Hydrox Cookies Are Dead

The Wall Street Journal says that Hydrox cookies (similar, but apparently superior in some way to Nabisco’s OREO cookies) have been discontinued by Kellogg, much to the dismay of Hydrox loyalists.

In 2003, without warning or announcement, Kellogg Co. killed off the cookie — by then rechristened Droxies — after failing to gain ground against the dominant Oreo, one of the country’s best-selling snack foods.

While aware that Hydrox cookies were becoming harder to find, many of their fans are learning only now they are gone.

“This is a dark time in cookie history,” wrote Gary Nadeau of O’Fallon, Mo., last year on a Web site devoted to Hydrox. “And for those of you who say, ‘Get over it, it’s only a cookie,’ you have not lived until you have tasted a Hydrox.”

We’ve never had this cookie, so we’re not going to pretend to care if it is discontinued, but we do remember what happened when, early this century, we went to the store and found out that Jell-O Pudding Pops no longer existed. It was not pretty. No, it was not. (They eventually came back, are they still around?) Also, we used to like TEAM flakes when we were very, very tiny. It’s bullsh*t that they discontinued that cereal. We don’t even remember what it tasted like, but it’s still bullsh*t.

So, Hydrox people, we feel your pain. Have you all tried launching an EECB (executive email carpet bomb) on Kellogg? To learn to launch an EECB, click here.

The Hydrox Cookie Is Dead, and Fans Won’t Get Over It [WSJ]
Hydrox Fan Site


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  1. Dead Wrestlers Society says:

    I remember when they stopped making those Hostess pudding pies. I part of me died that day.

  2. Dead Wrestlers Society says:

    @public enemy #1: *A. D’oh.

  3. JGB says:

    It’s amazing how Nabisco has managed to convince everyone that the Oreo was the original and the Hydrox cookie was a knock-off. In fact, it was the other way around.

  4. ClayS says:

    I’ve tried both Hydrox and Oreo, and it’s not even close. Hydrox was not nearly as good and that’s probably why it is no more.

  5. zibby says:

    I never understood the appeal of either brand, but it looks like kosher people that are into disgusting “cookies” are out of luck now.

  6. quail says:

    Hmm, I remember Hydrox. Those were the cookies with the dust on the packaging. Wasn’t their big selling point the fact that they were cheaper than Oreos?

  7. MalcoveMagnesia says:

    what kind of name is “Hydrox”? does that mean the cookies are filled with Hydrogen goodness?

    (can’t look up the linked WSJ story, by the way… either the link is dead or it requires a subscription)

  8. MDSasquatch says:

    Gelatinous Lard between two pseudo-cookies… I will pass on both. Yuck!

  9. SolDeBarber says:

    Hydrox were always my favorite. The cookie part had more crunch and the filling had a superior mouth feel and taste not just a gelatinous lump of sweetness like Oreos, IMHO. I liked their Vanilla Fingers too.

  10. cmdr.sass says:

    @MalcoveMagnesia: The cookies were named after their inventor, Dr. Ebeneezer Hydrox.

  11. AD8BC says:

    Oreos were superior… until they got rid of the trans fats.

  12. Posthaus says:


    Still, it’s as if Shasta called it quits after deciding Coca-Cola and Pepsi were far better with their Fanta and Tropicana Twister (respectively) brands.

    For me the Drox brings back memories of childhood snack times and a slew of cheap parties. But the real tragedy here is loss of choice, regardless of whether you liked one brand or the other.

  13. Scudder says:

    Maybe Kellogg’s should have made Hydroios cereal to reinvigorate the brand.

  14. homerjay says:

    Hydrox taste like chemicals…

  15. awcrap says:

    Jello Pudding Pops are now being distributed by the Popsicle company. They’re for sale at grocery stores in some markets (DC area has them) and not others (I couldn’t find them in NYC). The shape is now skinny, and it comes in a variety pack: chocolate, vanilla & chocolate-vanilla.

  16. HRHKingFriday says:

    Hydrox’s milk dipping capabilities were far inferior to Oreos. And really, who eats these without milk?

  17. cortana says:

    No, he’s talking the Hostess Pudding Pie. Like the fruit pies, but full of pudding. They were sublime.

