Denver International Airport Reassures Passengers That There Have Been "Major Changes"

Last year Denver International airport closed for 45 hours when a blizzard descended on our nation’s 6th largest airport. Now the airport and the airlines that operate there would like you to know that they’ve made a lot of changes.

“No plan is guaranteed to trump Mother Nature,” said John Kinney, DIA’s deputy aviation manager. “But had we had the equipment lineup and the changes we’re talking about in place (last winter), we likely would’ve had less than a 10-hour closure.”

The airport says it simply didn’t have the manpower, or the equipment to keep the runways clear, says MSNBC. Last year, 4,000 flights into and out of Denver were canceled due to weather. The airport blames post-9/11 budget cuts for the lack of manpower and equipment.

“There were a variety of dynamics going on . . . and the dots weren’t connected,” DIA’s Kinney said. “In the post-9/11 environment, uncertainty reigned. Fiscal conservation was paramount, and we had had mild winters. We were lulled into a false sense (of security). We didn’t feel it was an issue that needed to be addressed, given the very limited financial resources available.”

Will you try to avoid connecting in Denver this winter?

DIA aims for no meltdown this winter [MSNBC]


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  1. i sure hope so, I’m flying thru that godawful place this christmas

  2. I’ll be connecting there in about a month, so I’m hoping they’ve got it figured out

  3. headon says:

    Put a dome over it

  4. jamesdenver says:

    I wouldn’t be concerned. I live here and the immense December 20th storm was a freak blizzard that happens every 3-5 years.

    Actually the benefits of the airport are what contributed to the closure: Multiple runways spaced miles apart on large open prairies.

    I agree and hope the plan works IF there’s a storm, but still it’s definitely more efficient connecting through Denver than a traffic clogged hub such as Chicago.

    That said any airport at Christmas during a storm sucks…

  5. lincolnparadox says:

    If there is an airport I would like to be stuck in, it’s DIA. Man, it’s like going to the mall there now. Plus gourmet international food all over the place.

    Beautiful place. Terrible weather these past two years. There will be another blizzard again this year. probably right around Xmas or Spring Break.

  6. AndyMan1 says:

    “The airport blames post-9/11 budget cuts for the lack of manpower and equipment.”

    Wait… the weather is 9/11’s fault? What?

    @lincolnparadox: DIA is very nice. My favorite part about it was when I first went through there, I saw an exploding dog comic set up as an art display. It made me very happy in that TSA line (for once).

  7. King of the Wild Frontier says:

    Well, I should hope that it has improved things if it’s going to become the capitol of the New World Order. []

  8. BigNutty says:

    So post 9/11 they didn’t think weather was much of a concern in Denver? They had never planned for bad weather before 9/11 and therefore never had the equipment in place?

    Wow, what good planning for an airport.

  9. elf6c says:

    Does the airport luggage sorting machines still eat your luggage? That was some fine work their Lou. . .

  10. jamesdenver says:

    No – that was 10 years ago. Obviously the footage lives on…

  11. MonsieurBon says:

    @lincolnparadox: Uhhh, I don’t know what terminal you were in. Last time I was in DIA, I couldn’t get any decent food or coffee.

  12. lincolnparadox says:

    @MonsieurBon: Terminal B is the place to be. The main terminal is nice too. Terminal A and C are, well, not as nice. Plus the most of the food is centrally-located near the train terminals.

  13. jamesdenver says:


    Correct. Although there’s a Quiznos at the west end of Concourse A that I often frequent.

  14. coloradogray says:

    I would say that DIA actually has it together as far as dealing with extreme winter weather. Last winter was the worst in about ten years so it being closed less than two days is actually pretty good. I flew out during the blizzard in late october and was only delayed for about thirty minutes.