When Should You Buy A Warranty?

SmartMoney has added its opinion to the argument of what warrants extended coverage and what doesn’t. Here’s their list of when and why you would want to buy that extended warranty—adjust their advice accordingly based on your own tolerance for risk and your history with dropping and spilling things.

Consider a warranty or service plan if:

  • 1. You’re not tech savvy
  • 2.You’re clumsy
  • 3. You use the device or product above whatever’s considered “normal” use
  • 4. Your gadget is cutting edge, refurbished, or expensive
  • 5. The device is known to be problematic (their example: rear-projection TVs, which are three times more likely to require repairs than other types of sets)

“When Buying a Warranty Makes Sense” [SmartMoney]
(Photo: Getty)

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