Home Depot Also Enjoys Printing Dirty Words On Receipts

Oh look, Americans also enjoy putting shocking phrases on receipts. Yesterday’s UK restaurant surprise reminded one of our interns of a receipt sent in a few weeks ago from Brad in California: “got this receipt from home depot today…. look closely just below the total and you will see something surprising…. lol.” Probably NSFW, unless you work at Home Depot or Joe Delucci’s Italian Restaurant.

Update: Rumor has it the receipt sender may actually be the “cock sucking faggot.” Someone named Aaron just wrote in,

I hate to stick up for HD, Really I do. But on the self service kiosk, you type in the job name yourself so that if you work for a company you can track by your own purchase order or job name.

This has nothing to do with HD, but rather the person who sent in the receipt.

Does anyone know whether this is a self-service kiosk receipt?

“I’m Sorry, But We Didn’t Order The ‘Suck My Dick Fuck Face.'”
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  1. B says:

    I thought Home Depot employees had the decency to insult customers to their faces, instead of hiding it on a receipt.

  2. thesuperpet says:

    Kind or reminds me of these pants I baught for my daughter. I didnt really look to hard at them, but later, I saw that they said “Princess Kinky” on them. I’m saving them to give to her when she grows up.
    At least the pants weren’t being mean :)

  3. IrisMR says:

    Pfft… HEHE!

    I wonder if it’s fake? :P Either way, it’s priceless

  4. drmrsthemonarch says:

    @B – Oh they stopped doing that because they were showing up too much on Consumerist.

  5. Bay State Darren says:

    People lately seem to be forgetting Rule No. 1: Never ever leave a paper trail. That’s rule number 1 of everything, especially of stuff you don’t want to get in trouble for.

  6. snoop-blog says:

    i’d hate to get that job.

  7. mmcnary says:

    I used to have a receipt from a bar that listed the drinks individually, including a flaming eyeball, slippery nipple and a blowjob…

  8. FearlessUser says:

    @IrisMR: I was thinking that too. It doesn’t look real. I smell a photochop.

  9. Dead Wrestlers Society says:

    How old are these people? 12? I wish somebody would put something like this on one of my receipts. I’d be getting a pretty nice gift card out of it.

  10. theblackdog says:

    I’m just going to have to start reading all of my receipts. I want funny messages!

  11. stin42 says:

    I suspect Brad typed that phrase on the PO#/Job Name line himself. He paid at a self checkout (SCOT58 indicates a self checkout register) and would have been able to enter a PO # or Job name for tracking his own spending as a contractor or other large purchaser.

    It is entirely possible he had a cashier assist and that he or she entered the PO#/Job name, but Brad’s use of a self checkout should give everyone pause before indicting The Home Depot on this evidence alone.

  12. Moosehawk says:

    Next time I go to a department store or a restaurant, I’m going to see if they will print me out a receipt that says something vulgar and immature.

  13. barfoo says:

    Could also be a disgruntled ex-employee who left a parting message, or someone hacking into the computer system…

  14. rochec says:

    Seems like it would be a fake. A clerk has to use their employee name/number all the time so someone, a manager, would have seen they made this their name at some point.

    Unless of course they just made an extra name to randomly do this just for kicks. Which seems pretty odd.

  15. fordpickup says:

    Unless the receipt was altered it usually shows the last 4 digits of the credit card used, no?

  16. cashmerewhore says:


    Cleanest scanned receipt ever. My receipt scans never show up that clearly since there is usually a crease somewhere in that stupid glossy paper.

  17. WayDownRiver says:

    How did you find that photo of me drinking my daily herbal infusion?

  18. brew400 says:


    while this rings true for most receipts i get, the home depot receipts are over a mile long…. they have to include spanish now, remember?

  19. pibbsman0 says:

    If it was placed at one of the automated registers with a company card, it would ask for that information to be entered by the customer. So pretty much anyone could put in that information.

  20. Xkeeper says:

    Yeah, this doesn’t look real at all.

    Especially for the age; unless it’s been scanned in and never creased, especially on the way home to a scanner…

  21. Chris Walters says:

    I cropped, sharpened, rotated, and added the drop shadow to the receipt. Also blanked out part of the CC number. Can’t vouch for the legitimacy of it otherwise but thought everyone should know that the image has been modified by Consumerist.

  22. Michael Belisle says:

    There must be something more to the story than “I walked into home depot, said “‘Hello, I would like a mailbox lock’. and oh my, would you look at the PO name the rep used? I have no idea why.”

