Friendly Gap Cashier Pockets Lost Wallet

Alenaya traced her lost wallet to a recently visited Gap and pieced together a disturbing story:

Seemingly, walked away from register and wallet fell out of pocket. Kind customer behind me gives to cashier, who sticks it on the side of the register and does not log or tell manager my wallet fell.

Came back 10 minutes later frantic, couldn’t find wallet after ordering food in food court. Cashier looks me in the eye and says she never saw it, her manager offers to check cameras, but I assumed I had dropped it and lost it…so decline offer. Two hours later, return to store and request manager check camera (friendly cashier gone by this time). After nearly 40 minutes of looking at video, two managers return to tell me friendly cashier pocketed my wallet and left.

The managers promised to conduct an internal investigation, which beyond looking at the security tape again, can’t involve more than speaking with the employee. Alenaya is now concerned that her wallet’s contents could be used to steal her identity. Her wallet contained: a license, checks, three debit cards, and a health insurance card bearing her social security number.

Alenaya has already sprung into action and cancelled the debit cards and put a hold on her bank accounts. She should also call the credit reporting agencies and put a fraud alert on her credit report. The three CRAs can be reached at these numbers:

Equifax: 800-685-1111; Fraud Dept. 800-525-6285
Experian: 888-397-3742
Trans Union: 800-916-8800; Fraud Dept. 800-680-7289

Alenaya should also call the police and file a report, which will help prove that any new accounts opened are the result of identity theft. Finally, she should keep an eye on her credit report through As a potential victim of identity theft, she will be able to get an extra report for free beyond the one she is entitled to by federal law.

Wallet stolen at Gap Outlet, by none other than the “nice” cashier… [CreditBoards]
(Photo: Getty Images)

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