  18. Scudder says:

    @homerjay: Mmmmmm…chemicals.

  19. trillium says:

    My heart broke the day that Little Debbie discountinued “Chocolate Twins” … After visiting MacKee bakery’s outlet store (Collegedale, TN), I was told that the Swiss Cake Roll was an adequate substitute. NOT!!!!

  20. mrmysterious says:

    The Jell-O pudding pops for sale now are not the one’s that we had growing up. They are the bastardized child of a pudding pop and a fudgecicle.

  21. NeoteriX says:

    Reminds me of the time I found out that Planter’s Cheese Balls went out of production. I was a sobbing, blubbering mess for a whole week.

  22. Celticlady says:

    Ahh memories…

    I used to torment the old ladies at the blood-mobile at my college every blood drive because they only brought Hydrox. I am an Oreos woman first and always!!

  23. aro says:

    I personally thought they tasted the same…oh man I could go for an oreo right now…

  24. char says:

    Hydrox main selling point for many years was it’s status as the only kosher mass produced chocolate sandwich cookie. Oreo’s have been kosher for about 5-6 years now, so Hydrox’s days were numbered.

    I prefer oreo’s, but my fiancee liked hydrox.

  25. soulman901 says:

    By comparison, Hydrox tastes better than Oreo’s.
    I wonder if anyone of the Grocery stores still have some left….. Better stock up and sell on Ebay!!!

  26. charles61 says:

    Did Hydrox drastically change its recipe at some point in the early 1970s? I used to like Hydrox when I was a kid, but then suddenly they started tasting like a cheap store-brand knockoff of Oreos. Was it my imagination?

  27. zibby says:

    I guess I can sympathize a little – I haven’t had B00-Berry cereal in years although apaprently it is still available in some magical mystery realm. And I really used to like Aspen soda.

  28. Dead Wrestlers Society says:

    @zibby: I was watching the food channel not long ago, and there’s a guy who has a website devoted to Boo Berry cereal. He was, um, a bit scary as it was cultlike how much cereal-related stuff he had.

    I’m too lazy to look up the link, but if you google “boo berry” I’m sure his site will be one of the first hits.

  29. Gaambit says:

    The only food-related that I miss terribly is Surge Soda. No other soda I’ve tried has come close to its taste (and it was gone before I was old enough to see what alcohol it mixed well with!)

  30. timd1969 says:

    I grew up eating Oreos. I had my first Hydrox in my 20s. I liked them too.

    More recently, I discovered Joe’s O’s at Trader Joe’s. Wow! The vanilla creme has more flavor and more texture. I haven’t bought an Oreo or Hydrox in years.

  31. CorporateTool says:

    @zibby: Until the late 90’s/early 00’s, Oreos weren’t kosher, and so Hydrox had a steady, if small market among those who keep kosher, but once Oreo got its certification, those people stopped eating Hydrox. As far as I can recall, Hydrox had a distinctly different taste, but I can’t remember liking it better or worse.

  32. pepe prawn says:

    i still love hydrox… i’ve got to go start stocking up!!!

  33. NotATool says:

    What I think is shoking about this story is how much people buy into product branding. It’s a crappy cookie made by a giant company. Yet somehow people have bought into the whole marketing and branding of the thing and now it’s become this subculture.

    I know this happens with a lot of products (Coke vs. Pepsi, Mac vs. PC, etc.) but this is just nuts. It’s just a flippin cookie!

  34. freshyill says:

    I’m just glad my grandmother didn’t live to see this sad day.

  35. B says:

    When I was younger my grandmother always had a cookie jar of stale hydrox cookies. Having never had them any other place, I thought that the cookies were supposed to taste that way.

  36. Sam says:

    I wouldn’t call Hydrox superior, though they are/were different: though the filling was pretty much the same, the cookie was heavier and had a stronger chocolate flavor. It’s a subtle deviation from the Oreo pattern, but appealing in its way.

  37. MitchEvious says:

    The item I really miss that NEEDS to be brought back:

    Planters Cheez Ballz…. Seriously. Those things were awesome.

