Class Action Targets Ticket Resellers

Remember RMG Technologies, the horrible little company that made five-year-olds cry by snatching up all the Hannah Montana tickets? Boaz Lissauer, a New Jesery plastic surgeon, recently sued them and other ticket resellers after paying $195 for nosebleed seats worth $63 to see the Police in Madison Square Garden. Lissauer is now asking a Pittsburgh court for class action status.

Ticketmaster won an injunction in October barring RMG from accessing their services, but RMG is countersuing, claiming that Ticketmaster is an illegal monopoly. We’re torn because Ticketmaster is an illegal monopoly, but $195 is way too much to pay for tickets to the Police.

Man claims agency helps scalpers horde tickets for Hannah, Police, sports [AP]
(Photo: AFP/Getty Images)
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