T-Mobile Launches Advanced Messaging: Texts With iMessage Features

Over the years, the creation of messaging apps and their plentiful features – read receipts, quick responses, the ability to send large photo and video files – have cut into the territory once occupied by traditional SMS texting. While standard texting isn’t exactly dead, its prospects aren’t looking super sunny as T-Mobile announced it would be revamping its messaging to offer more features. 

T-Mobile announced today that it is taking a page from companies like Apple and Blackberry by wading into the arena of quick, easy messaging with its new Advanced Messaging service.

Advanced Messaging, built on the Rich Communications Service (RCS) standard, adds many of the features consumers have been accustomed to on instant messaging services to T-Mobile’s current standard text offerings.

T-Mobile says the new service takes messaging “into the mobile internet age” and notes that the service is the first to be offered on RCS.

Advanced Messaging, which doesn’t require an additional app or a new service, allows users to engage in near real-time chats, see what others are typing, view when a message has been delivered or read and share high-resolution photos and videos up to 10 MB.

To use the service a device must have an LTE or WiFi connection, otherwise it will only support SMS or MMS messages.

Neville Ray, the Un-Carrier’s chief technology officer, says in a blog post that the new system is built to work across all devices, makers and operating systems, as well as all wireless operators.

However, The Verge points out that while the system works on all devices and platform, T-Mobile is the only company using it and existing devices will require a software update to actually enable the service.

The company says that Advanced Messaging is just one of many features it’s launching on RCS, with other programs expected to be released in coming months.

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Announcing Advanced Messaging. Only at T-Mobile [T-Mobile]

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