57% Of Americans Don't Have Wills

A new Bankrate national poll says that 57% of Americans don’t have wills, even though 76% of respondents said they considered it an important thing to have. This writer doesn’t have a will, but then again, I don’t have kids, and my “heirlooms” are all made by consumer electronic companies. What about people with offspring? It’s even worse: 69% of parents with kids under the age of 18 don’t have wills, even though 88% of them say it’s important.

The poll also says that “among those with a will, 71 percent used an attorney to help draft it; 14 percent wrote their own, 7 percent used software, and 2 percent bought documents from an office supply store. 6 percent of the respondents didn’t specify.”

Remember, if your estate is uncomplicated, you can slap together your own with $40, a few hours of free time this weekend, and some downloadable software. Well, maybe wait until the next weekend so you don’t ruin the mood over Thanksgiving.

“57% of Americans Do Not Have a Will” [CNN Money]
(Photo: Getty)

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