Time Warner Cable Sends You A Random Bill, Can't Explain Why

Howdy Consumeristas.

I just received a holiday present from Time Warner in the mail. They send me out an old bill to my McKinney address, which I haven’t lived at in roughly 6 months. I purchased my first home in June of this year and moved my service to the home. I won’t even begin to express the hell that was this transfer, as I’ve already emailed you about this experience.

The bill I just received is for the amount of $24.51, but has no description of the charges, only a channel lineup included. The bill is also addressed to my old address, which hasn’t been billed since June. I called customer service to inquire as to why I received this bill. The agent was more than helpful, but informed me she was unable to see that far back in my account and couldn’t tell me what the balance is from. She suggested I go to a payment center and “maybe” they can give me more information. Maybe I should jump through hoops to pay this company money for some strange reason as well?

She then went on to tell me my current account seems to show that I have paid this balance, but it never crossed over to the old. She also told me that the old account is 38 days past due, although they clearly know I no longer live at that address, yet sent it there anyways. So I asked her to rectify that as I had apparently already paid this balance of which no one knows is for. Again she wasn’t able to do this since she doesn’t know what the balance is from.

I’ve settled for opening an account research ticket and I asked for a supervisor to return my call. Is it usual for businesses to charge people 6 months after they have stopped their service and not give a reason why? I can’t believe anyone in their right mind would think this was half way decent and that I should just pay it as she did, despite how friendly she was.

Hopefully they can rectify it, although we all know how these situation tend to play out.



We wouldn’t pay it. If it ever shows up on your credit report you can dispute it, and if Time Warner can’t even come up with a good reason why you should pay it, they’ll have a hard time proving you owe the money. Don’t you think?


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