British Airways Flight Attendant Suspended For Eating Passenger's Leftover Muffin?

The Daily Mail is reporting that a flight attendant for British Airways has been suspended for eating a leftover muffin that was headed to the trash.

BA are treating the incident as theft after he was reported at Heathrow airport on Monday.

The man’s collegues are furious with the decision, branding the airline ‘heavy handed’ and accused them of acting like a ‘police state’.

One BA worker told The Sun: “The cabin crew member on a long-haul flight took a muffin destined for the bin.

“Now his career hangs in the balance. Everyone is up in arms – it is a disgusting way to treat a member of staff.”

Guess who’s “taking this seriously?” (emphasis ours)

A spokesman for the company said yesterday: “One member of the cabin crew has been suspended on suspicion of theft.

“While such incidents are extremely rare we take all allegations of theft extremely seriously.

However, British Airways appeared to make a U-turn today denying that the steward was suspended because he eat a left over muffin.

A BA spokesman said: “It is half-baked to suggest we are suspending someone over a muffin. It would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage.”

Someone is lying! Did he get busted over the muffin or not? In any case, now we know what George Costanza is up to these days.

BA steward suspended ‘for eating leftover muffin’ on passenger’s meal tray [Daily Mail]
(Photo:Daily Mail)

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