Job Ideas For 2008

If you’re looking to increase your salary, change or start a career, or just get a new job now that your old one has dried up and blown away, MarketWatch has a list of job growth areas and trouble spots for 2008.

Job growth areas

  • Retailers Wal-Mart, J.C. Penney, and CVS Caremark, all positions. (Hey, we didn’t say this would be a glamorous or inspiring list.)
  • UPS, which “has needs for engineers, computer science and economics experts.”
  • Executives? — MarketWatch says as current executives reach retirement age, they may be vacating their positions. We doubt that somewhat.
  • Bankruptcy lawyers
  • Health care professionals, especially nurses, physical therapists and pharmacists
  • “Opportunities also will abound in energy, both among the traditional oil, gas and nuclear power sector and in development of ‘green’ technology and alternative energy sources.”
  • “Professional business services—including compensation and benefits experts, accountants, lawyers and consultants.”
  • “Security fields ranging from guards to information technology.”
  • People who speak additional languages or have experience dealing with other cultures

Trouble spots

  • “Anyone associated with the home-bankers, lenders, construction companies and manufacturers.”
  • “Financial services, especially the big investment banks, have been especially hurt by the mortgage crisis because many held sub-prime mortgages as assets. The sub-prime woe trickles down to affect law firms, printers and other industries that rely on deal-making conducted at the major banks.”
  • The manufacturing sector, which tends to be efficient enough to meet higher export demands without adding employees
  • “Automakers and related auto-parts suppliers and dealers”

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