Unexpected JetBlue vouchers cheer up the most jaded of frequent fliers. [Jaunted]


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  1. Funklord says:

    Shame they don’t seem to be doing that for folks who are on flights they’ve canceled. Maybe it’s just me, but I get the feeling that JetBlue is using last year’s weather issues as an excuse to consolidate half full flights. For example, I was booked to fly to DC from JFK on a flight a few weeks back. It snowed 1/2 inch that morning and had stopped and cleared. At 12 noon, JetBlue canceled my 5 PM flight to DC. The 1 PM flight to DC was still going out on schedule, as was the 10 PM flight that night. I was able to book a flight into Baltimore on Southwest from another airport and just canceled my JetBlue flight, but I couldn’t get any explanation from them as to why the flight had been canceled, nor did they offer any recompense for my irritation and inconvenience.

    A few weeks later, a visitor’s flight was canceled, same day, by JetBlue due to minor snow showers. She couldn’t get an alternative flight and canceled her vacation trip. Once again, JetBlue has offered no recompense other than a refund.

    So in summary, my advice is that in the wintertime, avoid JetBlue at all costs, and avoid JFK airport as much as is humanly possible.

  2. jferg says:

    Whereas when we flew ExpressJet last week coming home from vacation/early holidays, they were giving out $25 vouchers to everybody that was flying, as a “holiday gift”. Personally JetBlue’s $25 “apology” seems sort of meager.