy of Spiderman 3.

    :-D More likely though they’ll just overnight you one.

  30. IJReilly says:

    I like how Chris Wankers does his best to defent Newegg… if it was circuit or best buy I’m sure he’d take the same time to investigate… wanker.

  31. Mykro says: has the best customer service. Maybe they just hired some new jackasses, and a ragging CSR.

  32. jimv2000 says:

    What did he want Newegg to do, go buy a Spiderman DVD and send it to him? The CSR told him exactly what he needed to do, and when he finally stopped being an ass and did what the CSR said, he got his DVD.

  33. StevieD says:

    Oh wow the great god Newegg just got caught doing what they do so well…. passing the buck to the manufacturer.

  34. uberbucket says:

    I doubt one dubious “I dun bin screwed by” story in 7 yeas is going to change the minds of millions of satisfied customers.

  35. Consumerist Moderator - ACAMBRAS says:

    OMG I get it — you totally took Chris’ last name and changed it from “Walters” to “Wankers!”

    What — are you in middle school?

  36. Buran says:

    Oddly, I thought I was getting a plain box when I bought mine (at Circuit City; the local CC is decent but I still refuse to go to the local Best Buy) and I wouldn’t have minded that. I was pleasantly surprised to receive the movie. I wonder if perhaps I should offer it to Chris and purchase the BR boxset of all three instead? Chris?

    I’ve been happy with Newegg but I do think that perhaps they should put a note on their site that says that not all the boxes they have will have the movie included. Of course, I’m sure somewhere in the ToS is a disclaimer like “items pictured may vary slightly from item sold”. One way to be sure would be to compare the mfr. part number on the site (I forget if newegg shows this) with the part number on Sony’s site (do they show those?) I’ve done that in the past with other sorts of things.

  37. Buran says:

    @Buran: Update: whoops, that’s what I get for skimming too fast. Sorry, everyone. Glad he got it taken care of.

  38. deedrit says:

    I love New Egg!

  39. spince says:

    I’m still in shock that the OP went through so much trouble for Spiderman 3 of all things.

  40. Hawk07 says:


    It’s the principle, not so much the movie. If they say you’re going to get something for free, you ought to get it.

  41. Woofer00 says:

    “I got exactly what I wanted by listening to them and doing what they said. But they were mean to me so I’ll go ahead and tattle.”

    If NewEgg were to send you the Spiderman 3 movie, it would have to take the hit. If Sony fulfilled its promotion, Sony takes a cost it already expected to incur. What would actually be surprising is if Sony rejected your request, you passed that information on to NewEgg, and NewEgg STILL refused to help you out. The majority of NewEgg’s reputation lies on stepping in when the manufacturer failed, but the OP didn’t even contact the original manufacturer before expecting results.

  42. ogremustcrush says:

    I’ve ordered a lot of stuff from Newegg in the past, and there have only been problems I’ve needed to contact customer service about four times. The first I had ordered a bunch of parts, and a set of speakers. I got the parts 2 days after I ordered them, but a week after it hadn’t even shown that they had shipped the speakers. I called them on the friday, and they said that they would track them down, and get them shipped out stat. Well, the next morning, I had speakers on my doorstep. They overnighted them with early morning Saturday delivery. I am sure that the shipping cost more than the speakers did.

    The second problem I had was with a wireless usb dongle. It stopped working about a week in, I sent it back, and it took a while for them to process it. I contacted customer service, and they credited me back the money plus a $10 shipping credit for any next order because they didn’t stock that model anymore. The same thing happened later with a bluetooth dongle, and the same happened again.

    The fourth problem I had wasn’t even really neweggs fault at all, but they came through very nicely. I ordered a graphics card from them that had a $20 rebate. After a week of using it, it went all crazy, so I sent it back. The problem was that by the time I would get the card back with the UPC, the rebate would expire. So I called Newegg, and they credited me the amount of the rebate. You can’t beat that, especially since the price on the card was great even before the rebate.

