Woman Forced Off Flight For Refusing To Move A Huge Stuffed Crocodile

Attention air travelers: If your 3′ long stuffed crocodile is blocking the emergency exit, you are going to need to move it. If you refuse, you’re going to get kicked off the plane.

It’s a fact.

From Reuters:

A passenger was forced off a Ryanair flight from Rome to Milan because she refused to move her metre-long plush crocodile which was blocking an emergency exit, airport sources said Wednesday.

The flight, delayed by the squabble between the airline flight attendant and the passenger, finally took off after she got off the plane, along with her inanimate crocodile.

It’s stories like this that make us think that the Department of Transportation Air Travel Consumer Report should have a section for delays caused by jerks.

Cuddly croc forces passenger off flight [Reuters]

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