Potential Solution To Rogers Wireless SMS Fee Hike

A reader tells us that on March 4, 2008, Rogers Wireless will increase the price of international text messaging to 25 cents per message, which he thinks might be another “get-out-of-contract-free” opportunity similar to what Verizon opened itself up to when it hiked its fees this month. However, according to the portion of the contract Andrew sent us, and based on what a commenter wrote on a previous post, we think what might happen instead is Rogers Wireless will simply let you continue under the terms of your old contract if you call up and insist. It’s worth a shot—post how it turns out if you try it.

Here’s the excerpt from the contract, sent to use by Andrew:

15.Rogers may change these terms, and any aspects of the services, upon notice to you. *If you do not accept a change to these terms, your sole remedy is to retain the existing terms unchanged for the duration of your commitment period. If you do not accept any other change to aspects of the services, your sole remedy is to terminate.*

And here’s what Oshawapilot had to say about Canadian cell phone contracts on our Verizon post earlier this week:

People have tried this reasoning to get out of cellular contracts here in Canada, but when pushed the carriers simply relent and allow you to continue your service while being bound under the “old” contract instead of the new one, in turn keeping you locked in.

(Thanks to Andrew and Oshawapilot!)

“Cancel Verizon Without Termination Fee Based On New Text Message Rate Increases”


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  1. nursetim says:

    Sounds like you win either way.

  2. Cowboys_fan says:

    Thats the way it should be. Its a contract where both sides need to live up to their end.

  3. Oshawapilot says:

    I’d be interested to hear anyones results in attempting the cancellation avenue again, regardless.

    Typically cellphone carriers in Canada tend to take a “You’ll deal with the changes we are making to your contract, and you’ll like it!” attitude, so more people need to take them to task on the matter and stand up for their rights.

  4. CapitalC says:

    Isn’t the deal if I sign a 3-year contract that my prices are fixed for the 3 years? I’m sure there’s something in the fine print which says they can jack the prices whenever they wish. :rolleyes:

  5. dapuddle says:

    Rogers is famous (infamous?) for being a troublesome provider.

    Read up on the reverse billing scheme they had in their Cablevision arm.

  6. gmark2000 says:

    It’s because of Rogers that legislators at the federal level enacted laws making “negative option” billing illegal. This is a landmark resolution that biggest consumer protections ever invoked in the Great White North.

  7. plaincorgi says:

    Interestingly, I have yet to receive a notification of this rate hike.

  8. Oshawapilot says:

    @CapitalC: If you fail to reply to the notice (which if I remember correctly is yet to come for some customers) then you automatically become bound under this new contract when it takes effect.

    This is why it’s important for Rogers customers to call customer service and REJECT the new contract terms – they will not be subject to these new fees until such time that they willingly renew their contract.

    Unlike the Verizon situation, be prepared for the first level of customer service at Rogers to have *no idea* that you are totally within you rights to refuse this new contract. Keep pushing, and speak to a level 2 or supervisor if necessary.

    Make sure in addition to actually having them accept the fact that you refuse the new contract, you also get it clearly documented (in plain words) on your accounts notes section – if the CS agent fails to input your contractual decision correctly and you find yourself bound to the new terms regardless of your refusal, you will have a written record of your discussion that you can use to fight the situation after the fact.

    Consumers in Canada don’t often take full advantage of the rights afforded to them under the law, and this is a classic situation where a little effort on your behalf can have real savings in the end!

    Now, if only the option to completely cancel the contract as a result of this contractual change was possible, as it apparently is in the USA. Considering how Rogers is falling behind the pack when it comes to plans (and seemingly going the opposite direction and *raising* rates!) if the option to simply get out of a contract as a result of this existed, they’d be hemorrhaging customers right about now.

  9. designbean says:

    wow, Rogers is increasing everything. I just got a thing in the mail showing all of the increases they’ll be doing. Upping my internet by $2, but they’re eliminating the $3 modem rental fee, so I guess I win there.

    I still haven’t gotten anything about cell phone increases. I can’t wait to get out of this contract. Never again will I sign up for 3 yrs to any company.

  10. Parting says:

    The problem is that in all contracts in Canada it’s written : ” your plan will stay same price, but some options/extra charges may go up”.

    So from a legal point of view, a customer cannot get out of cellphone contract because of an option raise in price.

    However, Rogers has a bad reputation among other companies for billing errors, locked monthly plans and unhelpful customer service. Most people who I know who had Rogers, don’t want to deal with the company any more. Even Rogers’ sister company, Fido, has a better reputation.