Frontier Waives $100 Ticket Change Fee Due To College Exam

Matt writes: “Back in December, we had booked a family trip in May for the four of us to Costa Rica to celebrate my sisters graduation from college (and also a long-overdue family vacation). Unfortunately, after booking the tickets, the final exam schedule for my college was posted, and of course I had an exam which conflicted with the travel dates. We needed to push the reservation back exactly one week, and had concluded that it would probably require the obligatory $100 change fee per ticket. Ouch.”

When we called Frontier customer service, my mom explained the situation, and the operator confirmed that this indeed was the case, as it was not an emergency. She said that it was unlikely, but that she would ask her supervisor if my mom would like her to do so. The operator came back on the phone, with the surprising good news that they had waived it. Her response was the supervisor had said “with students and families these things sometimes happen and can’t be avoided.”

It was a great gesture on their part, and something that will be remembered in the future. It was a good judgment by the supervisor, and also considering that the reservation was so far in the future. Thanks Frontier, it’s an appreciated savings so a family can spend some time together.

Hooray, that’s awesome. It also goes to show that it never hurts to call up and ask. Sometimes you’ll get a kind soul who will bend a company policy in the light of extenuating circumstances if you make a compelling case.

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  1. IphtashuFitz says:

    Now that’s the way a corporation should behave if they want a customer to become a repeat customer.

  2. B says:

    Of course, they followed through by losing his luggage. Can’t do two good things for the same customer.

  3. IrisMR says:

    It’s great to see some companies understand that it’s GOOD to not be an asshole.

  4. Murph1908 says:

    If a change is requested with significant time before the flight, I don’t see why airlines would need to charge a fee at all.

    Short notice? Sure, it’s insurance against not being able to fill the seat.

    Bravo to Frontier for their accommodating the customer here. I’ll remember it next time I am booking travel.

  5. pdxguy says:

    As someone who lives in the Denver area, where Frontier is based, I’ve switched as much of my travel as I can from United over to Frontier. United is just getting worse and worse. The latest is their scam to charge for the second checked bag. Frontier still has customer service – the way we all remember customer service being.

  6. Mollyg says:

    I agree that Frontier was nice in waiving the fee, however the OP should not have booked the tickets before the exam schedule was posted.

  7. @Mollyg: That has nothing to do with anything.

    Good for Frontier, it’s nice to know that they have humans working for them.

  8. Crymson_77 says:

    @Mollyg: asshat…that has nothing to do with it

  9. XTC46 says:

    @Mollyg: actually, it says it got postponed. This has happened to me in the past. I planned to leave from school and go directly to the airport. Exam got bumped 1 week. I had the professor allow me to take it the scheduled day so I could make my flight.

  10. Dashrashi says:

    @Mollyg: God, what’s with the constant blaming of the OP? This is getting so unpleasant.

  11. Its The Beer Talking says:

    Obviously, what Frontier did is awesome.

    At the same time, Mollyg is correct. Only an insane person would book a flight during final exam week if they didn’t know when their tests would be finished. There’s a reason that universities publish an academic calendar so far in advance.

  12. Myron says:

    That was nice of Frontier. On the other hand, this guy was an idiot for booking a flight during finals. The time when finals occurs was well known when he booked the flight.

    A friend of mine is a professor and she regularly has students ask her if they can take the final early because they have already booked plane tickets for vacation. These are graduate students at a top US research university. But it’s more selfishness rather than stupidity.

  13. terrapin says:

    I feel taken advantage of by wells Fargo Bank regarding transfer fees from savings to checking for overdraft protection. I feel i was not informed of these fees. Fees where applied to my account before i opened my savings account. According to the Bank representative, this was new bank policy effective 1-1-07, where i opened my savings account in 2008. Does anyone know the email or phone number for the Ceo. or President for Wells Fargo Bank so i can try to resolve this problem?

    thank you,

  14. Myron says:

    @xtc46: That’s not the way I read it. It says the schedule was POSTED, not POSTPONED.

    So, this kid knew the week or 10 days when his final could be, took a chance and booked a flight during that period, and then found out a final conflicted with his travel plans.

