$100 iPhone Credit Mysteriously Evaporates

Dawn writes to tell us that she and her husband both received the $100 iPhone credits last fall, but when she tried to use them on December 4th she discovered one of the credits had a zero balance. An Apple CSR told her to go ahead and make her purchase without it, and the $100 would be credited immediately to her Visa. Unfortunately, she took his advice.

It’s now been almost two months since the purchase, and things still haven’t been sorted out.

A credit of $58.10 was applied to my account on January 25, 2008, however there is no sign of the other $41.90. Along the way, apparently to apologize for the errors, an Apple gift card with a supposed balance of $100 was sent to my home. However, a representative checked the balance and found that it was not even correct! Only $47 was on the card.

It looks like someone decided that the second card was just a reimbursement for the outstanding credit, but they didn’t even get that amount correct. It only takes a few minutes to credit a VISA account, Apple. Open up one of those new cookie-sheet laptops you’re so proud of and take care of it!

(Thanks to Dawn!)