CompUSA Sells Shattered LCD With "May Have Minor Damage" Tag

Reader and blogger John writes in to let us know that not only is CompUSA selling a broken Sony DVD player for $179.98 (that’s 40% off the sticker price,) they also have the above-picture completely %$#@ing broken LCD for only $100.

“I found a shattered LCD screen at the Columbus Circle CompUSA that was marked “MAY HAVE MINOR DAMAGE,” John writes. He also describes the scene during the final days of the liquidation:

It was the Land of Misfit Electronics. I found wheezing printers, disemboweled PCs, grimy office equipment that had been hauled out of the manager’s office for liquidation, and “today only!” tags advertising great deals on the actual shelving–in case you want to recreate the thrill of CompUSA in your own home, I suppose.


Columbus Circle CompUSA May Have Minor Damage [Geek Out New York]


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  1. caffienefree says:

    Ehh… what makes CompUSA different from any other retailer that’s going out of business? They’d sell the water from the toilets in little baggies if they thought someone would buy it.

  2. elislider says:

    im really not surprised at all. they would do this, i’ve seen it at the CUSA store i used to work at. basically any crap they cant unload upwards to corporate would get put in a big bin labeled “managers special” or “2 days only!” and you could get broken or random shit for “60% off!” when it was really more than anyone would/should pay for it anyways

  3. FLConsumer says:

    ::yawn:: Can we just save these up for one big CompUSA sucks post a week?

  4. timmus says:

    I think what upsets a nerd most about a place like CompUSA, “The Computer SUPERstore,” is that it gives technology a bad name.

    Boo to GeekOutNewYork for not realizing that it’s a Gordon Brothers sales operation, which is just co-opting the CompUSA name.

  5. nycaviation says:

    Awesome, I saw this in the store last week, and was considering sending you guys a pic after I read the broken DVD player post. They had a similarly destroyed HP 42in LCD a couple weeks back for the bargain price of $1200, “regular price” $2500.

  6. dualityshift says:

    @caffienefree: Thanks for making me smile.

  7. sp00nix says:

    Good for parts.

  8. joellevand says:

    OMG. Between this and the DVD player…it’s made my day!

  9. NotATool says:

    Umm…hang the broken LCD on your wall and call it “art”?

  10. otakutopia says:

    In case we needed more reasons to hate CompUSA…

    Hooray for them getting what they deserve!

  11. shadow735 says:

    macgyver could probably use the parts to make a bomb or some other sort of emergency device to get out of trouble

  12. shadow735 says:

    I bet that screen looks hot if you ate some shrooms!!!

  13. pigeonpenelope says:

    so unless i want something to post on the consumerist about, sounds like i should stay 100 feet away from comp usa at all times. no wonder they went out.

  14. TPIRman says:

    @timmus: GONY post author here. Thanks for reading the post and for your comment. I realize that the store is under the ownership of a liquidation company now, but the “CompUSA” name remains, and I’m talking about names and perception. More to the point, I was speaking about CompUSA in general; not just this liquidation sale. The company’s stores (with occasional excpetions, of course) have embodied the skeezy side of tech retail for years. As I noted in the post, the scene at the liquidation was pretty depressing as a whole, but there was nothing in particular (including the shattered LCD) that would have seemed out of this place in this CompUSA back when it was operating normally.

    @NotATool: That thought struck me too! It is kind of pretty.

  15. StevieD says:

    CompUSA is out of business. The liquidator, Gordon Brothers, is selling the stock.

    Please retitle the post to say “Gordon Brothers”.

  16. amoeba says:

    My question is: Who is going to buy that defective LCD? Why COMPUSA just close their doors and stop selling broken electronics. I am tempted to Go to COMPUSA SLC, UT but, I live 2 hrs and 50 mins away…

  17. Sucko-T says:

    I just bought a Logitech steering wheel from these morons. Good deal, open box :(, praying it works, already regretting the purchase…

  18. ekthesy says:

    Ooooh, a Zenith. You don’t see many of those anymore.

  19. stevegoz says:

    In business, you can never get what you don’t ask for. I mean, at least they’re disclosing the damage. [/fake libertarian nonsense]

  20. mike1999 says:

    For the record, Gordon Brothers are the people who are setting the prices at the stores that are closing. As far as inflating the price prior to giving a deep discount, that been done as long as retail has been around. Doesn’t make it right, just the way it is I guess.

  21. ThinkerTDM says:

    @StevieD: The store wasn’t relabeled “Gordon Brothers”. It remains labeled as “CompUSA”.

  22. Buran says:

    @timmus: If you conduct business under someone else’s name and have their signs and logos everywhere, then why shouldn’t that business be skewered? If you want your image to not slide into the mud, you don’t hire idiots to work with/under your good name.

  23. john_nyc says:

    That’s it. I’m never shopping at CompUSA again!!!

  24. Think about this from the CompUseless point of view. They’re going out of business. It’s not like they are in an iterative relationship (meaning there’s follow up business to be had). It’s one and done at this point. At that point, in a game of prisoner’s dilemma, it’s better to sell out the other guy. Get what you can before the other guy can screw you. Since there’s no retaliation, you can’t really fault them for trying to get whatever they can out of everything they have.

    Novel concept: Buy cheap LCD with shattered screen. Make sure they make no note of condition on receipt. Mark it as a regular liquidation item. Then, get your warranty people on the phone. Get a new one. Same with the DVD.

    Before you suggest that this is fraud, think this through. You are buying an item. It is covered by warranty. You got it damaged. You didn’t damage it. So, shouldn’t you be entitled to get it fixed? I’m a pretty black and white ethicist, but this is gray, even to me.

