"Hand Shredder" #4 On List of Unfortunately Named Products

Say No to Crack has posted a list of five of the worst-named products to ever reach the market. Runner up for best worst name is that classic of early 80s television, AYDS diet chews (which we’ve covered in depth here). Our personal favorite, though, is the Hand Shredder.

Their top pick is the Tiddy Bear, which we actually think is a great name, much better than the “Breast Friend” or the “Dirty Pillow Pillow”—or, if you could license Peter Scolari’s face (and it can’t be that expensive) then it could be called the “Bosom Buddy”.

“Top 5 Most Unfortunately Named Products” [Say No to Crack via Neatorama]


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  1. youbastid says:

    I think the Tiddy Bear is fake…the website that the video talks about doesn’t exist.

  2. serreca says:

    @youbastid: I’ve seen the commercial on TV before, it’s not a joke.

  3. serreca says:

    @youbastid: Looks like they got a new web site:


  4. perfunctory says:

    @youbastid: Unfortunately I think I’ve seen that infomercial too many times to believe it’s a hoax.

  5. youbastid says:

    Good! I wanted it to be real, but I was skeptical.

  6. homerjay says:

    What?? No iBeat Blaxx????
    Thats my all-time favorite.

  7. drjayphd says:

    Someone tell me the Shredder Hand’s manufacturers got busted for false advertising. I mean, you can’t just get someone’s hopes up like that…

  8. FightOnTrojans says:

    @homerjay: Wow! what kind of misguided marketing team dreamed up this name?

  9. djanes1 says:

    sheesh, and I actually wanted to buy the hand shredder…

  10. homerjay says:
  11. bakertim says:

    I think “Crank Shredder” would be a far more appropriate, broadly appealing name.

  12. randomizer9 says:

    There is a PSP game named “Pocket Pool” I would add to that list.

  13. 92BuickLeSabre says:

    @homerjay: My immediate thought as well.

    By the way, they still make the “i.beat emo” the “i.beat cody” and the “i.Beat Dieter Bohlen.” Now I don’t actually know who Dieter Bohlen is, but I already feel like I know too much about him.

  14. karimagon says:

    what is the point of a stuffed bear hugging your boobs, anyway? I never saw that commercial, although I’m sure they have some bogus reason for its existence.

  15. morganlh85 says:

    They forgot the iBeat Blaxx!!!

  16. lesbiansayswhat says:

    If only the Hand Shredder was a paper shredder and photo scanner ala 30 Rock.

  17. homerjay says:

    @morganlh85: Better late than never, I suppose. :)

  18. Rider says:

    The only one on the list with a bad name is the hand shredder.