$100 iPhone Credit Mysteriously Evaporates

Dawn writes to tell us that she and her husband both received the $100 iPhone credits last fall, but when she tried to use them on December 4th she discovered one of the credits had a zero balance. An Apple CSR told her to go ahead and make her purchase without it, and the $100 would be credited immediately to her Visa. Unfortunately, she took his advice.

It’s now been almost two months since the purchase, and things still haven’t been sorted out.

A credit of $58.10 was applied to my account on January 25, 2008, however there is no sign of the other $41.90. Along the way, apparently to apologize for the errors, an Apple gift card with a supposed balance of $100 was sent to my home. However, a representative checked the balance and found that it was not even correct! Only $47 was on the card.

It looks like someone decided that the second card was just a reimbursement for the outstanding credit, but they didn’t even get that amount correct. It only takes a few minutes to credit a VISA account, Apple. Open up one of those new cookie-sheet laptops you’re so proud of and take care of it!

(Thanks to Dawn!)


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  1. azntg says:

    EECB. ‘Nuff said

  2. MercuryPDX says:

    It may not be correct, but it’s $5.10 more than she started with. If it was under, I can see this as a complaint.

  3. ludwigk says:

    They didn’t do it the way that they said they would, but they gave you every dollar of store credit you had coming.

    Yes, you could probably push and whine and moan until you got the rest of your credit. Yes, you would get flagged as an annoying customer

    Plus, consumerist, don’t be dumb. Not anyone at apple can just snap their fingers and drum up her refund. She needs to get to someone involved with this whole iphone refund program, which is probably kind of a pain for people in both parties.

  4. yoyomother says:

    Good. They didn’t deserve it anyway.

  5. XTC46 says:

    @MercuryPDX: it is a complaint becasue she wanted to put the $100 dollars towards a purchase, sending her a credit via giftcard after the purchase means she had to spend her own money there and now has another credit. She should be given a credit to her visa to make up for the credit they did not apply to the sale to begin with.

  6. XTC46 says:

    @ludwigk: I doubt any customer who bought 2 iPhones will be considered an annoying customer by apple.

  7. PatrickIs2Smart says:

    @Chris Walters: Cookie-sheet laptop… I love it! (the humor, not the laptop)

  8. maztec says:

    Wait? She has received more than she started with at this point… While they messed up on how they did it, they seem to have given you some extra money to make up for that…

  9. hiland says:

    thats interesting….something similar happened to my mother…..
    she went in to cash in her iphone credit only to find that “someone else” had already used it for her….

  10. iEddie says:

    She was promised a $100 Apple gift card (well, store credit was the term used – but it’s pretty much the same). Instead she got $58 in cash and $47 on a gift card. I consider that better than a gift card – cash is always better than a gift card, no matter where it is from. So she made $5 and got $58 in cash rather than the whole $100 on a gift card.

  11. thisismn says:

    If you’re having issues with your $100 iPhone Store Credit then email iphonestorecredit@apple.com. That’s basically the customer service email for this particular department in apple. You’ll get a response from them within 2-3 business days.

    Just a FYI.

  12. cashmerewhore says:


    What can you buy from apple for $47? Except itunes songs. It’s just another way for them to suck more money out of her.

  13. Zoom says:

    As others have said, the problem isn’t that they didn’t give her the money, but instead, that when she went to make her ONE purchase with the $100 gift card, it didn’t work. Had it worked, it would have been the same as charging her full up front and then crediting her credit card. Instead, they gave her ANOTHER gift card, which means she needs to make a SECOND purchase to use it. She definitely has a case here.

  14. ExtraCelestial says:

    Same with me. It’s because they came with an expiration date that apparently no one knew about. I happened to be dealing with the manager who was fantastic and overrode the credit.

    I don’t really think an eecb is necessary quite yet.

  15. macinjosh says:

    @cashmerewhore and @Zoom:: It’s $47. If she wants to spend it at Apple, then it’s basically as good as $47 cash.

    If she doesn’t want to spend it at Apple, she could just sell the card, preferably to someone she knows. She’ll get the $47 and doesn’t have to spend it at Apple.

    If this were me, I wouldn’t care, as I’m a regular iTunes customer and a less than regular Apple store customer.

  16. cashmerewhore says:


    She will still end up giving them more than the $47. Even a shuffle is $80, so they got an additional $30+ out of her.

    Yeah, she’s getting an extra $5 out of the deal, but it’s still not right since she has to spend MORE money to get the balance of her credit, instead of applying it all to the purchase as they said they would.

  17. ConnerC says:

    Apple store credit is good for anything at the apple store, not just apple products. You can buy things as cheap as like 5$ if you want, so spending it isn’t hard.

  18. Erasmus Darwin says:

    @iEddie: Your analysis is almost right except for one small problem — she’s already made the purchase that the $100 store credit was supposed to go towards.

    To put it another way, imagine she has $1000 cash to start with and her purchase costs $500. Let’s also assume that a credit to her CC account is as good as cash. Now if Apple had allowed her to apply both $100 credits to the purchase as was intended, she’d have her purchase, $700 cash ($1000 – ($500 – $200)), and no store credit.

    Instead, she has her purchase, $658 cash ($1000 – ($500 – $100) + $58), and $47 in store credit. And, as you yourself said, cash is always better than store credit. So no, it’s really not fair to say she’s better off, especially if she wasn’t planning on making an Apple purchases any time soon.

  19. XTC46 says:

    @macinjosh: credit can’t be used on itunes…

  20. NotMe says:

    I bought two iPhones back in June (day one), and our credits “evaporated”, too.

    It seems that there was some mixup on Apple’s end, so we simply went through the process again and received two new $100 credits that did not “evaporate”.

    The problem with the credits was fairly widespread, and the fix was well known.

    Since the “evaporation” was a well known issue, this consumer should have checked the balance before trying to use them.