  25. StevieD says:


    would CompUSA have sold this piece of crap when CompUSA was in business? Oh, sure, maybe.

    But today, it is Gordon Brothers, a lower life form of a liquidator that made the decision to sell off the junk.

    CompUSA is out of business. Gone. Kaput.

    Let’s be critical of the asswipes that are actually engaged in such sales. The name of the asswipe is Gordon Brothers.

  26. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot says:

    Its only a flesh wound

  27. redhelix says:

    I was at that store last week and looked at that very same LCD TV, thinking “hm, I could probably fix that for $600 and save 3-4 hundred dollars”

    What’s the big deal, honestly? Obviously it’s broken; it’d be different if they made an effort to hide it.

  28. redhelix says:

    @redhelix: Oh yeah, and the original price on a TV that size is not 500 bucks. Try more like 7-8 hundred.

  29. MisterE says:

    I guess you could close your eyes and pretend the monitor works… :

  30. Nicholai says:

    @caffienefree: So that’s what that $3.00 mountain spring water from Norway was. I thought it was kinda funny to see that at CompUsa…

  31. ExVee says:

    @FLConsumer: I agree. The amusement will wear off quickly if single posts continue. If folks keep contributing this stuff, save it up and do a highlights reel on Friday. Much better effect, I think.

  32. ekdikeo says:

    Do you realy expect them to do something -else- with what they have remaining?

    Does the submitter of this article not understand what “liquidation” means?

    BTW, the store referenced in the top has been closed for months already, so this is either really old, or flat out lies.

  33. guroth says:

    Just because it is for sale does not mean you have to buy it.

    They are liquidating their stores, they want to sell EVERYTHING in them, and on the last day they are open everything will get to be 95% off, because getting $10 for a broken monitor is better than paying an employee to take it to the dumpster.

  34. TXchainsaw says:

    only if they thought they could get TAP on it.

  35. sibertater says:

    @john_nyc: AMEN!

  36. Novensu says:

    That’s nothing at a CUSA here is Plano, they were selling a processor with bent pins (Stated clearly on the box) for 202.00. I really regret not picking that now that I think about it.

  37. Charlotte Rae's Web says:

    My husband had a meltdown in CUSA when we were buying a palm pilot years ago. Too many screws up before and at the register and he finally said, I paid I’m leaving.
    My mild mannered CPA husband lost it when they tried to stop him in the store and then followed us to call the police.

    I wish now we hadn’t gone back in and had let them call the cops. But now, we’ve had a huge joke around our house recently that my husband off any conspiracy shopping blacklist since CUSA went under.

  38. CPC24 says:

    @PotKettleBlack: I know a guy who found a broken MacBook at the liquidation here. They had it half off, so he bought it and took it to the nearest Apple Service Center, who fixed it for free.

  39. Imaginary_Friend says:

    Um, the liquid crystals inside LCDs are hazardous (hence that pesky environmental fee we all have to pay to dispose of our old electronics). CompPooPooSA and/or the Gordon Brothers are just begging to get sued.

  40. zyphbear says:

    I won’t say anything about the obvious nature of the signs over the past several weeks from CompUSA.

    BUT I do want to point out that I have a feeling that since someone else is doing the actual selling, they have to only state the obvious and sometimes even then could be wrong.

    I had visited a CompUSA on 2/15 and started looking around. Of course they were pretty well picked over, but I think the trolls left couldn’t do anything at all. I saw a usb mac keyboard and usb mac mouse that was marked “as is, not able to test due to no compatible equipment available”. I tracked someone down and pointed out the quad mac pro sitting on sale (only a measly 15% off, could get a better deal at Apple at this point), asked “Why can’t we test these on that?” Answer: “We can only try out equipment on ‘test machines’ and there were none left, you can’t plug it in there since it didn’t come with the system.” What logic do you have here?

    So I continued looking around, saw a large 37-42 inch Plasma/LCD (not sure, no markings on it) that was labeled as “Store Equipment – Color Tubes broken – AS-IS $100”. it wasn’t even plugged in, but when I was hunting down the person I was with who knew more about TVs, someone else had already plugged in the TV, and got it working without problems. Apparently, No issues at all with the TV. No clue where they got the “Color Tubes Broken” on a Plasma. I missed it literally by a minute since I didn’t know what could be wrong with it and the other person was not leaving it.

  41. majortom1981 says:

    Comp usa is not the place to shop even with huge discounts. The local one around here went out of business in the first round of closings. Their huge discounted price was still double what I could get it on the net for (thats fro ma place like

    Anybody shopping there for anything is asking for it.

  42. rawsteak says:

    its funny to see that, but what about the employees? can you drag one of them over and ask him wtf? or maybe you can mess with him and try to get an extended compusa warranty out of him, but be really sincere.

    now THAT’S FUNNY

  43. aduzik says:

    The West Des Moines CompUSA store has a whole rack of crap sitting in the middle of one aisle of stuff marked defective and still being sold for only 30-40% off the newly-inflated price. Elsewhere in the store, they were selling many laptops with shattered screens not unlike the one in the article. But at least they were giving you a generous 40% discount off a price that magically rose 30% when they started liquidating the inventory.

    My boyfriend and I wandered around CompUSA for over an hour, unable to find a single thing that was a good deal. Well, we almost bought a copy of PageMaker 7 and some circa-1999 computer books for nostalgia’s sake. I’m thinking inventory had something to do with their financial difficulties…

  44. Holly Hanan Khalaf Wild says:

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