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Report: Walmart To Lay Off Hundreds Of Employees By End Of The Month

Hundreds of employees at Walmart will soon be out a job, as the big box retailer is reportedly set to eliminate a number of positions around the country before the end of its fiscal year on Jan. 31. [More]


73-Year-Old Veteran Says He Was Fired From Cracker Barrel For Giving A Muffin To A Needy Person

No business could survive on a model that allows employees to give away its products willy nilly, but does a few free condiment packets a corn muffin mean someone should lose their job? A73-year-old greeter at a Florida Cracker Barrel says he’s out of work after passing a muffin, a tartar sauce and a mayo packet to someone who looked needy. [More]


Would Your Boss Kick You Out, Send You To Starbucks?

Office space is expensive. Why pay to keep all of your employees in the building when there are perfectly good areas right nearby with plenty of desks (well, tables), plentiful wireless Internet, and someone always puts on a new pot of coffee? What we’re saying is that some businesses are kicking employees out and sending them to Starbucks. [More]

Wells Fargo Fires Woman After Finding Out She Shoplifted 40 Years Ago

Wells Fargo Fires Woman After Finding Out She Shoplifted 40 Years Ago

A woman in Milwaukee is paying for a crime she committed 40 years ago by losing her job. Wells Fargo found out during a background check that she had shoplifted in 1972, and subsequently fired her. She thinks she’s already paid her time for that crime, but Wells Fargo’s policies disagree. [More]