How To Recession-Proof Your Career

With the economy on the brink of recession, many folks are concerned about their jobs. Will the company downsize or have temporary layoffs? Will employees be asked to forego raises or (gasp!) take pay cuts? The Wall Street Journal addresses this issue head-on and lists eight tips for recession-proofing your career. They offer some good suggestions, but here are two we especially like:

Work harder. Act the way you did when you were gunning for a promotion, says Lantern’s Mr. Morgan. “Companies are less likely to get rid of star performers.”

Network now. Don’t wait until you need help finding a job, says Debra Feldman, a job-search consultant in Greenwich, Conn. Make a special effort to reconnect in a meaningful way with past bosses, former colleagues, academic advisers and other potential advocates. Reaching out to them only in times of distress can be a turnoff, she says. Also, make sure to offer yourself as a resource to your contacts as well. The gesture will provide an incentive for them to reciprocate.

Yes, if the ship is sinking the ones doing the most work will be the last ones off the boat. Then again, if you don’t relish picking up duties that used to be spread across three different co-workers, then get to networking now!

How to Recession-Proof Your Career [Wall Street Journal] (no login required)


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