Frontier Waives $100 Ticket Change Fee Due To College Exam

Matt writes: “Back in December, we had booked a family trip in May for the four of us to Costa Rica to celebrate my sisters graduation from college (and also a long-overdue family vacation). Unfortunately, after booking the tickets, the final exam schedule for my college was posted, and of course I had an exam which conflicted with the travel dates. We needed to push the reservation back exactly one week, and had concluded that it would probably require the obligatory $100 change fee per ticket. Ouch.”

When we called Frontier customer service, my mom explained the situation, and the operator confirmed that this indeed was the case, as it was not an emergency. She said that it was unlikely, but that she would ask her supervisor if my mom would like her to do so. The operator came back on the phone, with the surprising good news that they had waived it. Her response was the supervisor had said “with students and families these things sometimes happen and can’t be avoided.”

It was a great gesture on their part, and something that will be remembered in the future. It was a good judgment by the supervisor, and also considering that the reservation was so far in the future. Thanks Frontier, it’s an appreciated savings so a family can spend some time together.

Hooray, that’s awesome. It also goes to show that it never hurts to call up and ask. Sometimes you’ll get a kind soul who will bend a company policy in the light of extenuating circumstances if you make a compelling case.

(Photo: ATIS547)

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