Domino's Monday-Wednesday Coupons "Aren't Valid On Tuesday"

The following transcript of a conversation between Domino’s and reader Nelson arrived in our inbox with the subject “Domino’s is Dumb”:

Me: “Hi, I have a coupon. It’s the $7.99 Monday-Wednesday Special.”
Domino’s: “Yeah, that’s only valid on Monday or Wednesday. Today’s Tuesday.”
M: “The coupon suggests it’s Monday through Wednesday.”
D: “Nope. It says ‘Monday (slash) Wednesday’.”
M: “No, it doesn’t. I’d agree with you if that were the case, but it says ‘Monday (dash) Wednesday’, which would suggest it’s valid Monday through Wednesday.”
D: “Sorry, it’s Monday or Wednesday.”
M: “Fine, whatever. I guess I’ll get the $10.99 pizza and breadstick combo.”
D: “That’s $11.99.”
M: “Nope, it’s $10.99, I’m looking at the flier right now.”
D: “That’s an old flier.”
M: “No, it’s not. I just got it today.”

D: “No, it’s an old flier.”
M: “I pulled it out of my mailbox 15 minutes ago. How is it old?”
D: “We recently changed the price.”
M: “OK, I’m looking at the flier. On the border of the flier, it has a date on it. 11/18/07. That was two days ago.”
D: “We must’ve changed the price since then.”
M: “So, the flier was printed on Sunday. There’s no mail on Sunday, so the flier wasn’t mailed until yesterday. And now you’ve changed the price. Does that make any sense to you.”
D: “Hey, we’ve gotta change the price sometime.”
M: “I . . . Can I ask you something? Do you guys want to sell pizza?”
D: “Huh?”
M: “Do you want to sell pizza? Simple question.”
D: “Huh?”


(Photo:Ben Popken)

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