    I wish they still used fedex express saver for shipping though. It would always take 2 days to get to me, while UPS takes 3 assuming it isn’t late which it is half the time. That and just about everything used to have free shipping except big heavy things like cases and monitors, while now its $5 minimum.

  43. ogremustcrush says:

    Oh, and I like that on most products they have a one year replacement policy, so if the product dies within that year you don’t have to bother with sending it to the manufacturer.

  44. endless says:

    the obvious solution:

    dont buy from amazon or newegg!

    best buy and circuit city FTW!

  45. dweebster says:

    @vliam: Yeah, it appears that NewEgg shipped a different product than they advertised, different SKU and all. I’ve always received steller treatment when the random problem arose with them, and I’m disappointed to hear that you received otherwise.

    They should have handled the issue with SONY on your behalf, as they’re on shaky legal grounds already for advertising a different product than they are shipping, and this CSR seems to believe that doing this is ok. I’m sure the California Attorney General would beg to disagree, but we are talking Spiderman here…

    If I bought that product for some kid’s birthday and he was nutso about Spiderman (and seeing that specific box) I’d push the issue a bit harder, obviously the OP just wanted the stupid game.

    NewEgg had better make this right. This is the kind of crap that TigerDirect was known for pulling, and their reputation has deservedly sunken deeper and deeper into the toilet for years now. I don’t know anyone who even considers buying from TD now.

  46. dweebster says:

    @jimv2000: The point is: Newegg advertised the “luxury” model and shipped the “basic” model. That’s like ordering a friggin’ happy meal and receiving only a hamburger with the admonition from the counter person to go ask the fry guy to cook me some frites and the drink yanker to pull me off a coke and a toy. Totally unacceptable.

    Maybe they hired this CSR away from “Best” Buy?

  47. dweebster says:

    @Woofer00: They didn’t ship what they advertised. Why should the OP be required to waste his time with the SONY bureaucracy to get what NewEgg advertised that they would ship?

  48. Ouze says:

    I’ve ordered tons of things from newegg and ever once had a problem. I once accidentally ordered the wrong type of ram (DDR2 vs DDR, back in the day) and didn’t realize till i had opened it what happened. They took it back, no problem, and didn’t even charge the the restocking fee I expected to pay. I’m with the crowd, calling this a fluke.

  49. dirk1965 says:

    The customer support person should’ve apologized for the incorrect product and asked if they would like it to be returned. Simple as that. Customer support groups can’t control what is on their companies web site. They can only report that its incorrect if a customer points it out. I’m also sure there is some time delay between when a product with a dumb ass movie runs out of stock and when another version of the product is available.

    I’ve had nothing but good experiences from NewEgg. Give these people a break and stop whining!

  50. elf6c says:

    Way to go Sony!

    All good experiences with Newegg here too.

  51. zibby says:

    Pal, you’re going to be upset that you went through all that trouble to watch that movie.

  52. hubris says:

    @IJReilly: Want to know why? Newegg has earned its reputation and so it’s earned the respect of millions. Best Buy and Circuit City consistently and flagrantly screw people over. So guess what? They don’t get the benefit of the doubt; that’s what happens when you’re a grownup (or a company)…past actions dictate future perception.

  53. TPS Reporter says:

    Overall Newegg rocks! But no business is going to be perfect. But that does suck when you’re the one they aren’t perfect with. Ignore the picture shown on what is included, read the description and especially the feedbacks. I do wonder if he paid more for the PS3 that was supposed to include the Spiderman movie than he would have for one without the movie. If he paid the same and really would have gotten the movie for free, I can see complaining but not get as upset as he seemed to be. CSR at Newegg had to be a new hire.

