This Pizza Pizza Slice Came With A Free Tube Of Vaseline

Torontoist reader Charles claims to have received a used tube of Vaseline with his bagged slice of vegetarian pizza. He wrote:

Yes, this is how the slice came: a used and soiled “Convenience Size” bottle of Vaseline moisturizer, as found in a Pizza Pizza, bagged slice of pizza; purchased in-store at 8:30PM (EST) 23 February 2008, Yonge St near Bloor St (Toronto, Canada).

Charles and his two friends thought the tube was a prank—our first reaction, too—and called Pizza Pizza to complain. They were promptly offered a free small pizza and an investigation.

How could that even happen? A hair, fine, whatever. A fake eyebrow, ok, it’s getting late. But a whole !@#$ tube of Vaseline? Seriously, how do you not notice that? Gross.

Dame Mas Vaselina [Torontoist]
(Photo: Charles DH Crosbie)

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