Snapfish Will Delete Your Account Unless You Buy Prints Now

Snapfish is threatening to delete Jim’s account unless he orders prints within the next 10 days, which is odd because Jim hasn’t uploaded photos to Snapfish. Read their weird threatening sales pitch, after the jump.

Jim writes:

Snapfish, a site in which I don’t even put my own photos on, but only have an account to look at the photos sent to me by others, is now threatening to delete “my photos” and deactivate my account if I don’t buy prints from them.

What does that say about the popularity of the service if they have to threaten customers with photo deletion in order to get them to purchase photos on the site. (But keep in mind if you buy photos from HP links, that doesn’t count . . . even though Snapfish is owned by HP.) Does Flikr do this? Does Picasa Web Albums do this? No. Perhaps that is why I actually keep all my important photos on that service and not Snapfish.

Good riddance. Let your account lapse and bum a login from BugMeNot when you need to view your friends’ photos.

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