Potential Solution To Rogers Wireless SMS Fee Hike

A reader tells us that on March 4, 2008, Rogers Wireless will increase the price of international text messaging to 25 cents per message, which he thinks might be another “get-out-of-contract-free” opportunity similar to what Verizon opened itself up to when it hiked its fees this month. However, according to the portion of the contract Andrew sent us, and based on what a commenter wrote on a previous post, we think what might happen instead is Rogers Wireless will simply let you continue under the terms of your old contract if you call up and insist. It’s worth a shot—post how it turns out if you try it.

Here’s the excerpt from the contract, sent to use by Andrew:

15.Rogers may change these terms, and any aspects of the services, upon notice to you. *If you do not accept a change to these terms, your sole remedy is to retain the existing terms unchanged for the duration of your commitment period. If you do not accept any other change to aspects of the services, your sole remedy is to terminate.*

And here’s what Oshawapilot had to say about Canadian cell phone contracts on our Verizon post earlier this week:

People have tried this reasoning to get out of cellular contracts here in Canada, but when pushed the carriers simply relent and allow you to continue your service while being bound under the “old” contract instead of the new one, in turn keeping you locked in.

(Thanks to Andrew and Oshawapilot!)

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