Dreamhost Busy Cleaning Up The Great Billing Apocalypse Of 2008

Dreamhost is busy cleaning up the mess after accidentally overcharging their customers by $7.5 million dollars due to a typo. The process is not going smoothly and we’ve been receiving a mix of complaints and praise.

First, a complaint:

You might be interested to know the situation is getting worse and customers are still being billed. In fact, they are not responding to emails/faxes from their customers regarding this issue…
DreamHost is incommunicado at this point and most users are left wondering whether their funds have disappeared to St. Petersburg, the Caribbean or Mexico…

And now some praise:

FYI, this morning I created a support ticket with Dreamhost’s support team (as recommended on Dreamhost’s official blog — http://blog.dreamhost.com/2008/01/16/the-aftermath) requesting a service credit for the NSF fees I’d received. I created my ticket at about 10am, at 11:30am I got a ticket from a CSR requesting I resend the copy of my bank statement that I’d initially submitted (which I did), and then at 2pm got an email stating that the credit I’d requested had been placed on my account. No muss, no fuss, no argument.

So I’d say that Dreamhost has been far from “unresponsive” on this issue. They’re clearly bending over backwards to resolve the problems they created, and I really think you guys ought to give them some props for it.

We continue to wish Dreamhost the best of luck compensating their users. They are obviously working very hard and are genuinely sorry for the error, so we’ll try not to get called for any late hits out of bounds.

Feel free to post your experiences with Dreamhost in the comments, or send them to tips@consumerist.com.


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