Walmart Pulls Superbad DVD Featuring Fake Hawaii "McLovin" License

Walmart has pulled copies of the Superbad DVD that contained a promotional “McLovin” Hawaii license after Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann objected to the item. The “license” appears to be made with a lenticular lens, and when viewed at different angles shows either Fogell or his ever-sexy alter-ego, “McLovin.”

“We’re very pleased that Wal-Mart has taken prompt, corrective measures to comply with the City’s request to protect the integrity of our driver’s license. It was foolish of the movie studio to include this prop in the DVD, particularly because it could be used by unscrupulous people to deceive others who are unfamiliar with our driver’s license. For example, those who saw ‘Superbad’ know the underage teenager used his fake Hawaii license to buy liquor,” Mayor Hannemann said in a statement. ../../../../

Walmart responded. “When this situation was brought to our attention we immediately looked into the matter,” said Wal-Mart spokesman Lorenzo Lopez to the Honolulu Advertiser. “We have pulled all of the exclusive bonus movie packs that contained the ID item from our store shelves in Hawai’i.” When asked if they would be expanding the recall to include other states, Walmart told the Star-Bulletin that the card “has a shifting, dual photograph and other features to make clear it’s not a real I.D.”

“We regret that it has caused concerns in Hawaii or elsewhere. This was a one-time promotion and no further shipments are planned.”

Our first instinct was to say that no one would ever be stupid enough to try to pass a lenticular “McLovin” ID as real, but then we remembered that there is currently an epidemic of idiots trying to pass fake million dollar bills at stores and banks all over the country, and reconsidered our position. Even so, we still don’t think these need to be pulled, mostly because we want one.

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