  23. aghast says:

    Not exactly Home Depot’s fault for the “dirty words” on the receipt… Here’s why:

    When I use my 5/3 “Professional” MasterCard at one of the self checkout lanes, Home Depot’s system prompts me for a PO#/Job Name for that purchase. It comes up with a keyboard on-screen and I can type whatever the hell I want in there and it will show up on the receipt like that. So I can go to Home Depot during lunch today and buy a pack of gum and submit a picture of my receipt showing something like “15 mins free fame for typing dirty phrases here and submitting the image to the Consumerist” (it probably has a limit of characters you can type, but you get the idea).

  24. Sherryness says:

    When I lived in NorCal, there were some pretty scary people in Martinez (isn’t that where the Zodiac lived – or was it Vallejo)?

  25. Sherryness says:

    Oh, and I’m not aiming that remark at the OP – I’m just saying I’m not surprised at the hostility he encountered – right down to the receipt.

  26. QuantumRiff says:

    I had a roomate that worked at Pizza Hut, was always bored, and playing in there computers. For 2 years after he left there, We would call and order pizza. They would ask for our phone number, then always ask (depending on if it was a boy or girl calling in) if this was Mr. Hue Jass, or Amanda Huginkis. Man we loved that!

  27. Antediluvian says:

    @Chris Walters: Thanks for the note about the tweaking. It’s easier to cry ‘fake’ if the image looks, well, faked.

  28. coolsright says:

    Is ‘cock sucking faggots’ really an insult anymore. I mean, if you’re of the male homosexual demographicit’s pretty much a given that you’ve imbibed in some fellatio (or at least have been intimate with someone who has).

    Really they should have come up with something inslutingly original like ‘straight jerkoff who was forced to suck a dick while in prison for animal cruelty — and ENJOYED it’. That would have made me mad.

  29. MartyF81 says:

    It is a Self Service terminal.

    See how at the top where it says “SCOT58”

    SCOT= Self Check Out Terminal

  30. Aphex242 says:

    Yeah a P.O. # would be generated by the company making the purchase, not by HD. This seems bogus.

  31. Whitey Fisk says:


    Agreed. It strikes me as a redundancy.

  32. macinjosh says:

    One time at Chili’s, my waiter’s name was “SEAN PENN”, I guess because he looked like him.

  33. MichaelLC says:

    I saved my recpiept from Dominick’s from when I bought 3 Hallmark cards and got a free stuffed animal. The reciept says, “Misc – Free Puppy”

  34. secretoftheeast says:

    If you have a business card and use the self-service kiosk, you can type in that field on your receipt (I usually put “hi”).

    If you check out at a regular register, usually the cashier asks you for what to write in that area.

    From what I can tell, there’s no obvious difference between self-service receipts and cashier receipts.

    Basically, this can go either way, but I’m more likely to believe whoever got the receipt wrote that message there themselves (especially if they were buying only one item).

  35. PPham says:

    I’M A HOME DEPOT IT ASSOCIATE AND I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT THIS CAME FROM A SELF CHECK OUT REGISTER. IN FACT IT IS “Self Check Out Terminal 58”. and whenever you are at a SCO, the reg. asked you to manually input a “P.O or job name” if you were at a human operated register, a cashier would’ve asked you for the P.O or Job #. This is clearly a work of the person who submitted the receipt in response to the earlier UK Restaurant receipt you posted.

  36. Anonymous says:

    i purchase items with a company card at home depot all the time. As soon as you do, that’s when the register asks what is the po # (purchase order number) or job name. this is always entered by you, to facillitate allocating your budgets later. hope this helps.

    *the buyer entered that name, not the employee or home depot*

  37. InsaneNewman says:

    Look at the line on the recipet “SCOT58” – Now, I don’t know about Home Depot, but at another store I shop at, the self checkout machines always print “Hello, your fast and friendly checkout today was provided by SCOT”… It seems that SCOT stands for Self CheckOuT [www.dumac.com]

  38. PølάrβǽЯ says:

    @mmcnary: What, no Sex On The Beach or Screaming Orgasms?

  39. l951b951 says:

    @InsaneNewman: It could also stand for Self Check Out Terminal.

  40. lore says:

    Remember when Jamba Juice’s employee keyed in the word “dyke” on the receipt in order to identify the customer who placed the order?

  41. Home Depot insults its customers by buying all of its products from China.

  42. sxs3200 says:

    I bought a grill at Home Depot in Rockville MD a few years ago and was impressed to find the following right below the HOME DEPOT STORE#:

    “All Your Base Are Belong to Us”

    I laughed a bit and kept the receipt in my wallet for a while.

