Don't Want RFID On Your Plastic? Call Your Credit Card Company

There’s all sorts of advice online about how to disable RFID chips and tags, and now that they’re starting to show up uninvited on credit cards, you might be tempted to try some of those tactics. But as a reader found out, many credit card issuers will simply swap out your newfangled RFID-enabled card for a traditional one if you just ask.

Stephen’s card came from Wells Fargo, and he had no trouble getting it replaced:

To do this I called the “800” number on the back of my card. I had to identify myself to an automated system and request the automated system connect me with a banker. When connected with a real person I requested to have a card issues without the Pay Wave feature. Most phone bankers do not know what RFID is. It is best to refer to it by its retail name. The request was taken care of in less than 5 minutes. The current card I have is still valid if I wish to use it. When I receive the new one I can activate it and destroy the old one.

We know that Citibank is also willing to provide non-RFID cards upon request, and this blogger says so is Chase—so if you’re not ready to embrace your RFID future, it’s worth giving your card issuer a call.

(Thanks to Stephen!)

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