TSA: Pies Are OK, But May Be Subject To Additional Screening

The TSA has a holiday food travel guide up on its website and the verdict is in: Pies and cakes are OK, but “be advised that they might be subject to additional screening.”

We think that might be code for “we shall consume your delicious pie.” Maybe not. Anyway here are the items that the TSA will not allow:

Salad dressing
Oils and vinegars
Cranberry sauce
Creamy dips
Wine, liquor and beer
Other beverages

You should also remember not to wrap any presents or whatnot that you’re bringing with you, because the TSA will just unwrap them.

Last time we flew we brought some cheese curds back from Chicago and they didn’t care. (Yum.) What food items have you managed to get through security?

Traveling for the holidays? How to Pack Food and Gift Items [TSA] (Thanks, Danielle!)