  38. GreatCaesarsGhost says:

    Why does Hydrox have to “compete” with Oreo? Just because they’re making a similar product? I should think both could turn a profit. The mark up on that crap is nuts.

    And I’m glad someone mentioned that the new pudding pops are bastardized. I always thought they were sort of unspectacular and blamed it on the false memories of nostalgia. Damn you, Popsicle!

  39. ewray4381 says:

    I was always an Oreo fan, though I love everything from Trader Joe’s, so I might have to give those a try. I’ve seen Boo Berry and Frankenberry around at Halloween. Grocery stores usually have a display somewhere of the Boo Berry, Frankenberry and Count Chocula. What I really miss from childhood is a breakfast cereal call “Crispy Critters.” If my memory is correct, they tasted like Kix but were in animal shapes. It was like eating animal crackers for breakfast. The commercials had puppet animals, the lion was always the main one, that said the cereal was “indubitably delicious.”

  40. conformco says:

    @public enemy #1: Actually those Hostess pies are still around. Some dude brought a few by the office the other day. So at least somewhere in NYC they’re available.

  41. u2acro says:

    Ugh. The Boo Berry that is available now is wayyyyyy inferior to the Boo Berry of the early 80’s. I have no idea why G took it off the market, changed the formula, and then put this crap on the shelves and called it Boo Berry. It’s a bastardized version, and it’s not even tasty. There’s no boo/blueberry about it. :(

    Also, I haven’t seen Frankenberry in a while, but last time I had it, it no longer tasted like franken/strawberry. :(

  42. conformco says:

    I too miss the Planters cheese products, although I liked the curls rather than the balls. But my big miss is Blueberry-favored New York Seltzer. Sigh.

  43. homerjay says:

    @conformco: Oh that doesn’t mean they’re still around. Did you see how many Today Sponges Elaine hoarded when they were taken off the market?? :)

  44. Mr. Guy says:

    i was heartbroken when i learned that they stopped making RC Draft Cola. It was far and away the best cola i’ve ever tasted.

    What makes it doubly sad is that i’m taunted by the soda delivery trucks with the HUGE bottle of frosty RC Draft painted on the side that you occasionally see still making the rounds in Manhattan (delivering other sodas now though).

  45. Dead Wrestlers Society says:

    @conformco: Road trip!

  46. stacy75 says:

    @conformco: I LOVED Planter’s Cheese balls. We only bought them when we went camping (non-crushable containers!!) and they were a yummy treat.

    I bought some oreos for Christnas to make chocolate bark. I ate one out of the package, & I guess I hadn’t eaten just a plain oreo (sans ice cream or whatever) in a while, because I found them gross. They let a yucky crisco-y film in my mouth. Still OK in the chocolate bark, though.

  47. zibby says:

    I will keep an eye out for the pudding pies in Manhattan and report back.

    I can’t recall having seen any, but I haven’t been looking either.

  48. landsnark says:

    Hydrox was weird – I never saw anyone buying them or eating them, but somehow they just never went away until now. Hydrox was the Huey Lewis of snack foods. (Have you guys ever met a Huey Lewis fan? No. But it took forever to stop hearing his songs on the radio.)

  49. freshyill says:

    Sad as it is to see a quality product disappear from the marketplace, I honestly can’t say when I bought a package of any kind of cookies. Maybe in college when I was really fat? Honestly, we all need to eat less junk food.

  50. Pfluffy says:

    I think I need my insulin now.

  51. stre says:

    @MitchEvious: seconded. i don’t think i had actual cheetos brand anything until i left home.

  52. Justin42 says:

    I’m sure I had these once or twice but no real fond memories of them (parents were health nuts growing up). But that said, who thinks maybe declining sales have something to do with the fact the name sounds like a pesticide?

  53. youbastid says:

    Hydrox was the superior product? I think not. Their big claim to fame was that the Kosher kids could eat ’em. Oreo stopped using the pig fat, and it was only a matter of time before Hydrox’s fate was sealed.

    And yeah, I guess some fans are disappointed. But there are people out there that are loyal to Moxie, and that shit is disgusting.

  54. DrGirlfriend says:

    Oreos taste like they are half-made of shortening. Hydrox tastes like they are made of just shortening.