  15. DeltaPurser says:

    You’d think something like this would make someone into a repeat customer… Sad to say, however, that this guy will most likely jump ship to save $1 on his next trip. There’s just no loyalty any more :-(

  16. chrisgoh says:

    Maybe some colleges are different, but don’t final exams take place the last week of the semester right before the scheduled break? Bumping them a week would throw of grades and possibly even some students graduation.

  17. ciaright says:

    Frontier has always provided me with excellent customer service. I was able to change a flight from 8AM to 4PM the day before the flight, no fees, no questions asked. Plus they have a TV for every seat. What’s not to like?

  18. Szin says:

    @DeltaPurser: I don’t know, good Customer Service always makes me loyal to one company over another. I’m always willing to pay more for someone I like or trust. But that’s me though.

    Either way, that was very nice of Frontier to do that.

  19. ghostwriter says:

    I don’t think the issue was the guy was an idiot for booking the week of finals. It’s pretty clear they expected to pay the change fee, Frontier just did a nice thing when asked.

    And it sounds like a family trip, not something the kid had control over.

  20. akluna says:

    It’s a good surprise to hear about this experience as I for the first time booked a flight with Frontier. I usually use American to get the mileage. But the flights from Frontier were amazingly cheaper, shorter and on AIR BUSES! I wondered how come I never considered them before… So, I right away went to Frontier’s site and signed up for mileage. Depending on my experience with this first flight I may totally leave American Airlines and use Frontier as my new airline carrier.

  21. RvLeshrac says:



    Not a kid.

    I digress.

    Yes, idiots for booking when they did.

    That is completely erased, however, by the (presumed) admission and acceptance of it being their fault.

    If you’re a customer and you do something dumb, you’re more likely to get better service by simply owning up to it. You shouldn’t give more information than necessary, of course (Laptop fell out of your bag a month ago? Something in it stopped working today? Probably shouldn’t mention the first part), but if you don’t act superior, people will try to meet you in the middle.

  22. LTS! says:

    JESUS CHRIST.. let’s focus on Frontier here and not whether the person was a moron for booking when they did. Unless you can walk on water, you’re not perfect either.

    Kudos to Frontier, but even higher Kudos to the CSR who actually suggested she would talk to her supervisor. The customer was all ready to pay the change fee but in the interest of building customer loyalty the CSR took ownership of the issue and created a rewarding scenario for the customer.

    Rock on.. if I have a chance to fly Frontier I will do so.

    That said… I wish I could go back to Costa Rica.. oooooo so nice.

  23. JustaConsumer says:

    Frontier is the best airline out there. They always do a great job. The people that work there actually care and try to help.

  24. akronharry says:

    I wish US Airways would of been as accomodating. I purchased a one way ticket for my marine son who came home on leave before going over to Iraq (he was called back after being his initial stint) and had to report back on Feb 3rd. I went on several different sites for the best price and times and must of had 2 sites open for the US Airways.
    I could of had a case of “dumb thumb” (which is probably correct)or whatever because even after verifying the correct info and paying for it I noticed that the flight was for 12 hours earlier then needed.
    I called up the airway and the person on the phone said it would cost 100 dollars for the change.
    Well, the ticket was only 150 bucks or so and my son said that he would just hang out at the airport until he was picked up.

  25. algormortis says:

    i have found that with airline reps, “this is my fault…” is a very good opener. or self-mock your need to get out of chicago at 8am rather than 4pm. seriously, once they realize you’re not gonna behead them and you ask nicely, amazing things can happen.

    i’ve changed tickets on westjet/jetblue/frontier/alaska/air canada/united so many times, tickets i knew of and was prepared to pay the change fee on and just said “please.”

    it’s never failed on westjet, jetblue, or frontier. never. and i fly a lot.

  26. Julie A. says:

    Not so anymore…My mother in law was run over by a car and airlifted the nearest hospital (300 miles away) that would try to save her leg. My son (22) and I and now my husband have taken turns flying to out to care for my father in law who a month before had fallen on the ice and badly injured his shoulder. Therefore, he can not take care of my mother in law when she comes home from hospital. We all thought she would be home before my husband is scheduled to fly home, but doctors say she will not be able to come home before 3/23. His flight is scheduled for 3/21 so I asked expedia and frontier and usairways and united to help me change the return flight by one week…not a single entity was willing to help without charging the change fee! So either times have changed, or the lack of planning on the part of a college kid is more compelling than my story!