Pokemon Valentine's Day Lollipops Should Not Contain Razor Blades

A 10-year-old elementary school student found a razor blade in the Pokemon lollipop he was about to hand to his sister. Dollar General, which sold the lollipop for $1, immediately recalled the remaining Pokemon Valentine Cards and Pops from its 8,300 stores, but they are concerned that “most of this candy has already been purchased.”

“I was trying to give my sister some candy and when I looked at it, it had a razor blade in it,” said Chris, 10-years-old. His mother asked that we not use his last name.

The Pokemon cards and Valentines Day candy is imported from China by Sherwood Brands. In a recorded message Thursday Dollar General ordered all Pokemon candy and two others removed from store shelves.

“The items are the Pokemon cards and valentines candy. Dog valentine and pops and 20 strip, or 20 count strip Heart pops. Removing these items from the sales floor must become your most important priority today,” said the recording from Dollar General Headquarters in Tennessee.

The defective candy’s barcode is 073964209109. Parents can return the candy to Dollar General or keep it as a novelty letter opener.

Importer Recalls Valentine Lollipops [AP]
(AP Photo/Polk County Sheriff’s Office)


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  1. topgun says:

    I’ve never resorted to 4 letter words in my postings, but enough is enough.
    Fuck China.

  2. Kevin says:

    I Chew-Chew-Cut YOU!

  3. Imaginary_Friend says:

    In trade deficit-burdened America, candy chews you!

  4. laserjobs says:

    How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Pokemon lollipop?

    The world may never know because all that tried bleed to death.

  5. Snarkysnake says:

    DG will have the same cheap shit in their stores next Valentines Day (and this Halloween) but it will come from a “different” Chinese vendor. They’ll put out some crock o’ shit about how “the safety of our customers is our greatest concern,blah blah,blah…” But you know nothing will change. The shithole factory that made this will just underbid for Family Dollar,Wal mart…Doesn’t matter.It all comes from the same unsanitary place. Is it our fault for wanting cheap shit or their fault for being greedy,race to the bottom bastards ?

  6. azntg says:

    Gotta Catch ‘Em All! Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

  7. Parting says:

    They should flip this candy and advertises it as ”a perfect Valentine gift for that ex that you hate now”

  8. Techno Viking says:

    Stop buying from China and buy from here or from Europe. China is a disgrace of a country that monitors its own people 24/7 So much human oppression over there and we all do business with them. Politics. Well, if you want to be safe and live a long time, stop buying from China. They don’t give a damn about their own people, and only monitor them to the point of where even people’s thoughts will be monitored. Communism on a new scale. And, they give a damn about you. It’s all a mess over there.

  9. tph says:

    hurray for this kid for looking out for his sister.

    boo on the parents for letting their children have _anything_ edible from Dollar General.

  10. cosby says:

    Bitching about the cheap candy aside. I have to give gollar general credit for pulling all of the remaining candy off the self right away.

  11. Veeber says:

    @cosby. Agreed that they did a good job pulling it quickly without hesitation.

    In terms of buying from China. I don’t think you understand how much of your stuff comes from China. Even when it has labels from other countries, they probably get parts or materials from China as well. We’d be better off if consumers stopped trying to push down prices so much that manufacturers take short cuts to meet the margins Wall Street calls for.

    And get off your high horse about Chinese politics. We’ve got our own rights issues here and from other countries we buy from. If you’re that worried, stop driving, stop using electricity, and grow all your own food. I’m not suggesting that we don’t comment on their problems, but the trade relations we have are probably a better tool for change than isolation.

  12. mbz32190 says:

    What difference does it make that they are from China or not? Has a razor blade or metal piece never been found in a U.S.A. product? I found a piece of metal in a can of green beans that was canned in the U.S.A. Come on now…all things aside, good for Dollar General for pulling all of them..even though it’s highly unlikely there are others like it.

  13. PølάrβǽЯ says:

    Good job for covering up the razorblade Chris, but what would you have said if they found your mirror and straw, ya little bastard?

  14. Instigator says:

    Why would anybody buy anything to eat from Dollar General and its ilk?

  15. TCameron says:

    They are a cut above the rest. Gotta catch ’em all!

    Tetanus is my new favorite!

  16. memphis9 says:

    So when do we a see a consumerist.com piece on the heparin debacle?


    …or just do a google news search on “Baxter” or “heparin”

    Remember a few months back when all those dogs became ill and died from tainted pet food? Like that, only with people, and an injectable blood thinning drug much used by hospitals, imported from China by Baxter Pharmaceuticals.

  17. clevershark says:

    Was it a lead razor blade?..

  18. magnus150 says:

    Man, back in my day we had to pay EXTRA for the razor blades. Now they are coming free? wtf?

  19. bohemian says:

    My daughter just came walking into the living room with a valentines day sucker that looks like the ones pictured in the recall. It was in her bag of valentines day loot from school so we have no idea if it was stuck to a pokemon valentine at one point or not. Of course we also have no clue where it was bought.

    We had her throw it away just to be safe.

    But it goes to show that things can get passed around without you knowing where they were bought. I wouldn’t buy anything edible at a dollar store.

  20. forgottenpassword says:

    well, I am not going to bust dollar store’s balls on this one. Once they found out they recalled them all.

    And you MUST expect just about everything in a dollar store is cheap & from china (and possibly dangerous in some way).

    The manufacturers is the one at fault.

    BUT… if these items are still found on store shelves after the recall…. then dollar store should be in serious trouble.

    I really wouldnt eat anything that was produced in china.

  21. jfischer says:

    Brownies with stainless steel spikes, lollipops with razor blades…

    I see a trend here, so the next such problem has to
    be smaller, sweeter, yet more deadly…

    Bubblegum balls containing the radionuclide polonium-210
    from the Litvinenko Candy Company!

  22. sporks says:

    Someone please tell me why we are still importing billions of dollars of shoddy and dangerous crap from China.

  23. PollockRoc says:

    @sporks: Because to the people importing the shoddy, dangerous crap, it’s much cheaper to deal with the negative publicity when things like this happen than it would be to pay to manufacture quality goods. Unfortunately.

  24. XianZomby says:

    Food safety issues. Blatant disregard for the environment. Atrocious human rights records. Is it China? Yes! Oh, and also the United States as we clawed our way to being a world power.

    Considering the billions of dollars worth of products we import from China, it’s a wonder to me there aren’t more examples of dangerous items. But what percentage of that stuff is really unsafe? Not much I don’t think. If I was China I’d tell the US to go to hell. We don’t have a manufacturing base here to make up for what they sell us if we stop buying from them. They know it and we know it.

    And I’ve yet to see a report on the news that tells me how much lead a kid needs to consume to get sick, and how much lead is actually in those toys. Are we talking about kids sucking on fishing weights levels of lead here? Or are we talking about the black paint used to put the pupil onto an Elmo doll is 10 ppm over the EPA’s suggested level? Nobody says. And nobody explains to what level of accuracy EPA guidelines are estimated.

  25. Xkeeper says:

    @mbz32190: China has an ever-increasing list of products that have some sort of failing, especially lead-related.

    That is, it has something to do with China because it comes from China-based manufacturing far more than it comes from any other country; that, combined with the sheer amount of crap we use that’s “Made in China” these days…