    My favorite childhood cereal, Cookie Crisp, is still around. But since it’s like $5 and it never goes on sale, it might as well be discontinued as far as I’m concerned.

  55. homerjay says:

    @freshyill: Yeah yeah yeah…. Preaching will get you nowhere. :)

  56. zibby says:

    @youbastid: Oh, man. I remember going to Maine as a kid and seeing Moxie on the shelf for the first time. Thinking it was an exciting new soda, I grabbed a bottle. I was stunned – I mean that stuff isn’t just bad, it’s aggressive. Ugh.

  57. MercuryPDX says:

    LIES! Hydrox were the worst!!!! DrGirlfriend describes them just as I remember.

    The most horrifying part was the “film” you get on the roof of your mouth that was milk resistant. [shudder]

  58. upokyin says:

    @ewray4381: I don’t remember what the cereal tasted like, but I remember the weird puppet mascot. Years later, I learned that he was modeled after Jimmy Durante. What a strange choice to pitch cereal to young children. Ha cha cha cha cha.

  59. Pasketti says:

    @mercurypdx: That film is a recent development.

    I don’t remember the film when I ate Oreos or Hydrox as a kid in the 60s. I just remember sweet sugary goodness. Same with Twinkies. But when I eat them now, they just aren’t the same.

    What happened was that in the name of cost savings, the formulas were repeatedly tweaked over the years. Each individual tweak was probably not that much different from the last, but the end result is that the current versions are something quite different from what they were originally.

  60. stillkarenann says:

    Used to have Lipton’s Giggle Noodle twice a week since childhood – was a comfort food. They discontinued it a couple years back and I wrote the company to tell them how sad I was. They sent me a canned response about profitability. Obviously, they missed the point entirely. And no, they didn’t even send me a coupon or two for another product. [shun]

  61. TWSS says:

    @DrGirlfriend: “Oreos taste like they are half-made of shortening.” That’s because they pretty much are. Sometimes I make homemade oreos ([smittenkitchen.com]) and yes, the filling is a quarter-cup of butter, a quarter-cup of shortening, and TWO CUPS of sugar. With the slightly bitter chocolate cookies, they’re quite good.

    Crap, now I have to make oreos tonight.

  62. girly says:

    I agree about pudding pops. They were awesome, but now they’re different in taste and consistency.

    But for cereal, I think Donutz was one of the best. It really did taste like a powdered donut! [www.youtube.com]

  63. NeoteriX says:


    For the record, I’m a huge Huey Lewis & The News fan! It’s hip to be square.


    What I think is shoking about this story is how much people buy into product branding. It’s a crappy cookie made by a giant company. Yet somehow people have bought into the whole marketing and branding of the thing and now it’s become this subculture.

    I know this happens with a lot of products (Coke vs. Pepsi, Mac vs. PC, etc.) but this is just nuts. It’s just a flippin cookie!

    You’re a douchebag.

    This is exactly the opposite of the example you are citing. There is no marketing and branding here. Hydrox has no marketing and branding value, by the historical evidence noted here by other readers and by the very fact that the cookie is being discontinued is evidence enough of that. The reality is that there is a group of people who prefer the taste of this crappy cookie regardless of Oreo’s superior marketing and branding.

    You could call it anything else, like “Dung between two crackers” and these same people would buy and cherish the cookie because they ostensibly like the taste, not because they bought into some branding.

  64. The Porkchop Express says:

    @zibby: what about FREAKIES ??? you know the cereal with the aliens on the box. Please God somebody else remember them so I know that I am not having repressed memories of something else.

  65. MercuryPDX says:

    @conformco: Holy crap… I forgot all about that stuff!!! It WAS good.

    @zibby: I have seen an off brand of “pudding pies” out here in Portland. I refuse to even try them. Something about the wrapper just screams “DO NOT WANT!”

  66. ophmarketing says:

    Wait a second. They stopped making these in 2003–five years ago–and people are JUST NOW noticing it? How long did those damned things sit on the grocery store shelves?

  67. MDSasquatch says:

    A few points to ponder:

    1. this is so important that it should be a presidential debate subject? Hydrox -vs- Oreo, what say you Ms. Clinton?

