Time Warner Cable Sends You A Random Bill, Can't Explain Why

Howdy Consumeristas.

I just received a holiday present from Time Warner in the mail. They send me out an old bill to my McKinney address, which I haven’t lived at in roughly 6 months. I purchased my first home in June of this year and moved my service to the home. I won’t even begin to express the hell that was this transfer, as I’ve already emailed you about this experience.

The bill I just received is for the amount of $24.51, but has no description of the charges, only a channel lineup included. The bill is also addressed to my old address, which hasn’t been billed since June. I called customer service to inquire as to why I received this bill. The agent was more than helpful, but informed me she was unable to see that far back in my account and couldn’t tell me what the balance is from. She suggested I go to a payment center and “maybe” they can give me more information. Maybe I should jump through hoops to pay this company money for some strange reason as well?

She then went on to tell me my current account seems to show that I have paid this balance, but it never crossed over to the old. She also told me that the old account is 38 days past due, although they clearly know I no longer live at that address, yet sent it there anyways. So I asked her to rectify that as I had apparently already paid this balance of which no one knows is for. Again she wasn’t able to do this since she doesn’t know what the balance is from.

I’ve settled for opening an account research ticket and I asked for a supervisor to return my call. Is it usual for businesses to charge people 6 months after they have stopped their service and not give a reason why? I can’t believe anyone in their right mind would think this was half way decent and that I should just pay it as she did, despite how friendly she was.

Hopefully they can rectify it, although we all know how these situation tend to play out.



We wouldn’t pay it. If it ever shows up on your credit report you can dispute it, and if Time Warner can’t even come up with a good reason why you should pay it, they’ll have a hard time proving you owe the money. Don’t you think?



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  1. FDCPAGuy says:

    Once it hits the credit report a dispute with the bureaus most likely will not remove it since all the bureaus will check is the identity of the person Time Warner said the account belonged to. So they will check name, SSN, address and the like and the account will come back validated. What Chris will need to do is get as far as he can manage with Time Warner and request documentation if they find the amount to be already paid and billed in error. This way if it ever pops on again he has documentation. In addition Chris may be able to contact the public utilities comission in his area if he is unable to get satisfactory resolution with Time Warner.

  2. Rando says:

    Time warner charged me for a ‘server change’ $.50 and added $9 to my internet bill but that isn’t even supposed to change until March. So I called and asked why and 3 different reps all said they couldn’t explain why I was charged a service change when my service didn’t change at all. They even couldn’t explain why my internet was higher than usual

  3. newspapersaredead says:

    Cancel your current service. If they don’t want to tell you what the bill is for, why would you continue doing business with them? We have to let the cable companies know that we do not need them. The reason all of this nonsense continues is because they know we will put up with it because we “need” our cable TV.

  4. tapehands says:

    She sounds like she (mostly) knew what she was talking about – the line, “She then went on to tell me my current account seems to show that I have paid this balance, but it never crossed over to the old.” is probably exactly what happened. The problem is that reading the billing system (no matter what company you’re at) is generally a bear, especially with such a weird issue.

    Anyways, on to getting your issue fixed. Most companies like this have a Credit and Collections Department. I’m not sure exactly how that particular TWC division would operate, but if Customer Service isn’t able to figure out what’s going on and credit you, suggest they have Credit and Collections take a look at the account.

    Generally speaking (and especially with what I quoted above), it sounds like the quickest solution is for Customer Service to just credit your old account since it apparently has already been taken care of on your current account (or, at the very least, they can’t tell you why you’re being charged). Just keep at it, keep a level head about it (blowing up at CSRs doesn’t endear you to them), and ask for a supervisor if the frontline grunts can’t help you out.

  5. Cowboys_fan says:

    Send Time Warner a bill for $25 and then tell them to apply it to your bill, and they still owe $0.49. Whats good for the goose…

  6. DiscDigger says:

    When it a small amount like that, I’ve found that many reps will offer you a deal. Pay the bill, and they will give you a credit for a free month (or something…usually whatever the retention gift is). Usually, they cant fix the “weird” issue, but if you give them a way to work it out without having to stray from their set routine, they will. I don’t think this is a great resolution, but if you are otherwise happy with them, it is worth a shot.

  7. Addison says:

    I know my friend had a problem with an install done by TW in Bedford, (also in the DFW metroplex) and couldn’t get any action until she emailed the prez of N.TX Time Warner…….


    and then she had a call back and an apology with immediate action in about 2 hours. Give it a shot.

  8. rochec says:


    She was a billing agent. I was transfered from CS to her.

    I agree about her though, as I said she was more than helpful. The fact still remains that she has no idea why I’m being billed this amount, despite how little it is. She offered nothing to me and basically told me I could hoof it into a billing site to ‘maybe’ get an answer. I

    I couldn’t even talk to a supervisor, I was told one would call within 24 hours. It’s been 4 days.

  9. create says:

    Hi, What area do you live in?

  10. rochec says:

    Uptown Dallas.

  11. create says:

    pewp, I am at Time Warner Cable in Rochester NY, and i was hoping that by your moniker the ROC was for Rochester and that I would be able to assist you, knowing what I do know about all TWC offices, they really shouldn’t be holding out on you for $25, and you most definitely shouldn’t be waiting 4 days for a call back from a super, if we did that here we’d be crucified

    get back on the horn, ask for a different supervisor, also try going to [www.timewarnercable.com] and put in your zip code, if there is a technical support number or a digital phone support number there, try calling it… the technical support people tend to get more done ;)

    best of luck, and I wish I could be more help

  12. rochec says:

    I emailed the N. Dallas president like Addison suggested and I just got a call from Barbara at his office. She was more than helpful and tried to figure out what the charge was from. She thought she found it, but wasn’t sure if I had paid it or not so she just credited my account. By far the best, and only time, I’ve had great customer service with them.

    Kudos Barb. Thank you.

  13. AndrewJC says:

    @rochec: Awesome that you got this resolved.

    Unfortunately, it seems to be yet another example of a company being unwilling to provide its first-level customer service folks (or second-level, in this case, given that it was a billing agent) with the tools they need to successfully satisfy its customers’ needs.