Panera Bread Employees Now Offer Nutritional Advice, Insults Instead Of Soup

First it was breast reduction advice, now it’s weight management tips, this time from a rude Panera Bread employee who didn’t like being confronted by an angry customer. Here’s what happened to Jeff’s wife when she tried to buy some chicken noodle soup the other day:

Here is the comment I just sent through Panera Bread’s automated website. It explains the situation. In all honesty, it’s all I can do not to go down there, and kick some major ass.

  My wife went into the store, as she wasn’t feeling well, and I suggested soup. She waited 25 minutes on line, and ordered her chicken noodle soup. After paying, and waiting 5 minutes, she was then told that they were out of Chicken Noodle, and had, in fact been out of it all day! When she complained that a sign should have been posted, she was told “You could stand to skip a meal or twenty anyway”

It’s bad enough that you can’t keep your menus up to date, but to abuse someone when they call you out on it is unconscionable.

(Photo: protohiro)

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