    2. Boo Berry is still widely available on the east coast, but it has changed and not for the better. Heck at my age, I am sticking with Cheerios.

    3. Milk comes from a cow, think about it! NASTY

    4. The real issue ought to be the decline in the quality of the Cracker Jack Prizes; I can’t even remember the last time I got something other than a useless sticker. WHERE ARE THE PRIZES OF MY YOUTH? I WANT THEM BACK!

    I am done, thank you for listening.

  68. MercuryPDX says:

    @Lo-Pan: Despite the URL, you’re not hallucinating: [theimaginaryworld.com]

  69. I bought Boo-Berry a couple years ago and it turned my pee green. So you know…if that’s a plus for you, you should make every effort to obtain it at Halloween.

    Hydrox cookies always tasted gross. The few times my dad made any move in the Kosher cookie direction, I would refuse to eat the damn things. It turns out, neither my mother or father liked them very much either, so they always just got stale.

    In fact, I’m so gun shy about inferior cookie products as a result, I have never been able to bring myself to try Joe-O’s.

  70. NotATool says:

    @NeoteriX: Easy there…check out the picture at the top of this Consumerist article. Marketing, branding. Consumers buy into the image.

    What more could a corporation ask for? Think of the New Coke debacle. Customers so loyal that they travel to Atlanta to dump the new product out on the sidewalks of the corporate headquarters. That’s brand loyalty.

    My point is, when we as consumers become so irrationalally tied to a brand or image, we become consumer slaves to the corporation. And that’s the opposite of what I want to be.

  71. traezer says:

    I really miss the Chicken Little sandwich from KFC. I was devestated as a child when I could no longer get one. Thats the day I stopped eating at KFC.

  72. youbastid says:

    @traezer: Those things were awesome. Four years ago, I happened across a KFC in LA that still sold them. 69 cents!

    I would venture a guess and say that that particular KFC in LA was where they dumped all the remaining Chicken Little buns and patties and were slowly getting rid of them. It seriously tasted like it was 10 years old. They might still have it, I haven’t gone back.

  73. DashTheHand says:

    They don’t make Alpha Bits anymore either. My girlfriend was sad.

  74. DashTheHand says:

    And on a personal note, my favorite cookies ever were French or Swiss Vanilla Creme cookies. I THINK they were made by Nabisco, and they came in a blue paper packaging with a twist tie built in so you could roll up the end. They were so incredibly good and I never knew they disappeared.

  75. bigboat says:

    PB Max ftw.

  76. slowreader says:

    Don’t remember trying hydrox…, but I’m not a huge fan of its competitor either. But i do remember the day i could no longer find Rice krispy treats cereal….very sad. But I’ve heard it made a comeback in recent years, although i haven’t seen it in stores yet..

  77. awcrap says:

    Remember Segregation-O’s & Slavery-yums? I think they still sell Homophobia-tarts in Georgia. Ahhh, nostalgia.

  78. That70sHeidi says:

    I just grabbed the last “Golden” oreos from the office vending machine to eat while reading the comments :) They are MUCH better than chocolate oreos, because the sweetness is cut with both a nutty, wheat flavor as well as a tiny bit of a salty bite. Truly unique cookies.

    I remember a canned pasta as a kid called Rollercoasters. They were inch-long wavy edged pasta strips with meatballs. VERY good, if you like pasta with your metallic fake tomato sauce. Alas… gone.

    I went on a hunt for Hostess FRUIT pies. You used to get them anywhere, now it’s really hard to find even in gas stations. I found some in Los Angeles in a quickie mart and just about cried for joy.

    Also, TastyKake disappeared from the Pgh area for a while. My bosses bought me a boxed set from the website for an xmas present (both are from NY, and worked in Philly, where The Kake was still common). It was very nice of them. Now they seem to be making a comeback!

  79. Murph1908 says:

    Boo-Berry is available here in Maryland around Halloween every year. My wife keeps an eye out for me, and picks up a couple of boxes when it hits.

    It was a childhood favorite. Let me know your address, and I’ll send you a box this year! Can’t deprive a fellow Boo-Berry fan!

  80. RottNDude says:

    Hydrox sounds like some sort of chemical compound manufactured by DuPont, not a cookie.

