Burger King: Your House Burned Down?! The Red Cross Is Coming?! Get Out!

Burger King ejected 25 low-income residents who were waiting for the Red Cross to arrive after their Minneapolis apartment caught fire and burned to the ground. An assistant manager explained that the fire had slowed foot traffic to “virtually nothing,” and that the crowd had to either wait somewhere else or deal with the police.

They were dealt yet another blow when the Assistant Manager received a call from the Manager of Burger King, telling staff to close the restaurant due to the traffic slowed to virtually nothing. Street traffic had been blocked off for a 1-block radius. When the Assistant Manager informed the Manager that the Red Cross was processing the residents that had been evacuated, according to my source, the manager told her to ask everyone to leave and if they didn’t comply, to call the police. The Red Cross worker ended up talking to the manager, and a rescue bus was called to the scene.

Why not dress up the assistant manager as the king and send him over to the displaced folk to apologize with a few free whoppers? They’re waiting at the Days Inn over on University Avenue.

Fire, Ice And Tears [MPLS Mirror]
(AP Photo/Douglas C. Pizac)

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