Government Will Limit Flights Per Hour At JFK

An argument can be made that the irresponsibly overworked New York City airports are causing a bottleneck in air travel that can be felt system-wide. The blame for the area’s poor performance gets passed around between the FAA, the airlines, the airports themselves, the weather and God.

Most people think that the airlines should just stop scheduling every single morning flight to depart at 9:00 a.m.

From the New York Times:

The United States transportation secretary will announce on Wednesday that her department has negotiated an agreement with the airlines to ease congestion at Kennedy International Airport next summer by shifting some flights to less busy times, according to government officials and industry executives.

As a result, the department will not, at least for now, order a reduction in the number of flights per hour at Kennedy, they said.

Also, the department will not immediately issue rules to carry out a more controversial tactic — auctioning off landing slots — to reduce the number of flights to Kennedy, people involved in the discussions said.

Will it work? We suppose it can’t get any worse than it already is at JFK.

UPDATE: The Times was wrong, they will be putting a cap on the number of flights per hour at JFK.

For Now, U.S. Won’t Cap Flights Per Hour at J.F.K. [NYT]


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  1. HeyThereKiller says:

    I’d take too many flights at JFK over a single flight out of PHL any day

  2. Amelie says:

    I thought Newark was the worst NYC area airport in terms of congestion and flight delays.

  3. aparsons says:

    [Funny Philly Sign]

    At first, I thought this sign was total bullshit: there is no way Philadelphia could be number 2 in customer satisfaction. Then I flew through JFK.

    I pulled my ass out of bed at 3:30 AM to take my car service (my driver literally looked like Bobby from Sopranos) to JFK for a 6:30AM flight; after all, how backed up could an airport be at 6:30AM, right? Four hours after our scheduled take off time, I was still sitting on the JFK jet-way in a packed United Airlines jumbo-jet that had just run out of food. RAN OUT OF FOOD BEFORE WE EVEN TOOK OFF. Their excuse… wait for it… the pilot was stuck in traffic. That excuse is almost as good as “my dog ate my homework.” At least give us a good juicy semi-believable story, like “the pilot is late because he boozed it up, and couldn’t get his hungover ass out of bed to flip the autopilot switch and sleep it off.” At least that would have been funny, and believable.

    Congratulations, JFK… you are #3 in customer satisfaction, right behind Philly and Hell. And United… I won’t be flying your airline again anytime soon.

  4. juri squared says:

    Damn. They put a flight cap on O’Hare but they’re letting JFK get away with a wink and a promise?

  5. Paul says:

    Actually, the feds will regulate the number of flights: []

  6. Ausoleil says:

    @aparsons: Hell would have gotten a better ranking, because flying in is relatively easy. It’s those interminable departure delays that gets under everyone’s skins…

    Seriously, I avoid JFK at all costs — meaning I will pay extra money to not fly into or connect through that airport.

  7. war59312 says:

    I wonder if the Times every bothers to check their “facts”. Idiots!!

  8. matthew_k says:

    So, the same people who cry “Free Market!” every time the airline passenger bill or rights is mentioned are opposed to using a free market when it might be inconvenient for them?

    Auctioning off the spots will mean they’ll go to whoever will actually use them efficiently, and could generate some much needed revenue to update antiquated air traffic control systems.