    Speaking of discontinued products, I wish McDonalds would bring back the deep-fried apple pies… the baked pies suck.

  81. theblackdog says:

    @Lo-Pan: Oh man, you just triggered memories. The commercials for Freakies were cute.

    I had forgotten about the hostess pudding pies until someone mentioned them again. I’m tempted to go check out the local outlet store to see what they have.

    Anyone remember triples cereal? It was basically rice krispies but it used two other grains instead of just the rice, and they were sweetened slightly different? We used to always use that for “rice krispie” treats.

    Damn…now I want Rice Krispie treats.

    Back on topic, I remember eating Hydrox as a kid, but seeing as cookies were a big treat, I just cared about the sugary goodness, I didn’t really notice a taste difference.

  82. Dave on bass says:

    @Gaambit: FWIW, Surge went fantastically well with spiced rum, e.g. Captain Morgan’s. By some demented twist of fate, the flavor combo of Surge plus Cap’n resulted, I kid you not, in an exact replica of the vanilla flavor of Cream Soda. Other lemon-lime sodas, like Mountain Dew, have approximated this, but never to the level achieved by Surge.

    Also, if you rapidly drink a sixer of Surge on a hot, sticky afternoon, the resulting expulsion from your maw into the nearest trash can or toilet, looks like you swallowed Luke Skywalker’s light saber.

    Back on topic: Hydrox were good just by virtue of being interesting and different from the ubiquitous Oreo, even if they didn’t taste as “good” =0)

  83. weggles90 says:

    It sucks to have a loved product be discontinued (RIP Pitch Black Mountain Dew, we hardly knew ye!), but really? They are getting their knickers in a twist over cookies? I loved a lot of different products that don’t exist any more (RIP Cadbury Gold Mine bar, we hardly knew ye!) but I don’t get bent out of shape over their absence. Move on…

  84. Raziya says:

    I, too, miss Surge…and a soda called Citra. :( WTF.

    I never had Hydrox, I’ve always loved Oreos so I never tried anything else.

  85. shadow735 says:

    Oreo cookies kick hydrox ass, its a no contest beat down…
    Oh and screw mtn dew, gimme some Rum, Arrrh

  86. ShadowFalls says:

    They used to sell a Raspberry flavor of Nestea. Now that is gone off the shelves and I fail to see why. It was better than their Lemon flavored variety…

    At times it does seem confusing when a superior product disappears off the shelves, while some similar crap still sits there. An example? Diet Nestea. That crap never sells, everytime you go to the store there is hardly any Nestea and a crap load of Diet Nestea. Why? because no one wants it.

    People need to remember, company executives make stupid decisions on a daily basis, their customers need to remind them that they are idiots.

  87. weggles90 says:


    It doesn’t matter how good a product is, if it doesnt’t sell. Look at Psychonauts, the media came buckets about it, and it just sat on the shelf while some crummy movie game sells a million.

    Many just stick with what they know and love and hardly try anything new.

  88. kittenfoo says:

    as long as they keep making Tab, I’ll be fine.

  89. trujunglist says:

    Call me tasteless (hmm… pun intended.. yeah), but I really enjoyed the OJ cereal back in the day. I never liked milk and my babysitter would constantly force me to drink the milk after eating the cereal, so it was nice to have a cereal where you could use orange juice instead.
    I also really like Donald Duck orange juice. It’s by far the best orange juice ever created, but it’s nearly impossible to find. There’s only one store that I know of that carries it, and only in cartons. I always liked to buy the frozen cans and make it myself.
    As for Hydrox, what a terrible name. The cookies weren’t that bad, but I always thought they were too crunchy and chocolatey compared to oreos. It’s no wonder that Hydrox, which sounds more like a bleach product than a cookie name, failed. It hardly rolls off the tongue like oreo. They should’ve just changed the name and actually marketed it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Hydrox commercial, but I still constantly see oreo commercials.

  90. joellevand says:

    Screw them both — Newman Os are the king of the creme-filled chocolate sandwich cookie!

  91. SpdRacer says:

    @conformco: Gotta find a Hostess store,all over the Chitown area, Hostess goodness without a retail mark-up. well much of one anyway!