  43. Fixxxer says:

    I work for a large company that makes/sells cash registers and the software that runs on them. Specifically, I work in the department that develops and supports the operating system and applications that runs on said registers. I can’t speak for the Self Checkout lanes, since that’s a different group within our department and they run on different software, but I can tell you about how the “normal” cash registers (the ones with a cashier working behind them) operate… Basically, anything that’s on the receipt that a cashier hands to you, like item names, descriptions, etc., was not put on there by the cashier. All of that information is stored in an “Item Record File” that is used by the application that’s running on the store’s main server (called a “store controller”). There are typically very few people in a store that have the credentials to edit that data. So, if something like this appears on a receipt, it was most likely put there by a manager or someone else with more “authority” than a cashier. I can’t speak for other companies’ cash registers, but that’s how ours work, and it would only be logical for other companies’ registers to work the same way… You don’t want your regular cashiers to have the ability to make changes to item names, prices, etc. That is usually reserved for managers and “higher-ups” only.
    Just my 2c.

  44. FightOnTrojans says:

    @mmcnary: I thought it was called a buttery nipple? My wife loves those :wink wink:

  45. hexychick says:

    @aphex242: actually, HD can do that. If you go through the “Contractor” line in the store (which is usually at the far end near lumber). It’s designed specifically for contractors so you can assign receipts to jobs for billing purposes later. The cashier asks you for a job or PO # and they type it in for you so it prints on the receipt.

    You can do this at the self-serve kiosks as well and type in your own job name/po as well.

    @Chris Walters: I’m gonna guess it was the person who sent it in that modified it, not Consumerist, and they only modifed the CC #. You can enter your own job name/PO at the self serve kiosks so it’s just some young dumbass thinking he’s funny.

    @InsaneNewman: exactly

  46. gingerCE says:

    The receipt looks altered.

    He/She payed with a Mastercard. On all my receipts the last 4 digits are always shown and everything else blocked–on this receipt, every number is blocked which is odd.

    He/She may have blocked that out when they scanned the item, but if they did, then they could’ve altered other sections of this receipt.

  47. gingerCE says:

    @hexychick: Actually that makes sense about being able to put a business name or employee on the receipt–makes it easier to dtermine who bought what supply.

    If this person indeed typed in their own name, I think Consumerist needs to change the heading to read, HD allows customers to type in own dirty words. Otherwise it makes it seem as if HD is behind this.

  48. bigsss says:

    I work at Home Depot and by looking at the receipt, I cannot say this is a self checkout.
    Most contractor accounts have an option to put a job name or some identifier when the invoice hits the credit card.
    This can be a setup or it is possible the cashier did enter it in.
    If the latter is true, I would be surprised if that cashier was working there much longer.

  49. fob9546 says:

    @hexychick: As a cashier who currently works at Home Depot, I can tell you that the contractor check out is just a regular register. The only thing that would be different about it is that no one goes through that line, everyone thinks you have to be a contractor, which is wrong. The PO#/Job name prompt for cashiers is tied to the credit card and we usually just enter 0 or press the space bar when someone doesnt have one.

    @InsaneNewman: Im not too sure about the SCOT thing, but it was a self checkout machine because it is register 58, which is the 00058 part of the receipt. Regular registers are 1-11, self check out is 56-59, and garden is 16-19

  50. cyrus_stalkings says:

    I recently went to a Wal-Mart in CT where on one of the XBox 360 had the gamertag “chode in the but” displayed on the dashboard.

  51. Jim says:

    @B: Don’t they usually just run away from customers at your HD? I’ve only ever seen the back of those orange aprons.

  52. Consumerist Moderator - ACAMBRAS says:

    Unnecessary and flagged by a few of your fellow commenters. Dial it back a notch, please.

  53. deleterious says:

    I just bought a can of paint at Home Depot today at the self checkout. And guess what?! The cashier name is SCOT57. So SCOT## definitely stands for self-checkout…because looking at another receipt where I didn’t use self checkout, it doesn’t say SCOT## at all. This guy entered this himself, because when you use a business credit card, it asks for you to type the PO yourself.

  54. Darsig says:

    I do work for HD and ALL self checkout registers are SCOT 56,57,58 and 59. So yes, this was done by the customer.

  55. hxcmetalhed says:

    I work as a line manager at a home depot. SCOT stands for self check out, and the 57 is the register number. When you use a proxy or any commercial card, it prompts for a PO number. It is then entered by the customer onto the touch screen. This customer is obviously a “cock sucking faggot” as he entered it by himself. Nice try there buddy…

  56. hxcmetalhed says:

    correction: 58 is the register number. sorry! this is a real receipt, BTW(there are some security features visible on the receipt)

  57. deleterious says:

    This looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.