Photos: CompUSA Raises Prices For Liquidation Sale

We’ve been hearing over and over again that there’s something shady afoot at the CompUSA liquidation sale. People from all over the country have been telling us that CompUSA is raising prices before knocking 15% off, resulting in not-so-hot discounts.

Reader Matt went out and took some pictures:

I was at my local CompUSA here in Rochester, NY. I have visual proof of them marking up items before marking them down. The included images are of Western Digital hard drive that was originally $119.99 and then marked up to $169.99 with 15% off.

priceincrease2.jpg If you’re going to go to CompUSA to check out the liquidation sale, be sure to research the prices before you buy. A similar (if not identical) Western Digital 500GB USB 2.0 hard drive is currently on sale at Circuit City for $129.99, according to Google.


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