  54. Ouze says:

    @ omerhi – hear, hear! I always hear, in customer complaints, “i’ve been shopping here for eleventy billion years” – the way i see it, Newegg has built up a reserve of goodwill. If they completely screwed up my next order, horribly, I’d still not hesitate to order from them again, because over the years i trust them and they have earned my loyalty. Best Buy et al have already long ago lost it, and are my last avenue for any sort of purchase – especially anything that might need to be returned. Frankly, the only thing I get from Best Buy is blank DVD’s and such – they sometimes have them on sale for the same price as newegg, and no shipping, and no wait, and it’s on the way home. Anything that might be defective or require a return (so essentially anything other then consumables) i would never get from best buy. Because they earned THAT, too.

  55. airhed13 says:

    I know that newegg has a stellar service reputation, but 4 out of the 5 times I’ve used them, they’ve screwed something up. Fortunately, after enough hassling (including one case where they failed to ship something I’d asked to have overnighted for about a month), they ended up pulling through. The trick for me was to hit up [] with an appropriate comment. Their executive support team takes their reputation on sites like that seriously, and I was able to get my issues resolved in a very timely and professional manner.

  56. ZekeSulastin says:

    Probably the best experience I’ve had with Newegg was when I ordered something off of Amazon for Christmas. Amazon told me on the 22nd that the order I placed that was guaranteed to be shipped on time was going to be shipped 7 January. Oops.

    I checked Newegg on a whim, and found that their absolute last deadline for orders had passed. Seeing that I had already cancelled the order with Amazon, I figured I’d order from Newegg so I’d at least get the item; I then called their customer service, as it was worth a shot. The CSR said she couldn’t make any promises, but she would see what she could do …

    The item was reported as shipped about an hour after I placed the order. It arrived before the Amazon package would have if it had shipped. Needless to say, I was quite impressed – they earned what little word of mouth advertising I could provide.

    I’ve also bought a bunch of memory cards and HDD paraphernalia from them both before and after. I like dealing with the company; it sucks that they would risk their public image like this …

  57. theblackdog says:

    NewEgg fails? Next there’s going to be a story about a bad experience at Costco!

    If that happens, we’re doomed…doomed I say!

  58. @dorianh49: That’s with Spidey 3 allright…

  59. cerbie says:

    “The PLAYSTATION 3 Spider-Man 3 Movie Pack includes:

    High-Definition Spider-Man 3 movie on Blu-ray Disc
    PlayStation 3 Console
    Internal 40 GB HDD
    Built-in Blu-ray player
    SIXAXIS wireless controller
    Power Cord
    AV cable”

    If it were just in the image, I would side with the Egg (they have a disclaimer for that). But, sorry guys: you’ve been busted by Google Cache.

  60. MarvinMar says:

    “What did he want Newegg to do, go buy a Spiderman DVD and send it to him?”
    YES. They could have done many things to make this right. Go call Sony was not one of them.
    They could have gave me a credit, game…. I checked when I was ordering the TV and already knew they do not sell Blu-Ray movies.

    So I just dropped $2000 on a TV and PS3 and Remote and HDMI cable.
    Now before I can even experiance Blu-Ray I have to go but a movie when I was soposed to be getting one free?

    As for ignoring the pictures, I was not going by the pictures.
    I was going by the Item Discription.
    That said With Spiderman 3. I was not sure it that mean the movie or the game.
    The picture confiremd it was the movie (Good, cause I heard the game sucked)
    The product Sku is confirmed to be WITH SPIDERMAN.
    I understand things happen. No problem. I also expect them to be taken care of when pointed out.
    What would it cost them to get me a game/movie/credit… and then fix the issue on the website?
    I want to see some of this fanatical attention to customer service they are so proud of.

    For the record, as upset as I am at how they handled the situation, I still ordered 2 gigs of ram and a new phone from there afterwards for $170

  61. MarvinMar says:

    This just in. Newegg just called my wife and went above and beyond to resolve this.

    Newegg rocks again!

  62. Newegg says:

    “Newegg doesn’t deliver PS3 with Spiderman 3, Blames Sony”

    Dear Terry,

    On behalf of Newegg, we greatly apologize for this uncommon situation and we thank you for all of your patience and understanding.

