Job Ideas For 2008

If you’re looking to increase your salary, change or start a career, or just get a new job now that your old one has dried up and blown away, MarketWatch has a list of job growth areas and trouble spots for 2008.

Job growth areas

  • Retailers Wal-Mart, J.C. Penney, and CVS Caremark, all positions. (Hey, we didn’t say this would be a glamorous or inspiring list.)
  • UPS, which “has needs for engineers, computer science and economics experts.”
  • Executives? — MarketWatch says as current executives reach retirement age, they may be vacating their positions. We doubt that somewhat.
  • Bankruptcy lawyers
  • Health care professionals, especially nurses, physical therapists and pharmacists
  • “Opportunities also will abound in energy, both among the traditional oil, gas and nuclear power sector and in development of ‘green’ technology and alternative energy sources.”
  • “Professional business services—including compensation and benefits experts, accountants, lawyers and consultants.”
  • “Security fields ranging from guards to information technology.”
  • People who speak additional languages or have experience dealing with other cultures

Trouble spots

  • “Anyone associated with the home-bankers, lenders, construction companies and manufacturers.”
  • “Financial services, especially the big investment banks, have been especially hurt by the mortgage crisis because many held sub-prime mortgages as assets. The sub-prime woe trickles down to affect law firms, printers and other industries that rely on deal-making conducted at the major banks.”
  • The manufacturing sector, which tends to be efficient enough to meet higher export demands without adding employees
  • “Automakers and related auto-parts suppliers and dealers”

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  1. Rider says:

    Do we really need an article to tell us that Wallmart is always hiring?

  2. at23 says:

    Haha. UPS…
    what can i say about them? i’ve worked for them. they will always have a need for those areas because they treat their employees like crap. check the turnover rate for the upper management positions, its crazy!
    the point of this is, dont work there.

  3. MCShortbus says:

    Hmm, security fields…does that mean I just need a Taser and a complete disregard for safety?

  4. UpsetPanda says:

    This is kind of a fluff article…I mean, if you’re looking for a chance of pace or a change in careers, are you going to walk into a shiny new J.C. Penney and ask for a job? For most people, retail isn’t a career and I doubt I could ever make more than I make now working sales in a JCP store.

  5. ltlbbynthn says:

    Aviation industry is hiring like crazy