Consumer Reports Survey Discovers People Hate Cell Phone Companies

The next issue of Consumer Reports will contain the results of a nationwide customer satisfaction survey for the mobile phone industry. In a surprise to no one who actually has a mobile phone, the cellular industry is “among the lowest-rated services” for consumers, particularly because of termination fees, high prices, and confusing contracts.

Survey respondents were mainly dissatisfied with mandatory contract extensions imposed on them by wireless carriers, as well as the high cost of service. More than 60% of respondents that made changes to their service plan last year were required to extend their contract. In some cases, carriers aren’t upfront with customers about extensions so the 60% survey result might downplay the problem, according to Consumer Reports.

The Daily News writes that “The satisfaction rating is markedly less than similar figures for other services like cable and satellite TV or Internet service providers,” and that “cell phone companies also get poor marks for customer service.”

“More Than Half Of Cell Phone Users Dissatisfied: Consumer Reports Survey” [Information Week]
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Consumer Reports
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