Roasting Pan Tips From Some Butterball Lady

Mary Clingman, the director of Butterball’s help line, gave Newsday some advice on finding a good roasting pan for your Thanksgiving dinner. Her advice: get a shallow pan 2 to 2 1/2 inches deep that’s large enough to place a rack inside to sit the turkey on. You can buy a new, reusable one at a restaurant supply store or Sur La Table for between $35 and $200, but the next best thing is a cheap disposable aluminum one from the supermarket: “Place four-five whole carrots on the bottom and rest the turkey on them. Put a cookie sheet underneath the foil pan for extra support.”

Make sure whatever you buy conducts heat well:

I once took a call from a frustrated caller who bought a very nice, very expensive, covered, stainless-steel pan and couldn’t figure out why their Thanksgiving turkey was taking hours longer to cook. It was actually the pan: The metal and covered top didn’t conduct heat well.

“Shopping for a roasting pan” [Newsday]
(Photo: Getty)

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