  92. kostia says:

    Hydrox is what they had at that house where you didn’t really want to go play after school because they didn’t have a color TV, or they didn’t have cable, and everything was sort of yellowish, and maybe they had rabbits, and everyone’s pants were too short. But you were too young to understand that not everyone could afford Oreos.

  93. Truthie says:

    So these cookies were discontinued FIVE YEARS AGO and they just ran out now?!? How much preservatives were in them!?

    In any case anyone who eats a whole package at once probably needs to go through some serious withdrawal before developing morbid obesity and diabetes.

  94. puka_pai says:

    @truthie: Not to mention the anal leakage.

  95. Imaginary_Friend says:

    @Posthaus: Seriously. This lack of choice is cutting across all tasty food groups nowadays. I’ve scoured every grocery store and Target within a 20 mile radius for popcorn kernels for my air popper and not one single store carries anything other than Orville Redenbacker. Argh! I haaaate Orville popcorn; it’s chewy and sticks to my molars. It also never pops fully and tastes stale no matter what the expiration date. When did Orville corner the market on non-microwaveable popcorny goodness anyway? The old coot.

    Maybe I should get together with these Hydrox fans and the big-boned, ex-Jimmy Dean sausage customer and draft a manifesto to the food giants.

  96. lovelygirl says:

    @ Imaginary_Friend: Surely you jest!! Orville Redenbacher is the man! ;)

  97. Imaginary_Friend says:

    @lovelygirl: Haha! No, I’m totally serious – hate it.

    The best popcorn I’ve ever had – BY FAR – is that stuff the Boy Scouts sell. It’s like manna from heaven. Unfortunately, the only way to buy it is online in these gargantuan canisters and since I’m pretty sure I can’t eat a trough of popcorn, I’m SOL.

  98. mthrndr says:

    Oh man, I fucking HATED Hydrox. They were like the generic shoes of the cookie world. My mom always bought them because they were cheaper, but oreos are vastly, vastly superior in every way.

  99. arilvdc says:

    @ewray4381: Crispy Critters! I loved that cereal with a passion. I used to eat it for breakfast and dinner. Do you remember the books it came with? I had the one where someone gets lost in the forest and the lion goes out and finds them. I vaguely remember being weirded out that the illustrations were of cereal. I was so sad when I couldn’t find it anymore.

  100. pegr says:

    @Imaginary_Friend: Orville Redenbacher is dead…

  101. MameDennis says:

    @ewray4381: @arilvdc:
    I still get the Crispy Critters jingle stuck in my head. And I also wonder why a 1980s children’s cereal was being promoted by a lion doing a Jimmy Durante impression.

  102. Jasoco says:

    Superior? What are you, a moron? Hydrox tasted like crap! My god did they taste like crap. Good riddance. I thought they had died off years ago.

  103. Imaginary_Friend says:

    @pegr: I know, but I choose to pretend he isn’t. Like Col. Sanders, even though I hate their food, I can appreciate a good spokesperson when I see one.

  104. Citizen Snips says:

    I remember eating a Hydrox at a church party when I was younger and after taking a bite, thinking “What happened to my Oreo?”

    And as for Citra, I loved that stuff. I drank a bottle once and puked glowstick juice for hours.

  105. notbob50 says:

    I must be living under a rock. I have never heard of Hydrox cookies. But I am a fan of Oreos or anything made with lard iceing. I used to always look forward to the lard iceing birthday cakes from Giant Food(now Super G)bakery. Though Hydrox was under my radar, my condolences to all it’s many fans. But to be honest it’s not the best name for a cookie. It sounds like hydrogen peroxide was an ingredient in the cookie.

  106. DWalk says:

    I remember Hydrox from visiting relatives in Maryland – we didn’t have them in Canada. Can’t say I was disappointed. Keebler cookies on the other hand – we had to smuggle those in from Montana or Washington…

    Hydrox – sounds like a short form of sodium hydroxide. Definitely something you don’t want to put in your mouth.

  107. knucklesammichwitCheese says:

    There’s an Amazon website that sells the foods and snacks that many of us grew up eating. Enjoy browsing thru it because I sure did!
    Hometown Favorites>> [www.amazon.com]