$180 In Overages Waived By Staying Calm, Asking For The Supervisor, And Smart Negotiating

Dave writes:

I just got a wireless bill from Cincinnati Bell with $180 worth of overages. Thanks to several of the articles I’ve read on your site, I felt confident that I would be able to get them waived. And I did. The one thing I did that I probably wouldn’t have done without your site was when the rep I was speaking with said that she “didn’t have the power” to grant my request (I wanted all of my overages waived if I upgraded my account), I didn’t lose my cool or get upset but calmly asked to talk to her supervisor. Her supervisor offered me what I wanted without ever having to ask! One hundred and eighty, thanks.

That’s the way to do it. If the customer service rep says they “don’t have the power,” then you just simply ask to be put in touch with someone who does. Remaining cool, calm and professional, you escalate to someone with decision-making powers. Also note his successful negotiation tactic…

He successfully made the following argument: waive my overages and I will upgrade the account and make your money. Bam. Simple business equation. Businesses do stuff like that all the time. Think like a business, talk their language, and you might have more luck getting what you want.

(Photo: Getty)

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