Launch A Virgin Atlantic EECB

Here are email addresses you can use to launch an executive email carpet bomb against Virgin Atlantic Airlines. Good for when you’ve made multiple attempts to resolve an issue with regular customer service but for some reason they just can’t get it right. – Senior customer relations managers – Customer Liaison Manager – Director of Corporate Communications – PA to Director of Corporate Communications – Chief Executive – Chief Operating Officer – Director of Commercial Operations – Director of Sales and Marketing – The Big Cheese

Here’s how to launch an executive email carpet bomb.

(Photo: Cubbie_n_Vegas)


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  1. shoegazer says:

    Re: Virgin Galactic

    Beam me up, Richie! Please tell us you’re going to do a Golden Ticket promotion where some lucky young boy is going to go up in that great glass elev – er, Spaceship Two – for free. Kthxbai.

  2. Blueskylaw says:

    Mr Richard Branson
    11 Holland Park
    London W11 3TH

    Might be an old address but still worth a try.

  3. siberian1967 says:

    I’d say be nice, Virgin has always given me excellent service (at least between SFO and London). More then any other airline I fly at least..

  4. dane37 says:

    Virgin Atlantic are Thieves! I meant to transfer 94,000 American Express points to Virgin America and I accidently transferred them to Virgin Atlantic instead. The fine folks at American Express tried for ten days but the thieves at Virgin Atlantic WOULD NOT RETURN the points! I will NEVER fly Virgin Atlantic and I will tell everyone I know not to either. I will, however, be a loyal (Platinum Level) American Express Member as long as I live. American Express takes care of their Members while Virgin Atlantic are Thieves!