    After checking inventory and with Sony, we find that we will no longer offer the PS3 with the Spiderman 3 movie. Since this is the case, we had no choice but to remove the Spiderman 3 description, and take the pictures off as well. We do regret that the movie was still advertised when you placed your order, and we are very thankful that Sony was able to send you the movie; however, we are very embarrassed and disappointed with the level of customer service that you described. It is true…we do pride ourselves on the customer service that we are capable of offering with each and every customer interaction, and this is why we are very disappointed that the issue wasn’t handle accordingly when brought to our attention the first time. We have sent you a private email for further resolution, and we can only hope to have another opportunity to provide you with the level of service that you deserve.

    Best regards,

  63. MarvinMar says:

    Hello Angela and Terry,

    Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to speak with you regarding your recent shopping experience. Words cannot express how disappointed we are with the entire situation, and I assure you that we will work very hard to ensure our advertised items are 100% accurate on the site. In regards to the customer service provided, there are only two words that describe it: Very Unacceptable. The mentioned agents should have taken a more proactive approach to resolve the situation, and we will make sure the entire department is reminded of the level of service we are capable of providing, and that will be provided to each and every one of beloved customers. We are very thankful that Sony will be sending you the movie, but still saddened that you had to take that route to get your movie.

    As per our phone conversation, we truly appreciate that even after you had this experience you decided to continue ordering through our site. To make up for the movie, we have refunded your Preferred Account for the amount of $85.00; please allow a few days for the refund to fully process. This is the least we can do to make up for the missing movie from your order. We are aware that there is always some room for improvement, which is why we appreciate your feedback. Rest assured that this will receive the attention it deserves and Newegg will continue striving to offer high quality products at low, affordable prices and only the finest in customer service.

    Thank you again for your patience and understanding. As our valued customer, our main goal is to have your complete and total satisfaction. So, if we can assist you in any further way, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

    Jason Salinas
    Eggxpert Admin

  64. vliam says:

    Very nice.

    Newegg rocks. I had a hard time believing that they screwed up like that. As someone said though, everyone screws up once in a while. Glad to see they’ve gone above and beyond to keep another customer happy.

  65. Rodalpho says:

    Airhed13 is absolutely correct. Over the years I’ve spent thousands of dollars at Newegg and have generally been very pleased. I order, they ship, I get it. On three past occasions I did have issues. Items either weren’t shipped for extended periods of time, were the wrong item entirely, or were broken.

    _All_three_times_ newegg failed to assist in any way. They wouldn’t refund shipping charges and tried to get me to pay to ship the wrong item and the DOA item back to them for a RMA. Even when contacted on the phone they were entirely intransigent and wanted me to just go away.

    _All_three_times_, I posted to resellerratings and newegg absolutely bent over backwards. They would do _anything_ to get me to retract my negative review. Not only did they apologize, but they called me to do so and offered large refunds (over fifty dollars) for me to do so.

    I truly don’t feel that newegg has good service overall– they have that reputation because anyone who complains in public gets an EXTREMELY swift, public, and generous response.

  66. @Newegg:
    As always, you come through for your customers.

    Could Consumerist please include update in the title of the post and move the update to the beginning of the post since Newegg has gone to such great extent to resolve this issue? It is the more interesting aspect of the story anyways.

  67. Nakko says:

    Damn, I love Newegg. I’ve very possibly spent thousands with ’em.

  68. banmojo says:

    Newegg is AWESOME!! I’ve learned to RELY on them for anything PC related. Their customer service can NOT be beaten, plus NO TAX if you don’t get delivery in CA.

  69. cerbie says:

    @Rodalpho: You don’t get what you need 100% of the time. I’ve had several issues over the years with Newegg, and never had to “go public” with any. A short phone call cleared it up each time.

    If that doesn’t do it, then, by all means, give them a negative RR, send it to the Consumerist, etc.. However, they don’t keep that 9.8 or 9.9 or whatever it is right now by only doing right by people complaining on the internet.