Complaint Ratios For Top 10 Auto Insurers

New York state has released its Annual Ranking of Automobile Insurance Complaints. Here’s how the 10 biggest insurance companies, as determined by market share, compare. The ratio is the number of upheld complaints filed with the state Insurance Department as compared to the company’s total consumer car business. Upheld complaints are the complaints where the state Insurance Department agrees that the insurance company was in the wrong.

Ranking (out of 44) – Company – Complaint Ratio

34 White Mountain .25
30 Allstate .15
24 St. Paul Travelers Group .11
23 Berkshire-Hathaway (GEICO) .11
20 Nationwide .09
18 Liberty Mutual .08
17 Progressive .08
16 State Farm .08
13 Central Services .07
10 Metropolitan .05

The information is a useful factor to consider when shopping around for new car insurance.

2007 Annural Ranking of Automobile Insurance Complaints (PDF) Thanks to Scott!
(Photo: Crismateski)


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  1. Dead Wrestlers Society says:

    So are those ones between 0.04 and 0.08 significantly different (stats-wise). I’ve been with State Farm my whole life and they have been very good. My car flooded two years ago, and they totalled it out and gave me a check for a little more than blue book value.

    If I was going to use this data, I would definitely avoid those at the very bottom that are really below the other companies.

  2. ARPRINCE says:

    Hmmm….so GEICO is 24th on the Best Performers TOP 25 insurers.

  3. mpines says:

    I didn’t see it on the list, but I’d like to add my personal complaint against e-surance. Maybe they aren’t in New York?…I had to file a formal complaint against them with the state of Illinois last year. There valuation methods are designed to screw the consumer and their customer service didn’t comply with several of Illinois’ state regulation (not contacting me, not providing me with information required by the state regs, not paying me the undisputed amount within 2 weeks, lying about it, etc).
    FYI The formal complaint with the insurance commission caused them to change their tune immediately. I still got screwed by their hybrid valuation system though.

  4. Imaginary_Friend says:

    Haha. Liberty Mutual is on the best and the worst list.

    The website, although cluttered and a navigational nightmare, is actually quite informative. I’ve been with Amica for years (top rated, excellent customer service), but my policy seems too high so I’m going to get a few comparison quotes using the pricing info they’ve provided here:


    I don’t live in NY, but the info is relevant nonetheless.

  5. vlv723 says:

    White Mountain (eSurance) on #34

    I have them….even though it is the cheapest insurance out there, their customer service for general stuff is okay but when filing a claim, it just sucks.

  6. dodonnell says:

    Central Services? Do they do the work, and I do the pleasure?

  7. corbyz says:

    Hi there, I’d like to talk to you about ducts… do your ducts seem old fashioned? Out of date? Central Services new duct designs come in hundreds of different colors. So hurry on down to your nearest Central Services showroom. Designer colors to suit your designer taste.

  8. Imaginary_Friend says:

    I almost forgot; the last time I shopped around for insurance, I used these other helpful links:

    Detailed results on who to avoid and who you can trust:

    One rule of thumb for insurance companies is you want one that’s rated by A.M. Best as B+ or above for financial stability so that there is a high likelihood they will be there in the event of a claim.


  9. rmz says:

    Glad I have USAA.

  10. forgottenpassword says:

    I really DO hate insurance companies. Just for the sole fact that when they are called to step up & fullfil their part of the bargain…. they look for ANY excuse to deny a claim.

    One thing that really pissed me off about state farm is that after I had 2 LEGIT tow claims within a year…. they cancelled my tow insurance part of my auto insurance.

  11. theblackdog says:

    USAA is only number 7? They’re still much better than a lot of others.

  12. ToddBradley says:

    Yes, USAA is the best around, in my opinion. I just laugh when other insurance companies call me or otherwise try to get me to switch, since none of them can beat the price or quality of service of USAA. I guess that’s the benefit of being a non-profit corporation.

  13. karmaghost says:

    I have Metropolitan (Met Life) and in the rare instance where I had to use them, it’s been a breeze.

  14. QueenHawkeye says:

    @forgottenpassword: Maybe you should consider for signing up for AAA?

  15. kc2idf says:

    Hm. I moved to St. Paul Travelers after having a big problem with Metropolitan. It seems that there was no sequence of buttons they could press that would prevent their computers from spitting out phantom cancellations on my account.

    I had to call my agent about once a week to have my account re-instated with Met, and then comes the whole bureaucratic nightmare of explaining myself (again and again) to the DMV.

    When Travelers came by with an offer, I told them yes, absolutely, get me the f*** away from Met.

  16. loueloui says:

    Did not RTFA but it looks like they are all legally intoxicated.

  17. mojoboy says:

    A Dallas Police officer backed into me on May 30th while I was sitting there waiting for him to get a parking place. On June 6th, after numerous calls, I finally got a response from their insurance company. Their Insurance Company is Native American Insurance Services assuming that the parent company is Tristar Risk Management which is on the letter head. Now, When the agent called me she told me that the report had been submitted and the investigation was taking place and would be complete between 2 weeks and a month at which that time should they find that their client was at fault would make sure my car was fixed. The investigation is taking place by the insurance company to see if their client was at fault after a special investigator came to accident scene and took a report, because a city vehicle was involved, finding that the officer was at fault. They allow $25.00 per day for a rental car but it was only from the time the car was in the shop until it was fixed and they do not accept direct billing and I have to get it myself. I don’t believe I have ever seen an insurance company with such limitations when you have been inconvenienced by a client as big as the City of Dallas. I don’t know what to do. My car that was wrecked gets about 26 miles to the gallon and I’m afraid that I won’t get all my money back from a rental car. at $25.00/day X one month is $750.00 and I am sure it will be another month in the shop. I am sure that I won’t be able to get a rental car with any amount of comfort for less that $40.00/day. As I write this I am setting up a rental car and can get one for $29.00/day which is a tiny economy car and at 6′ and 270 lbs. that is going to be a pure joy for a month at a $125.00 deficit. Can anybody tell me what I should do besides file a complaint at the Texas Board of Insurance? All I want is to get my car fixed and get back and forth to work without having to pay anything.