Wells Fargo's Website Wants You To Use Netscape Navigator For Security Reasons

Reader Eric doesn’t want to install a defunct browser in order to do his banking, so Wells Fargo’s request that he use Netscape Navigator is really rubbing him the wrong way. (Navigator was discontinued in December and is no longer supported by AOL as of March 1, 2008, says Wikipedia.)
Eric writes:

I recently tried to sign up for online access to my Wells Fargo Financial account. I am on a mac and use Firefox or Safari – depending on my mood.

I went to sign up and was re-directed to a webpage that said that I should use Netscape Navigator instead!!! I ended up having to login using Internet Explorer from within Parallels on my macbook pro. It is ridiculous. I’m speculating that Wells Fargo still uses that stagecoach on their logo to have their mail delivered!

Here’s the message he got from Wells Fargo’s website:

We support the following browsers. If your browser does not meet Wells Fargo’s security standards, please follow the download instructions below.

Note: We strongly recommend that your computer be running one of the operating systems listed below, and be connected to the internet using one of the browser versions indicated.

Netscape® 6.XX and 7.XX

* Netscape Navigator/Communicator Upgrade for Windows
* Netscape Upgrade for Macintosh

Microsoft® Internet Explorer (MSIE) 5.X – 6.XX

* MSIE Upgrade for Windows

America Online® 4.0 – AOL 8.0 for Windows; use with MSIE 5.X – 6.0

* America Online Browser Upgrade

Eric also tells us that when he tried to complain about the problem they told him to use a telephone to call them for help. What? How, like, totally ’90s of them. The kids today do not want to use the telephone.

Eric is currently using Parallels to run IE, and is annoyed by that.

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