Starbucks: Say Good-Bye To Breakfast Sandwiches, Hello To $1 Coffee

Starbucks recently announced that they would begin selling their “short” cups of brewed coffee for $1 a piece, and offering free refills of brewed coffee as a test in their home market of Seattle.

CEO Howard Shultz also announced that breakfast sandwiches were on the way out. From Starbucks Gossip:

** The warm sandwiches “are going to be out by year’s end.” In the meantime, they will be “de-emphasized.”

** Serving sandwiches got in the way of employees’ “ability to make the perfect shot of espresso.” In other words, spending time on sandwiches took away from the focus on coffee.

** The sandwiches will be replaced with “a breakfast menu that delivers what our customers are asking for.”

Does this matter to anyone? We were too scared to eat these creepy looking sandwiches. They looked like they were made of failure.

Starbucks to get rid of warm breakfast sandwiches [Starbucks Gossip]

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